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Agate in brief:

Crystalline system : trigonal
Lithogenetic process : tertiary
Mineral class : inosilicate rich in minerals
Color : gray, blue, red and yellow and many other varieties
Spiritual Aid : stability, concentration, maturity
Psychological Aid : protection, safety
Mental Aid : sense of reality, thought pragmatic, easy troubleshooting
Physical Aid : protects the eyes, gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, skin and the pregnancy process

Benefits of Agate on a spiritual level

Agate promotes the need for introspection; it determines a calm vision of the world, and helps to find within oneself the answer to one’s questions. It also facilitates the critical analysis of one’s experiences, promoting spiritual growth, as well as stability and realism.

How many times do you happen to be undecided about what your real purpose is, in the short or long term? And of feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with what you have? Agate is an amazing stone because it can help you find the deeper meaning of yourself by simply looking inside your spirit.

The agate, however, immediately seeks the point of the situation and does not admit excuses. It will lead you to become aware of what your faults and mistakes are made, but making them food for thought to improve yourself.

It is connected to each chakra based on color. It connects the person wearing it to the collective consciousness. Teaches to contemplate life experiences for spiritual growth.

  • Orange Agate : Helps overly spiritual people appreciate the pleasures of the physical world a little more.
  • Blue Lace Agate : Helps achieve a very high level of spirituality. Harmonize the inner sphere.
  • White agate or white onyx : to be used in meditation for a deep spiritual connection.
  • Blue Agate : Promotes communication with the spiritual spheres.
  • Agata Botswana : balances positive and negative energies. When it takes the form of an eye it protects from evil energies.
  • Dendritic agate : opens your eyes to the beauty of life. Helps to accept one’s spiritual and physical origins.
  • Fire Agate : You can use it to cleanse the aura and remove negative energies. If you use it to work on the first chakra , you can find a new connection with reality.
  • Yellow Agate : Wear it if you are looking for strong spiritual energy.
  • Gray Agate : gives vigor and energy to the whole body, on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level.
  • Agata laguna : fights the tendency to homologate and instead promotes uniqueness. To overcome the vulnerability of spirit.
  • Brown agate or sardonyx : makes you more fruitful on a spiritual level, teaches you to focus on the needs of humanity.
  • Moss Agate : Aligns subtle bodies and is good for contact with the guiding spirit.
  • Black agate or black onyx : protects against negative influences. Strengthens the connection with the earth.
  • Pink Agate : Promotes calm and serenity of mind.
  • Green Agate : You can use it for the processes of spiritual purification and detoxification.
  • Purple Agate : Promotes compassion and acceptance.

Benefits of Agate on a psychological level

Agate makes the subject feel safe and secure, makes him less tense, and enables him to better withstand external influences. In this regard, we recommend those specimens characterized by equal and concentric stripes. If the agate contains rock crystal in its core, it activates the faculties of memory, also allowing the emergence of memories of previous lives.


Promotes harmony. It teaches to accept the truth properties, overcoming anger and finding the courage necessary to overcome obstacles and start over despite the emotional trauma.

  • Orange agate : gives optimism and vitality. Eliminate negative life feelings such as jealousy and envy.
  • Blue Lace Agate : It helps you to express your emotions better, to be honest. Bring peace and harmony in thoughts.
  • White agate or white opal : gives the necessary confidence to achieve any goal.
  • Blue Agate : Use it against the emotional traumas that prevent you from moving forward.
  • Agata Botswana : Keep away obsessive thoughts and phobias.
  • Dendritic Agate : Helps you overcome the wounds of your childhood, separation and divorce.
  • Fire Agate : Helps us find the reasons why we self sabotage ourselves and prevent ourselves from being happy.
  • Yellow Agate : with her you can look into your emotions so as to trace your true desires.
  • Gray Agate : gives vigor and energy to the whole body, on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level.
  • Agata laguna : use it if you have to analyze the various mental processes that lead you to the decisions you make.
  • Brown agate or sardonyx : downsizes violent behavior and tyranny.
  • Moss agate : allows you to process hatred and resentment. Fights overwhelming fear.
  • Black agate or black onyx : use it if you want to better understand the desires of others.
  • Pink Agate : Helps to forgive in love.
  • Green agate : bring it to heart height, it promotes good feelings.
  • Purple Agate : Helps you show the love you feel for loved ones.

Benefits of Agate on a mental level

On a mental level this volcanic stone offers a sense of security and protection that you will hardly find in other stones. The role that has been attributed to it for centuries is precisely this, accompanied by the ability to make the person who uses it more confident in their possibilities.

If inside it was also present rock crystal , both of the quartz family and union due to the particular process of creation in volcanic rocks , the agate will help you develop a better memory. In crystal therapy, agate is also used with the aim of bringing memories of previous lives to the surface in the person.

