Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Man Born in Year of Dragon

Year of the Dragon:


Dragon Man and Rat Woman

The Rat woman will have untiring dedication to her high-minded Dragon warrior. She feels safe and secure within his grasp, yet she trusts her own instincts enough to make fallback decisions for the both of them. This approach has freed them of binds more than once in the past, and will continue to be the crutch that keeps them on their feet. She is a spunky one, but knows to not step on his toes when it comes to business matters.

Dragon Man and Ox Woman

The Ox wants a man who can bring home the bacon, and if Dragon man does not come through, then she is probably not going to show empathy for him, regardless of the circumstance. She might even give him the horns, if this is a recurring issue. His approval-seeking persona should be enough to motivate him to strive to keep her happy. Both of them have tenacious tendencies, so, butting heads could become a habit if they are not careful. An atypical situation, he will most likely be the one repeatedly requesting cuddle-time. Just know, Ox woman, habitual refusals will take a toll on your relationship.

Dragon Man and Tiger Woman

The Tigress is one to realize her own distinctiveness before she makes time for a man in her life. After she establishes her own identity, she can play the part of housewife, with a few stipulations. (If you want Betty Crocker, you’re looking in the wrong place, Dragon man.) Fret not, Dragon, she possesses a high regard for you, and she has her own special ways of showing it. If these two truly are thrill seeking, then they have found the right match.

Dragon Man and Rabbit Woman

When the Dragon needs to come home to a woman who will be non-judgmental at all costs, he can count on the Rabbit. She will provide him with a place of peace and go out of her way to ensure his comfort. All she asks for, in return, is a knight in shining armor who will never lay his shield to rest, always watching over her, making her feel secure.

Dragon Man and Dragon Woman

Keep your eye on the ball, Dragons, and that ball is a goal outside the home. You need to maintain a constant focus on a professional purpose because if you don’t, your odds of finding things to complain about, at home, will increase tremendously. Do not take that piece of advice as a ticket out of your responsibilities at home, because you will always have those, too. Just choose your battles, and you will be fine.

Dragon Man and Snake Woman

A spontaneous fellow, and sometimes a bit overbearing, the Dragon man tends to get tunnel vision when it comes to business matters. This is good, in a way, but she will insist he come up for a breath now and again, to fill her in on the details, as she wants to be as much a part of the decision-making as possible. It might be that she does not trust his hasty manner, since she is more the careful type when it comes to their wellbeing. If they remain open to the other’s propensities, they will fare just fine.

Dragon Man and Horse Woman

The Horsewoman might get edgy if she finds herself cooped up in the house for long periods. Therefore, it is vital that she have concentrations outside the home. She knows how to stretch a dollar pretty far, and even exhibits inventive ways in doing this. This is advantageous for the both of them, but the Dragon has a special eye for good business deals, and he is especially pleased with her economical competence. Their goals are closely aligned, so they work well together to meet their objectives.

Dragon Man and Sheep Woman

The Sheep woman is in-tune with her feelings; a little more than can be said of the Dragon man. He is lured by pleasure, so when he starts to feel bogged down due to playing the constant role of soother, his focus will shift, undoubtedly, to sources outside of this suffocating environment. The Sheep should be able to see this coming, as she is completely in accord with her intuition. However, even if she sees it coming, she will have a hard time changing who she really is, deep down (not that she should). If either of these two start to feel like they are living a lie, that’s their cue to get out.

Dragon Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman has quite alluring qualities, many of which align with those of the Dragon man. They are instinctively determined individuals, and they tend to think in terms of large-scale, rather than wasting their time and efforts on paltry matters. Spirited creatures, they love to display their superb hospitality. Coupled, they are likely to be the life of any party, turning heads everywhere they go.

Dragon Man and Rooster Woman

Words spitting from the Rooster woman’s mouth can oftentimes leave a bitter stench lingering about the Dragon man’s ego. Although the vigorous Dragon is able to bounce back quickly from her stark critiques, it can wear on him, after time. An academic match for each other, neither is able to pull one over the other, so there is no use in even trying. The stronger the communication ties are, in this relationship, the better off they will be.

Dragon Man and Dog Woman

The Dragon man might take it upon himself to make decisions without first consulting the Dog woman, and if he is looking for calamity, then he should keep it up. Otherwise, if he wants to keep things smoothed over with her, then he should include her in all decision-making. He might feel that, by doing this, it is squishing his self-sufficiency, but that is really just his pride getting in the way. The more they can treat each other as equals, the better off they will be.

Dragon Man and Pig Woman

A tender bond is what the Dragon man and his little Piggy are fully capable of achieving. Their relationship creates a sense of balance. He, the relentless go-getter; she, the quiet supporter. Although she will cater to his every need, it is out of love, and she does not feel forced into doing so. In addition to that, he will not take advantage of her, as he appreciates her encouragement and unfaltering devotion. This couple works really well together.

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