Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Man Born in Year of Horse

Horse Husband and Rat Wife
Although the excitement behind the theory of ‘opposites attract’ might bring these two together for a short-lasting fling, a long-term relationship is not in store for them. His wavering desires and restless nature leave her with a feeling of despondence. Each rattle of her shackle pushes him a step backward while she dangles the key of freedom in a taunting fashion. In time, her rose-colored glasses will fade in color, and she will have reconciled herself to the fact that his self-centeredness is one aspect of his personality that does not vacillate. In turn, he will wrench that key from her grasp and flutter on to the next chapter of his audacious existence.

Horse Husband and Ox Wife
The ox wife is a closed book, and this is a huge turnoff to her husband, the horse. He works hard and plays harder, and her inability to play equally hard seems to be the main reason for his fleeting attraction for her. He seeks spontaneity while she is more content with her unruffled daily routine. He longs for excitement, yet she is more lackadaisical by nature. These differences will most likely pose an unbreakable barrier between these two.

Horse Husband and Tiger Wife
These two hearts beat for one another. In his company, she feels secure, not only due to his ability to provide for her, but also because he is able to embrace her attributes of effervescence as a result of his own spirited ways. Together, they formulate a sense of coherence within the storm of life, feeding off each other’s joviality. A steel cable of devotion is the unbreakable tie that binds these two together, everlasting.

Horse Husband and Rabbit Wife
Her sheath is an invisible cage, which seemingly protects her from potential distress. He is able to lure her out of this captivity, occasionally, with proof of his role as supplier of support; however, her constant need for assurance tires him to utter exhaustion. He is then left with no known remedy except to seek out other means of enlivenment. This cyclical pattern is sure to leave them both anguished.

Horse Husband and Dragon Wife
Supportive of her clever equestrian spouse’s endeavors, the Dragon wife yields to nothing that threatens their cumulative success in all arenas.  While she finds herself constantly consumed by some immeasurable task, whether personal or professional, he sides with her, infallibly, offering his fine-tuned wit and gamut of expertise. Hand in hand, both husband and wife fuel the fire of the other’s venturesome and enterprising aspirations.

Horse Husband and Snake Wife
“Expect the unexpected,” might be good advice for the snake wife to heed, regarding her horse companion. Although he is witty and fast-talking, he has met his match, in that she is equally quick-witted, and she understands the need to think swiftly yet speak unhurriedly–especially when it comes to her boundary-less beau. Stubborn and a bit bolshie at times, she tends to butt heads with her impulsive, self-absorbed mate. The probability for success in this relationship is at great odds.

Horse Husband and Horse Wife
Although horses have many admirable traits, when two are matched, it might make for a relationship that is conflicted in nature. Without any room to balance each other out, the bond is bound to be laced with divergence. It probably will not come as a surprise to her that she cannot bridle this horse, but he cannot easily restrain her, either. On the upside of this duo, if they are able to make it work, they are likely to live a life intertwined with vivacious escapades.

Horse Husband and Sheep Wife
Someone as even-tempered and magnanimous as the sheep has plenty of room in her heart of gold to forgive this often blunt and self-involved horse husband, time and time again. Her unflappable ways, and her consistency in molding her own requirements and desires around his, bring out the best in him. A perfect balance, a unit of harmony, the union of these two has the potential to be second to none.

Horse Husband and Monkey Wife
A corrupted deviant though she may be, she can still enthrall the crowd with her ingenuity. She mirrors him in her astute ways, and they both tend to falter with morality, at times. However, on good days, they can be highly obliging, hurdling the stumbling blocks that may lie in the path to marital success. Each of them is on the lookout for a big break, and if they keep their goals in mind, they can each serve as the helping hand the other needs in order to fully achieve any reasonable feat.

Horse Husband and Rooster Wife
The rooster wife may crow at her horse counterpart, “Gonna, gonna, gonna!” because he always says he’s ‘gonna’ do this and he’s ‘gonna’ do that. Despite her attempts in urging him to complete any given task, he haughtily disengages himself, leaving all responsibility up to her. Just because he has difficulty bringing any specific chore to completion, doesn’t take away from the fact that he is dexterous, and she knows this; therefore, she comes to terms with his shortcomings. All the while, he puts up with her nagging. When all is said and done, they can find ways to make it work, regardless of their incompatibility.

Horse Husband and Dog Wife
Forthright and candid, the dog wife does not let these character traits get in the way of her genuine disposition. Due to her good-natured personality, her faithfulness is unyielding. Astounded by her horse hubby’s insightful braininess, she will always look up to him. The fact that she continually has respect and admiration for him makes it easier for him to turn a blind eye to her flaws. Together, they make up for what the other lacks, resulting in a love affair that is accommodating and undying.

Horse Husband and Boar Wife
His ability to draw people in with his charismatic personality leaves her ogling at his very existence. Her fondness of him, coupled with her dedication to him, is partially what feeds his love for her, not to mention her thoughtful outlook. He wants her all to himself, so sometimes jealousy raises a barrier between them, but they tend to fall back on their original attractions for each other, especially when he is able to cajole her with his captivating influence. Rocky and rough the waters may be for this couple, but they tend to endure, regardless.

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