30 intimate questions to get to know your partner well

To become more intimate with your partner or to get to know your romantic interest better. Do you dare with all of them?

When we meet someone we are attracted to or in love with, we want to know everything about that other person . We are interested in knowing your tastes, your preferences … or simply knowing more in order to create a greater bond. If we already have a partner, perhaps we will be interested in knowing them more deeply or knowing how we can improve the relationship.

Therefore, in this article we present you the best intimate questions to get to know your partner well. They will provide you with very valuable information and will help you achieve a greater degree of intimacy with that person.

Intimate questions to get to know your partner well

These are the questions that will allow you to create an atmosphere of intimacy and learn more about the other person. They are ordered from least to most intimate, but you can do them as it suits you in each situation. Do not cut yourself!

1. Where would you like to live?

One of the intimate questions to get to know your partner well and know if you like the same places. It can give you clues as to whether you share the same preferences and whether a more stable relationship would be possible between you.

2. What adjective do you think describes you best?

Knowing what a person is like is as important as the image they have of themselves.

3. Do you have any fear?

We all have fears. Talking about our deepest concerns can help us empathize and establish a greater bond.

4. What is your favorite part of your body?

Another of the intimate questions to get to know your partner well that will allow you to know his perception of his physique.

5. Is there anything you haven’t done yet that you would like to try?

This can be applied to activities or hobbies as well as to experiences in bed, depending on the degree of intimacy we want to give or the trust we have with the other person.

6. What is the first thing you notice about a person?

This question will allow you to know what attracts you more about another person and will open the ban to talk about more intimate topics such as attraction or the type of people who attract you.

7. Tell me about the most terrible date you’ve ever had

This question can provide us with ideas about what not to do if what we are interested in is seducing the other person, as well as giving us clues about other relationships that he may have had.

8. What did you think the first time you saw me?

Another of the intimate questions to get to know your partner or romantic interest well and know what impression they had of you.

9. Tell me a secret that few people know.

This question will allow you to create a more intimate environment and to establish another degree of bond with that person.

10. What do you think of having friends of the opposite sex?

This can give you clues as to whether the other person is jealous or if they do not have any problem with these types of situations.

11. What do you value most in your partner?

Knowing which aspects you appreciate the most in a relationship can indicate if you are on the right track.

12. For you, how important is the physical?

With this question, you will be able to know if you value more the appearance or what is inside.

13. And how important is sex in a relationship?

Sex is important in a relationship, but not for everyone. Find out how important it is to find out if there is compatibility in that regard.

14. Have you felt true love?

This question invites you to reflect on love and reveals information about previous relationships you may have had.

15. What is the greatest madness you have done for love?

Another of the intimate questions to get to know your partner well and know what he is capable of in a relationship.

16. What is the biggest lesson you have learned from past relationships?

This can tell you what mistakes they have made in the past or what they value most in relationships.

17. Would you like to have children in the future?

We must use this question with caution, as the other person may not be interested in it and may seem too engaged. You must make it clear that this is a simple question about the future and out of curiosity.

18. What would you not accept from the other in a relationship?

What is the least the other person could do that would make you rethink your relationship? Where is the limit of what is acceptable? Questions to find out what your limits are or what you dislike the most.

19. What aspect would you improve in our relationship?

This question can be very useful to know where your relationship is and what aspects you value most in it.

20. Would you have an open relationship?

Personal question to find out more about the type of relationships you are willing to have and what your limits are in relationships.

21. What is your opinion of infidelity

It’s interesting to know what your limits are, and it’s another way to get to know your partner better .

22. Do you have any fantasy?

We can all have fantasies. Find out what yours is… Maybe you can make it happen!

23. What situations excite you the most?

It will be very useful to know the unexpected situations or moments that predispose him to get excited.

24. And what turns you on the most in bed?

Their preferences in the moments of greater intimacy will help you to connect better in bed.

25. Do you have an unexpected erogenous zone?

It can be the neck, an ear … Those most sensitive areas of the body that can cause more excitement.

26. How important do you give the preliminaries?

For many people they mean everything; others, on the other hand, like to get to the point. Knowing how important it is to them will help you better understand what it is like in bed .

27. What has been your most satisfying sexual experience?

This can give us clues about what you like best in bed and gives us information about what experiences you have had.

28. What is the strangest place you have had sex?

Classic question with which we can guess if he is a daring person and that will help us to know his preferences.

29. Would you have intimate relationships with more than one person at the same time?

Would you be able to be intimate with several people at the same time? Have you done threesomes or would you be interested? It may surprise us!

30. Would you like to try new things in bed?

The ultimate question to know if you need new experiences or if you want to take the relationship to another level. Take note!

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