Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Man Born in Year of Ox

Ox Man and Rat Woman

Nothing could please the Ox man more than when he overhears his Rat woman boasting about his many talents to a group of friends at a dinner party. It means more to him when he hears her speaking highly of him to others, even though he would be surprised if they were not already familiar with his achievements. What does the steadfast Ox bring to the Rat lady’s table? Safety, assurance, and a sense of wellbeing.

Ox Man and Ox Woman

When a couple is engaged in all work and no play, it leaves the air thick and frigid, without much possibility of heating things up. That is the type of lifestyle two Oxen are faced with, unfortunately. Somber tones resonate throughout this relationship, while these unbending bovines plow through everyday life without so much as a chuckle or grin from the other, to help lighten the mood. They would be much happier if they were to surround themselves by people who have a better sense of what it takes to find pleasure in life.

Ox Man and Tiger Woman

Unable to see eye-to-eye, the Ox man and Tiger woman will continually find themselves in a state of perplexity regarding the other’s character. This mighty tigress needs to be entertained, yet the nose-in-book Ox will not even know where to begin. He, on the other hand, desires someone a little more like himself: goal-oriented, realistic, and conscientious. These two will constantly be in search of something more than what they can gain from this conflicting arrangement.

Ox Man and Rabbit Woman

Taking things with a grain of salt is not something the Rabbit woman is capable of, so when the Ox man takes part in disparagement, she will be quick to recoil. She does not know how to handle criticism very well, but if the Ox can approach her in a diplomatic manner, then they might make headway. He also needs to try to loosen up a bit, as this Rabbit loves to get footloose and fancy-free now and again. If they keep an open mind regarding each other’s needs, they can have a prosperous affiliation.

Ox Man and Dragon Woman

The vivacious Dragoness likes to get out and kick up her heels. When the disciplined Ox wants to bow out of the party at a single-digit evening hour, he should allow her the freedom to release some pent-up energy, even if she has the vigor to make it well into single digit morning hours before crashing. When he needs a dose of sanguinity, she’s got it to give, and this is often quite refreshing to him. If they base this relationship on mutual respect, they have a good chance at being successful.

Ox Man and Snake Woman

The Snake woman is fit to be seen, and the Ox man finds her company pleasurable. Their combined purposes fully support each other; having common goals is one thing that keeps this relationship going strong. They are innately laced with responsibility and constancy, so they always feel secure in their endeavors, fully trusting the other to make sound decisions. Their relationship is sure to prove to be a lasting one.

Ox Man and Horse Woman

This footloose and fancy-free filly is not going to change her ways, not even for the dedicated, productive and successful Ox. He will be completely bewildered by her happy-go-lucky take on life, and she, too, will be baffled by his rigidity. Once he gets a true taste of her untamable spirit, he will realize this, and he will be ready and willing to toss in his cards. Most likely, neither one will look back in regret that they did not try harder to make it work.

Ox Man and Sheep Woman

Although he is a true protector, shielding her confidence is one thing that does not naturally occur to him. She is an excellent homemaker although she tends to overspend. Sometimes this leaves the careful Ox feeling strained. It seems to him that she is quite capable of spending more rapidly than he can supply. She might feel that his expectations of her are out of her reach, and this rips and gnaws away her self-assurance. If they can come to even terms without compromising their standards, there is hope for this couple, yet.

Ox Man and Monkey Woman

Both have joined in on the rat race to the top, but they are on complete different courses. Their expenditure sheets could not be more dissimilar, either. The ambitious Monkey woman’s makeup is much more complex compared to her down-to-earth Ox counterpart. Her independence can be threatening to him, at times. He may wish to have someone more relenting, as the spicy conflicts are too much for him to bear. If she starts to feel oppressed, she will unquestionably do whatever it takes to break free. They might be better off going their separate ways.

Ox Man and Rooster Woman

Neither the Ox man nor his Rooster woman feel like they are walking on eggshells around each other. This is definitely a positive thing, as they need to remain open and honest with each other in order to stay on a successful path, in business as well as pleasure. This assiduous couple does not seek lavishness; they are perfectly content living within their means. She does not have to go out of her way to meet his expectations, and he does not feel like he has to walk behind her, barking orders, to ensure things get done. They are able to live a peaceful, satisfied life together.

Ox Man and Dog Woman

The reputable Ox has a lot of drive, and his kindhearted Dog woman will dutifully stand by him. At times, he might slip up and allow his bossy nature to poke through, but he will know right away when she has had enough; she will not tolerate this type of thing. If he is able to be reasonable in what he asks of her, they could have a lasting, fulfilling life full of love, together.

Ox Man and Pig Woman

The painstaking Ox will adore his altruistic Pig. Any complaints that may rove in her psyche, she typically keeps to herself, as she does not want to trouble him with any humdrum tribulations. There are times when she silently wishes that he would be more affectionate with her, but to carp is not within the realms of her character. If, even just every once in a while, he lets the wind blow through his hair, he will be able to keep the sparks flying between them.

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