5 methods to free yourself from negative energies

Tiredness, stress, depression … these are the main evils of modern society. When this happens to us, we tend to blame those around us, external circumstances, others. However, our ills and torments are primarily about ourselves. Sometimes they are due to the bad energies that surround us. When negative energy is omnipresent, everything seems to go wrong in our life. Fortunately, there are simple methods that allow us to purify our aura and clear our energy field. We suggest you discover some of them in this guide.

Some easy ideas to adopt at home

A healthy lifestyle can sometimes be enough to eliminate negative energies that are detrimental to your well-being. Here are some good habits to adopt at home:

Walk barefoot to ground your energies

This is a common practice among Buddhists. Beyond its calming effect, walking barefoot also allows you to download energy and connect to the earth. Remember that there are nearly 1500 nerve endings on the sole of the foot. Walking barefoot therefore allows us to release negative energy and reconnect to Mother Earth which will transform it into positive energy. When you are at home, make it a habit to take off your shoes and walk barefoot.

Take an energy cleansing bath

By taking a bath, we remove dirt and other particles that have accumulated on our body. But did you know that we can also purify our energy body at the same time? Just add some specific ingredients to our cleaning bath such as:

  • Salt and vinegar : these two daily ingredients deeply purify our energy body. You can add them directly to your bath (a handful of coarse salt and 7 drops of vinegar essence) or put the solution in a jar and cleanse the whole body with it.
  • Some herbs and flowers: If you prefer scented solutions, take a bath with fresh rosemary, bay leaf or rose petals. Rosemary has purifying properties. As for the laurel, it helps to cleanse the body and protect itself from negative energies. Roses, on the other hand, have a high vibrational frequency, which allows you to raise your own.

Purify Energy with smudging

Smudging involves burning dried herbs or resins to recover the smoke. It is a practice that is still common in several cultures, including some aboriginal peoples of the Americas. Its purpose is to purify energy. Smoking is used to rid the body of negative energies and keep evil away. An incense burner is usually used to burn herbs. But if you don’t have access to this tool, a simple clay bowl with charcoal will do.

As for the herbs and resins to burn, the choice is wide:

  • Incense : still today it is used in various sacred ceremonies (Catholic, Arab …). It is a powerful resin known for its cleansing and environmental protection virtues.
  • White Sage : Widely used in Native American culture, this medicinal herb suppresses inappropriate vibrations, chases away bad spirits, and attracts good ones.
  • Palo Santo : Native to South America, this sacred wood is used by shamans to purify energy. To burn it, you don’t need an incense or charcoal burner. Palo Santo is naturally combustible. Just burn it directly to release its smoke.
  • Rosemary : This herb is often found in spiritual rituals. It helps you eliminate negative energies and attract positive energies.
  • Laurel : Bay leaves have a positive effect on our mind. In addition to purifying it, they also help to strengthen and protect it by keeping negative energies away.
  • Incense sticks : There is a large variety of incense sticks. To be sure to take advantage of their cleansing properties, opt for natural incense sticks (Nag Champa, sandalwood, copal …).

The benefits of lithotherapy

The lithotherapy is the cure through the crystals. Although the term is relatively recent, the practice has been around for millennia. This technique uses the energy of the stones to heal itself. Gemstones have healing powers and protection against negative influences. All minerals have different properties and each of us has the stone or stones that correspond to them. You can rely on your instincts to choose yours.

Some precious or semi-precious stones are naturally associated with the purification and elimination of negative energies. Here are some:

  • The Eye of the Tiger : Also called the Stone of Truth, the Eye of the Tiger connects the wearer to the higher energetic frequency of their personal truth. It is very powerful and helps you clear your energy field.
  • Rose Quartz : Acting mainly on the heart chakra, it is also known as the Stone of Love. This stone eliminates all negative energy around you and leaves only positive energy.
  • Green Quartz : This stone also acts on the heart chakra purifying it from pain, sorrow and sadness. Connect the wearer to nature. Green Quartz is a healing stone and helps you stay healthy.
  • Crystal quartz is often used as a complement to another stone. In fact, crystals have the power to increase the frequency and healing energy of other stones. White crystals have soothing properties and help purify our energy field.
  • Hematite : This is a powerful protective stone. It acts on the lower chakras and allows the evacuation of negative energies towards the earth. Hematite also acts as an energy shield for its owner.
  • Black stones : they are composed of tourmaline, onyx and obsidian. These stones connect us to the earth and have a powerful purifying power. Black stones keep you away from negative energies and eliminate them. To better exploit their protective virtues, they can be worn as amulets.
  • Amethyst : This quartz crystal acts on the higher chakras. It keeps us away from negative influences and eliminates energy blocks.

Feng Shui to harmonize energy

Our environment is a universal energy. It is called “Chi” or “Tchi” and is present everywhere around us. But even if it is everywhere, it is not always in harmony, which is sometimes at the root of our ills and our discomfort. This is where Feng Shui comes into play, an art of Chinese origin that has been practiced for centuries and whose goal is to harmonize environmental energy. It is also a philosophy, an art of living that aims to create a balanced and healthy atmosphere in one’s habitat, in one’s living space.

To improve and balance the circulation of “Chi” in your home, Feng Shui invites you to:

  • Do a big internal cleaning : you have to move the furniture, dust and clean everything. Order and give away any items you no longer need. Ventilate your home as much as possible. This will have a positive effect on your mind and new energy will settle into your home.
  • Create a restful and enveloping atmosphere : for the bedroom, opt for materials and colors that evoke softness. If possible, also choose rounded furniture, and when you go to sleep, turn off all electrical appliances that can affect the quality of sleep. Also, make sure that negative energy from other rooms cannot penetrate them. All your efforts would be in vain. For example, make sure you close the doors to rooms adjacent to your bedroom (bathroom, for example) before going to bed.
  • Multiply the accessories that strengthen positive energy : we can free ourselves from negative energies by promoting the presence of positive energies in our living space. Think about multiplying the objects you like in your room. If you have a positive relationship with these objects, they can become symbols of positive energy and help you feel good.

The search for harmony with sounds

Sometimes, when we feel tired, tormented or depressed, music comes to our rescue to cheer us up. Some sounds are indeed a powerful weapon to purify and release energy blocks. One can get rid of negative energies by chanting mantras or playing instruments. Mantras significantly increase the personal energy level and thus remove negativity. Instruments such as drums and singing bowls also impact the energy body and help restore harmony. You will therefore find well-being and serenity.

Finally, you now know several ways to free yourself from negative energies. Therefore, always try to purify yourself energetically. When you are at home, try to adopt the above good habits and do not hesitate to organize and decorate your home according to the rules of Feng Shui. When you go out, however, you can equip yourself with necklaces and bracelets with precious stones. There are many of them and most of them have protective properties on your energy field.

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