Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Man Born in Year of Dog

Dog Man and Rat Woman

Dog Man understands the importance of choosing his battles wisely. Because of this, tension does not linger in this household. The dog and rat have a relationship based on trust; therefore, they do not have to eye one another suspiciously. The result: calm waters in this sea of devotion. Both having a “Type B” personality makes plenty of space for social gatherings. Although she is more sparing, he still has a good head on his shoulders, as his character is stitched with sagaciousness. Their combined poised temperaments help them wade through all rough waters.

Dog Man and Ox Woman

A little freer in nature compared to his Ox bride, the Dog Man might feel restricted, at times. When he feels constrained, this is when he can have the tact of a bulldozer, it seems. However, seeing that both of them typically keep a tight grip on fair-mindedness, their squabbles can be sifted through a sieve of impartiality, as long as they keep their cool. The more focus they put on broadmindedness, the likelier the Dog and Ox will find their relationship rooted in contentment.

Dog Man and Tiger Woman

Being partnered with someone who is honest to a fault can be challenging, but Dog Man’s commonsensical disposition can keep the exigent lady tiger from mauling an issue to death. Both are generous and sincere, and their hand in charity is only one facet of many that brings these two together. Although the sparks of her personality can ignite frustration in him, it is a double-edged sword in the sense that her brash and vibrant traits are the main facets of her character that he finds so intriguing. It’s a good thing for him that she’s just as loving as she is impetuous.

Dog Man and Rabbit Woman

I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger…but this hare does have fine tastes in material goods, whereas her carefree canine has better things to devote his time and money toward. She is quite amiable, yet sometimes tends to be a bit needy. Rest assured, when she gets too clingy, he has no problem bringing it to her attention, and his ability to do so in a discreet fashion helps their relationship avoid many bumps. Since they are respectful of each other, and conscientious of each other’s “personal space,” they are sure to fare well on the Lane of Love.

Dog Man and Dragon Woman

When it comes to the Dog Man and his Dragon Lady, hot and heavy are the love affairs as well as the discords, unfortunately. One can only make peace of disputes so many times before it’s time to call it quits, so let’s hope these two come to their senses before anyone gets their self esteems too badly damaged. There is only room for one throne in this relationship, and neither is willing to bow down before the other. They are both bound for success, just not with each other. Get out while you can, you two!

Dog Man and Snake Woman

“Keeping up with the Joneses” is more her cup of tea than his, and although he might try to do so in order to keep her happy, it will wear on him, eventually. So, be wary, Dog Man: your puppy love (and your billfold) will run its course if you do not remain sensible. That’s not to say, Snake Woman, that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. It’s possible for you to have a good, decent man and your panache, as well as the posh rewards, as long as you stay as down-to-earth as snakely possible.

Dog Man and Horse Woman

The canine and mare walk side by side, especially in tough times. He has full faith that she will never get spooked, and he does not even have to keep her stabled. Both of them are free to roam, but they always come back to where they can comfortably be themselves. Oddly enough, they discover more about who they are, as individuals, through each other.

Dog Man and Sheep Woman.

Dear Dog Man and Sheep Woman: If you two really want to pursue this, it’s going to take a lot (and I mean a lot) of work. The Dog may not find it within his limits to be able to cater to the Sheep’s interminable needs, and the Sheep may not be able to deal with the fact that he will often seem insensitive toward her. You both mean well, deep down, but you are just going to have a difficult time reading each other and adjusting to each other’s quirks.

Dog Man and Monkey Woman

When it comes to the Dog Man and Monkey Wife, as long as each of them assume an open mind and maintain poise, they will be able to feed off each other’s character traits in a positive fashion. He feels that she is sharp and charismatic, which are qualities that entrance this laid-back, reasonable fellow. She will continue to marvel at his sagacity even when he puts his foot down to her sporadic materialistic greed. All monkeying aside, the Dog Man and Monkey Woman just might spot a lasting relationship within reach.

Dog Man and Rooster Woman

If you step on a dog’s tail, he might just instinctively whip around and nip you, even if you did not intend to hurt him. It is no different with this canine, especially when it comes to the Rooster. He might even slip his tail under her claw on purpose, after repeated wrangles have pushed him to the edge. If the Rooster wants a man she can mold, she had better steer clear of the Dog; with him, she’ll have a series of unsuccessful feats before they butt each other right out the door. Two hardheaded lovers are going to have quite a time finding peace in the same vicinity.

Dog Man and Dog Woman

When it comes to the Dog, the Golden Rule is pure and true. When two Dogs strive to please each other, they are bound for success in their relationship. There are times when she might go a little overboard with her criticism, but when she realizes the extent of her belittlement, she is quick to admit fault and take responsibility for her actions. He is forgiving in nature, especially since this type of thing does not happen often. They are both appreciative of each other and thankful for their peaceful relationship.

Dog Man and Pig Woman

When speaking of the Dog Man and his Pig cohort, these two are not exactly two peas in a pod. Regardless, they can adjust to each other well, resulting in a practical confluence. She is able to find contentment in a variety of situations and is generally affable. She finds herself on steady ground when she is around him. He loves the fact that she is not likely to grumble, even in less-than-desirable conditions, and the fact that he is trustworthy and rational leaves little room for complaint, according to her.

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