7 Healing Stones to keep you in Positive Vibration

As we wait for the new year, let’s try to focus on what’s important. Resolutions are a ritual that many of us practice, but they must be maintained beyond the first trimester. 

First of all, it is important to set one to three resolutions, with achievable goals. Take some time to think about what you want to become, what values ​​are important to you, and most importantly, what will make you proud of yourself at the end of this year. Don’t try too hard, as this only leaves room for anxiety. We already have a lot to do every day, the most important thing is to feel good.

Then try to take 3 to 5 minutes a day to think about what you have done today to keep your purpose, and what you can do tomorrow to continue, in small steps. During this little impromptu meditation, hold your stones in your hand and just think about this.

Lithotherapy for attracting positive Vibrations

Start by choosing a healing stone that best aligns with your intent and goals. For example, if your goal is to get better sleep and promote sleep, take a rose quartz or amazonite. If you want to focus on your family life, use an amethyst or a moonstone. Show your intentions by meditating with these stones. This practice will relieve stress and improve your prospects.  

While it may seem foreign to your resolutions, meditation can help you make the perspective changes needed to achieve them. Make meditation a regular part of your evening routine. At the end of the day, meditate with your stones (or stone jewelry) to get back on your agenda and stay on course. By focusing on greatness and clearing the anxieties of your mind, you purify yourself in a positive way.

Here is a list of stones that will help you keep your resolutions:


To be lucky with your hopes and dreams, to give you calming and calming energies, to help you express your true self.


To stay optimistic, positive and cheerful – understand your dreams. 

The Aventurine

To develop prosperity and wealth, bring good luck, especially in work. To embark on an adventure.


To discover new passions, attract fulfilling love and stimulate your efforts.

The Amethyst

Make wise decisions, achieve balance, break free from addictions and promote your own spirituality.


To increase motivation, improve self-confidence and creativity, seek your personal strength.

Rose Quartz

Open your heart, find love, love yourself, attract a harmonious relationship, heal emotional wounds.

The entire Zen Temple team wishes you a beautiful and positive year for the coming year.

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