5 Natural Methods to accompany a slimming treatment

For many people, being overweight is a burden and losing weight is a must. However, this shouldn’t lead to a dangerous diet In fact, while it may take longer, it is entirely possible to lose weight without risking your life and health.    

In this article we propose you to discover 5 natural tricks to lose weight in a sustainable and healthy way.

Adopt good eating habits

The reasons for weight gain can be many and varied. But most of the time it is due to poor eating habits. If you want to shed those extra pounds, start changing your diet.

Opt for a varied diet

The first thing to do to lose weight is to reduce your calorie intake. To do this, eat less fat and sugar, vary your diet as much as possible and choose foods rich in dietary fiber such as fruits, vegetables and cereals. They promote the sense of satiety and stimulate digestion. And if you find it difficult to avoid meat, choose lean meat and poultry. Also pay attention to the hidden fats in gratins, cured meats, desserts … And above all, don’t forget to hydrate yourself. Green tea, herbal teas and detox drinks are reputed to have slimming properties.    

Learn to listen to your stomach

Snacks between meals are a factor in weight gain . So avoid eating out of meals at all costs. If you are peckish, have a large glass of water or unsweetened tea instead. This should be able to allay your craving for food for a while. However, if you feel hungry to the point of fatigue, headache or dizziness, swallow something. Being able to listen to your stomach. 

Set up some simple rules

In order for the slimming cure to work and not to regain weight after the diet, it is necessary to establish some rules relating to your diet :   

  • Never skip meals
  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Avoid alcohol and beer
  • Eat fruit every day
  • Increase your consumption of vegetables

Engage in regular physical activity

What better way to burn calories than to work out? Sport will allow you to lose fat. However, you don’t become an athlete overnight. And if you are not used to training, it will be difficult for you to adopt a new sport. We therefore advise you to limit yourself to regular physical activity . It doesn’t have to be a particular sport. It will take 30 minutes of walking a day to shed a few pounds and keep fit.

However, if you want to play sports to lose weight quickly, here are some excellent weight loss activities to do:

  • Running : Simple to do and accessible to everyone, this activity is very effective for weight loss . It works all your muscles and can help you burn up to 850 kcal per hour. It is recommended to do this once a week and regularly. 
  • Skipping Rope : This activity improves balance, endurance and breathing. But it is also ideal to accompany a slimming treatment. Skipping rope allows you to burn up to 815 kcal per hour.
  • Swimming : Relaxing and stress-relieving, swimming also helps build muscle in the body and burn fat. It can help burn 545 to 680 kcal per hour. Do not hesitate to do at least one session a week to take full advantage of its slimming virtues.
  • Cycling : Cycling is excellent if you want to start a physical activity. You can start at your own pace and then progress according to your abilities. Cycling is great exercise for weight loss. It promises up to 850 kcal of calories burned per hour.
  • Beach volleyball : if you live near a beach, don’t hesitate to practice this sport. In addition to working your thighs, buttocks, calves and abs, beach volleyball also allows you to lose weight quickly. It can burn up to 500 kcal per hour.

Losing weight with lithotherapy

You may not hear it often, but lithotherapy can help you lose weight. There are a number of crystals and stones associated with weight loss. Attention, they do not directly eliminate the extra pounds. Rather, their action affects your motivation, your concentration, the control of your emotional desires, your stamina … Here is a short list of weight loss stones that you can use.

Blue apatite

To lose weight, you must first purify your relationship with food. However, you can’t always control what you eat. The pleasant and addictive taste of sugar and carbohydrates pushes us to eat them all the time. But it is bad for our health and is often the cause of our weight problems. Thanks to the blue apatite, you can refrain from eating it . This stone reduces hunger and dispels the craving for unhealthy foods. This way, you can better focus on your weight loss treatment and stay on track. 

Yellow apatite

This stone stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the will . It releases the slow energy within the solar plexus chakra and gives you the strength and courage to achieve your goals. It is a great stone for losing weight. Yellow apatite is known for its effects on digestion and other organs of the body (liver, pancreas, spleen …). It also stimulates energy and helps to release cellulite.   


The society is known for its powerful healing properties. It helps relieve many of our ailments such as stress and tension. However, it is also used for weight loss . This beautiful royal blue crystal helps boost metabolism and helps make good food choices. Sodalite affects consciousness and calms cravings. It will help you to better follow your weight loss diet. 

White quartz

This crystal is also a great ally for a slimming cure. The quartz light represents the clarity. Therefore, it promotes mental clarity and helps to evaluate things. In particular, this stone will help you make the right food choices and achieve your goals.  

Picasso marble

This mineral regulates metabolism and helps fight stress. Don’t hesitate to use it to accompany your weight loss diet. Picasso marble will help you stay calm and focused during this long journey. Even better, this stone strengthens your ability to control yourself, which can be very useful when you often feel the urge to eat.

Lose weight with meditation

Meditation is best known for fighting stress, stimulating our psychic abilities and improving our health. But it also proves to be an effective technique for combating weight gain. Because? Simply because this problem is sometimes caused by unhappiness or stress that pushes us to eat non-stop even when we are not hungry. Meditation will then help you to get to know your body better, identify the factors that cause stress, find a state of tranquility, control your food cravings and strengthen your motivation.  

To achieve this, here are some tips recommended by specialists:

  • Go to a quiet place to find your inner calm.
  • Monitor your breathing as this will help you control your thoughts better.
  • Relax and make positive affirmations that can strengthen your desire to lose weight.

Also, don’t hesitate to use the visualization method, which aims to carry your deepest desires. This will allow you to focus on your goals and stay on track. Visualization allows you to imagine yourself already thin, happy and healthy. Visualize what your life would be like if your weight loss cure was successful.

Meditation is therefore not a complete and absolute method for losing weight. To be effective, it must be combined with a balanced diet . This technique simply allows you to consciously continue your diet. 

Thalassotherapy for weight loss

Put simply, thalassotherapy can be defined as seawater treatment. Depending on the case, it can be used for preventive or curative purposes. Thalassotherapy uses marine resources to alleviate our ills and improve our well-being. It is powerful, rich and fast. In some cases it is however necessary to follow the therapy from a medical point of view.  

Faced with weight gain problems, thalassotherapy can intervene to lose weight and strengthen motivation. In the past, only hydrotherapy treatments were practiced on the ocean’s edge. But today, thalassotherapy specialists offer treatments in specialized centers and offer different slimming programs such as:  

  • Targeted body care with the use of certain algae …
  • A weight loss diet with follow-up
  • Physical activities and relaxation

Programs may vary from one professional to another. But to say the least there is no shortage of offers in this sector.

So here are some natural tips that can help you shed those extra pounds. For greater efficiency, don’t hesitate to combine two or more of these techniques, or at least alternate them.

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