Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Man Born in Year of Monkey

Monkey Man and Rat Woman

If there is such a thing as a “match made in Heaven,” this is it. He appreciates her diligent, penny-pinching manner, although washing out the Ziploc bags might be taking it a step too far (but he still will not complain). This rat is perfectly content in her role as Little Suzie Homemaker, and her primate partner feels taken care of in his home just as much as she feels provided for, by him. Nothing short of an apocalypse will come between these two.

Monkey Man and Ox Woman

Monkey Man and Ox Woman fit together like fresh strawberries and Texas barbecue sauce. Yuck! While he is parading about, mingling with the neighbors and boasting over his new top-of-the-line grill, she is peeking behind the kitchen curtain, hopeful that no one sees her. Matched together, their character flaws seem to surface more so than if they had different partners – partly because they are both quick to point out the other’s defects, and partly due to the fact that they have a hard time being the type of people they want to be, around each other. Their link is about as broken as a cell phone connection during a hurricane.

Monkey Man and Tiger Woman

You have probably heard it said, “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team.’” This determined primate and his go-getting tigress have a difficult time remembering that tidbit of info. Therefore, they tend to work together like the Oakland Raiders’ owner, Al Davis, works with his coaches. (To break it down for non-sports fans, that means not very well.) The Tiger will admit that she has been known to act like a 2-year-old who has just been told, “No,” at times, and Monkey Man does not deal with this very well. Both of them are so focused on goals outside the home that they tend to slack in making any at all, when it comes to making them inside the home, and especially with each other.

Monkey Man and Rabbit Woman

If Monkey Man is seeking a quiet and obedient partner, then he might try it out with the Rabbit. Even if he comes home in a bad mood, seemingly looking for a fight, most likely, she will back away. She gains pleasure from order and quiescence, while he is more inclined to keep things as bustling as possible. It will take some work to resolve their differences, but it is possible for them to build a lasting relationship.

Monkey Man and Dragon Woman

Alike in all the right ways, the Monkey Man and his Dragoness are able to work hand in hand, laying the stepping-stones to success in all facets of life. Both of them are driven and determined, and what one may lack, the other compensates. She is supportive of all his ventures, and his self-assuredness and ability to bring all tasks to completion, gives surety that he will never let her down.

Monkey Man and Snake Woman

If the Monkey Man and Snake Woman can cut to the chase, they might be able to ward off the negative energy that could reverberate from their association. Each bearing their own spine of skepticism, paired with their learned traits of covetousness, it might take some time and a lot of effort to get to the point where they are at ease with each other. It will be challenging, but doable.

Monkey Man and Horse Woman

If the candid Monkey lad and his unreserved filly can overcome their innate sense of self-absorbtion, they just might have something here. Their general attitude, however, is along the lines of, “If you don’t put forth the effort, then why should I?” So, if one starts to slack and the other picks up on it, then it could force their relationship into a downward spiral. However, if they can stay on top of it – this means no monkeying or horsing around! – they will learn that determination does, in fact, pay off.

Monkey Man and Sheep Woman

This situation is too much of a set up for both the Monkey man and the Sheep woman, in the sense that the imperfections in their dispositions will flourish. This arrangement creates circumstances that are more than ideal for the Monkey to take advantage of this gullible Sheep. She, too, is to blame, for her incessant commands, albeit he does feed of her tendencies to pay heed to his unremitting performances. Overall, these two might be better off finding matches who will bring out the best in them.

Monkey Man and Monkey Woman

If these two primates can remember Mama’s tirades about playing well together, then they just might be able to work well together, and love well together, too. They will have to put a lot of focus on selflessness if they really want to make this happen. Also, they should try to remember that when one points a finger at another, three more fingers are pointing back at him/herself; placing blame is not going to help these Monkeys advance in this relationship.

Monkey Man and Rooster Woman

If these two lovebirds do not hold high regard for that Diamond Rio song: “I’d start walking your way, you’d start walking mine, we’d meet in the middle…” then they’re definitely going to end up being another statistic. Persnickety and badgering, yes, she is guilty as charged, but he knows that he needs to be with someone who is particular in her tastes, so he is just going to have to deal with what he considers to be nagging. And if she can concentrate on giving him space, they won’t feel so cooped up, after all.

Monkey Man and Dog Woman

Monkey man likes to do things on his own, but if he can be perceptive enough to realize that his Doggie friend will hold a higher opinion of him if he includes her, then that will enhance their bond. Her humility and unassuming personality leaves him feeling secure in their relationship, and it doesn’t hurt that she is amused by his poise and versatility. In turn, this flatters him, and if you know Monkeys, you know that adulation is the key to their hearts. There is a good chance that the Monkey man and Dog woman will find themselves in the midst of a truly harmonious relationship.

Monkey Man and Pig Woman

Pigs are generous creatures. That’s not to say the Monkey isn’t, but the shrewd primate works hard for his money, and if his bighearted hog is quick to scrap it, this could result in a volcano of contempt bubbling beneath his surface. The bouncy pig needs to be aware of this so that that volcano does not erupt, leaving the two wading in a molten mess of repugnance. He also needs to be sensitive to the fact that she needs to give in order to feel like she is leaving her mark. They can have a prosperous relationship as long as they are attentive of and responsive to each other’s desires as well as idiosyncrasies.

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