Despite this, agate is not to be taken as a stone that works purely on the abstract field. Far from it. In fact, it promotes the rational and practical part of the person who uses it, leading him to work for the goals he has set for himself. Like all stones belonging to the trigonal crystalline system, agate quartz points to the essential, to quickly unravel those complicated situations.

Agate promotes rational logical thinking, prompting the subject to go to the heart of the problems he is facing. In this way, it helps to elaborate pragmatic solutions, which calmly, but also decisively, must be applied to reality. Agate favors concentration on the essential, avoiding dispersiveness.

It improves concentration, you can use it for example if you have to engage in study. It helps to carry out a self-analysis.

  • Orange agate or carnelian : useful for improving concentration and shifting attention to the present.
  • Blue Lace Agate : Promotes self-acceptance and leads to greater self-confidence.
  • White agate or white onyx : useful for those people who are often subjected to emotional stress.
  • Blue Agate : Helps you communicate better with others. You can use it as an amulet if you need to have an important conversation or if you need to expose something to a large audience.
  • Agata Botswana : can be used against stress and depression.
  • Dendritic Agate : Encourages you to bring out what are your truths.
  • Fire Agate : Helps you find that motivation to overcome emotional and physical addictions.
  • Yellow Agate : Great if you need to find lost optimism. In this case it also works well with citrine quartz .
  • Gray Agate : gives vigor and energy to the whole body, on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level.
  • Agata laguna : encourages you to accept reality for what it is.
  • Brown agate or sardonyx : good against states of apathy and indolence.
  • Moss agate : to see the world from a different point of view. It teaches to find a meeting point with others.
  • Black agate or black onyx : helps to clarify the objectives to be achieved.
  • Pink Agate : frees the mind from negative thoughts and promotes intuition.
  • Green agate : makes you rich in good intentions.
  • Purple Agate : more open to the ideas and thoughts of others, learning to accept them.

Benefits of Agate on a physical level

Agate performs a function similar to that of the human aura, both because it serves as a protection for the whole organism, and because it has a harmonizing and stabilizing effect on health. It also promotes regeneration and growth, also performing a protective function during pregnancy. 

It seems that agate doesn’t just protect against “curses” or other forms of negative energy sent towards the person using it. In fact, it performs the function of an envelope that stabilizes and harmonizes every single organ and cell of the body.

Its particular structure, in which there are several stratified crystals, allows a selective action towards the organs with a stratified structure such as, for example, the skin. It is indicated in eye diseases such as the conjunctiva, as well as in those of the gastro-intestinal system.

Orange agate stimulates digestion. It works on the entire intestine and also helps prevent and relieve gastritis. You can apply it on the skin in case of local disorders or, to reduce the itching caused by an insect bite. A property that is often attributed to all agates is that of lowering the fever.

  • Orange agate or carnelian : when it is completely orange it is called carnelian. Useful for problems affecting the abdomen and digestion.
  • Blue Lace Agate : Helps against swollen glands in the neck. Strengthens the entire skeletal structure.
  • White agate or white onyx : we speak of white onyx when it is completely white. Useful against skin diseases, such as fungal infections.
  • Blue Agate : Works on throat-related ailments. Inflammation, problems with the vocal cords but also with the thyroid gland.
  • Agata Botswana : useful for those who wish to quit smoking. Useful against sexual dysfunctions.
  • Dendritic agate: stimulates veins and capillaries in the circulatory system. Good for skeletal ailments.
  • Fire agate: beautiful red agate very useful in cases of lethargy, when energy is lacking. It accelerates the metabolism.
  • Yellow agate : improves digestion. You have to place it on the third chakra, two fingers below the navel.
  • Gray Agate : gives vigor and energy to the whole body, on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level.
  • Agate lagoon : improves the elasticity of the intestinal walls. Useful for eye and uterus problems.
  • Brown agate or sardonyx : indicated for chest pains. Strengthens all five senses.
  • Moss Agate : Supports the body when it is busy defeating a disease.
  • Black agate or black onyx : known to strengthen hearing, but also the immune system.
  • Pink Agate : Physically relieves pain.
  • Green Agate : Helps you detoxify.
  • Purple agate : on a physical level it protects the pregnant woman.

How to clean it Agate

You can clean the agate with warm water and soap. You must not let it come into contact with chemicals, but not even with strong heat sources. When you need to put it away, wrap it in a soft cloth. Do not keep it in contact with other stones to avoid damage.

Use of Agate

In the case of specific physical problems, it will be appropriate to resort to an agate whose shape recalls that of the organ in question. The stone must therefore be kept in direct contact with the skin on the affected area. If you want to influence the psychological-mental level, it will be enough to keep the agate within your visual field.

1. Mental and spiritual protection

If you are a superstitious person, agate will help you mitigate your irrational fears , giving you the feeling of always being protected. According to the ancients, this mineral is stronger than any curse, negative energy or unfortunate situation. 

