5 Zodiac Signs that do not Sugarcoat their Answers

These people may seem harsh, but at least they are honest with you …


Whether you like it or not, Sagittarius will always only say what they think. Do you want to hear a sincere opinion on any issue? Then turn to the person who was born under this sign.

Sagittarius are not the type to soften the truth, so they are not the best company for two-faced people. And if they are really nervous, then they start saying things that can shock others.


Aquarians are sociable and open-minded. And it is these qualities that turn them into those who directly say what they want, without beating around the bush. Although they are not devoid of diplomatic qualities, they most often express their opinion without worrying about whether those who listen to them will like it or not.

Aquarians are stubborn by nature, so they will defend their position to the end, whatever the reaction of the interlocutors. At the same time, they are distinguished by an open mind, therefore, they consider it important that each person can express their real point of view.


Gemini can be very straightforward, which can come as a shock, especially if you don’t know them well enough. They are not used to regretting what they say, but it is unpleasant for them if their words hurt others. At the same time, Gemini still continue to repeat them simply because of their habit of thinking out loud.

Because of their frankness, many consider Gemini people to be insensitive, although this is not true.


Aries is one of the most daring signs of the zodiac. If there is a person who will always tell you the truth in person, then, without a doubt, this is Aries. Those born in this sign don’t care too much about what others think of them. Diplomacy is not their forte.

They will not hide the truth just for fear of upsetting you, and they will certainly say whatever they see fit. In addition, they become very nervous if they realize that you do not want to hear what they are trying to convey.


Lions want to receive everything at once. And if you get in their way, they will definitely say everything they think of you – without the slightest hint of remorse.

Leos are honest, uncompromising people who set high standards for themselves and others. Therefore, if something bothers them, they immediately report it. This sign tends to ask straightforward questions without spending a second of time thinking about them – which is why many consider them too selfish.

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