Its protective action therefore works at 360 ° and at the same time, acting on rationality, it will help you to become aware of what are the real and irrational dangers, said by personal and / or popular beliefs. To achieve this effect, you can choose between wearing the agate as a necklace, ring or bracelet.

2. Physical protection

According to some crystal therapy scholars, agate protects the body and its organs thanks to its layered structure. The more parallel lines that make up the agate specimen in your hands, the greater the effects in this regard.

3. To bring back memories of past lives

If you are looking for a way to bring back memories of past lives, then wear agate during meditation, taking care to combine it only with natural fibers and metals.

4. To protect children

Very useful for keeping nightmares and fears away. Agate can be worn as a pendant during the day and hung near the bed at night.

5. Find focus

If for study or work you need maximum concentration and a good memory, keep an agate druse on your desk, it will also help to keep away the negative thoughts that distract you from reaching the goal.

Variety of Agate

  • Blue Agate : Like all blue stones it is connected from the point of view of chromotherapy to the fifth chakra, that of the throat. Therefore it is the perfect agate for you if you want to improve your communication skills, removing those emotional traumas that could interfere with the success of a performance. On the physical level, it always works on the throat and helps to counteract inflammations and infections that could affect this area of ​​the body. It also supports the fight against particular problems, such as those related to the thyroid, nervous and skeletal systems.
  • Fire Agate : Red stones are linked to the lower chakras and help to give courage. They improve grounding and allay fears. According to the legends that circulate around the red agate, this stone is used by shamans to develop clairvoyance towards past lives. On a physical level it is linked to the circulatory, nervous and endocrine systems. Free from energy blocks.
  • Green Agate : Connected to the heart chakra, it promotes feelings and strength of mind, the one dictated by the best intentions. Perfect ally if you are following a cure intended for detoxification or purification.
  • Agate Muschiata: Encourages the wearer to embark on new paths. Free from the fears and anxieties that hinder the path. Increase awareness and strength to deal with criticism constructively.
  • White Agate : Associated with the thousand petalled lotus, the seventh chakra, white agate promotes spiritual development.
  • Red Agate : Linked to the second chakra, red agate helps remove abdominal bloating when taken in the form of an elixir. It gives courage as well as confidence in oneself and in others. Helps to remove emotional blocks.
  • Black Agate : It is an absorbing stone, it attracts the energy stagnations typical of energy blocks. A sensational mineral, which brings various benefits to the whole body, without however dwelling on any particular organ or tissue.
  • Blue Agate : Connected to the throat chakra, it sometimes fades from blue to gray. It is a perfect stone to promote family harmony or in the workplace. It also carries out its protective action at home.
  • Agate Botswana : The only deposits are found in Botswana, an African region. This rare species of Agate is highly protective and stimulates a person’s curiosity towards the spiritual realm.
  • Purple Agate : If you want to give a special gift to your friend or relative who is expecting a child, then give her the purple agate. Also ideal for promoting a sense of compassion and love towards others.
  • Yellow Agate : On a physical level it works on the whole digestive process. On the psychic / spiritual level it gives energy and optimism. It helps to make true wishes clear.
  • Fuchsia Agate : Wonderful stone used in meditation for emotional healing. It improves concentration and promotes the will. Unfortunately it is very easy to find fake fuchsia agate on the market, therefore finding it real becomes rare
  • Gray Agate : It does not connect to any specific chakra, but just like black agate, it is considered a valuable support for the well-being of the whole body.
  • Striated Agate : The greater the number of agate streaks, the more according to the ancients this stone was able to protect the person who wore it.

Properties of Agate

The properties of the agate change according to the variety . It has some generic properties. For example, it promotes inner stability and maturity. It is defined as a very useful stone in pregnancy to protect the gestation period. It helps to recognize real desires from those that have been instilled in us. It is a symbol of love and fidelity.

An agate is a useful piece of jewelry if you are looking for an amulet of protection while traveling. Provides inspiration and protects against workplace accidents.

Agate: mineralogy

The agate stone is formed in a hydrothermal environment, inside the volcanic rocks with little silicon, which is collected in the air bubbles present inside the stone. It thus allows the formation of small crystals that are deposited on the walls of the cavity. A process that leads to stripe coloring. Crystals can completely fill the cavity. In this case we speak of agate almond. If the cavity remains empty, it is called an agate geode .

The agate on the market comes from all over the world. The main deposits are in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, USA, Australia, India, Botswana, Uruguay …

Agate mythology

Agate coated among ancient peoples, including Indians, Nepalese and Tibetans, the meaning of protective stone and lucky charm. From the specimens with straight and parallel stripes, amulets were obtained, whose production technique continues to this day in the engraving of precious stones. Particularly loved were the agates whose cavity was full of water and which were, precisely, “water agates” or “eagle stones”:

Types of Agate