Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Man Born in Year of Pig

Women Rat: A good match, because they both are naturally attracted to each other and they value stability, home life, etc, and share many common interests and friends. Love to entertain at home. Value a harmonious relationship above all, and find that their common interests facilitate this.

Woman Ox: He sees work as a means to enjoy life, whereas for her work is an enjoyable end in itself. Their outlooks may be fundamentally at odds for this reason. He is more relaxed, outgoing, and values social interaction, which she may find as lacking substance or downright immature, while her seriousness may bore him or leaves him feeling constrained. Maybe not the best match.

Woman Tiger: While her approach is always full of surprises, with a definite wild streak, he is supportive and understanding. She appreciates this and the result is a relationship of warmth and mutual support. He in fact is also active and outgoing so there are parallels in temperament that bode well for the relationship as well.

Woman Rabbit: She is fastidious with a mild temperament, and wise. He benefits from her perspective, and is attentive and giving towards her in return. She values this, and the steady strength he displays. This can be a truly complementary relationship.

Woman Dragon: A relationship characterized by strong wills on both sides. The danger is that her headstrong nature, awesome at times, might completely overwhelm him, although his exuberance and intensity is a large part of the basis of their relationship. Also, though he is prepared to accommodate her whims to make it work, there might be a conspicuous lack of moderation in the relationship as a whole, which might make for predicaments along the way.

Woman Snake: As she is refined, sophisticated and genteel, he is open, straightforward and sincere; so for both, there is a fundamental disconnect in temperament and outlook. His potential for devotion and dedication to her may be seen as groveling by her, while her appreciation of abstractions and the finer things in life might be seen by him as overly complicated and difficult.

Woman Horse: Two similar personalities. Convivial and vivacious, they both enjoy entertaining and have active social lives. Whereas their outgoing personalities make for similar outlooks, the danger is that neither will pay much attention to the longer term effects of their short term priorities. On the other hand, they are well served by the combination of her ingenuity and his capacity for dedication.

Woman Sheep: Both partners in this pairing are devoted mates and are satisfied by the other’s simple but strong affections. She is rather maternal toward him, but as he appreciates her steady presence as a source of strength, he feels supported rather than constrained by this.

Woman Monkey: While he is direct and sincere, she is complex and elaborate, which he may interpret as disingenuous. She, on the other hand, might find his straightforward approach boring and overly simple. Probably not a good match, unless both can see value in their complementary temperaments.

Woman Rooster: While she is intellectually inclined to the point of chilliness, his way is amiable, pleasant, cordial. He may reconcile himself with her manner as a price to be paid to be near one with such faculties, but unless she sees that he too has much to offer in the way of his faithful and dependable manner, this may not be a favorable combination.

Woman Dog: Similarities amid differences. Both are hearty and straightforward, but whereas she can be demanding he tends toward a more relaxed way of life. This may cause problems, but ultimately the union can work if she appreciates his loyalty and he values her powers of discrimination and understanding.

Woman Pig: The danger here is that both he and she together, being born under the same sign, might not be able step out of their familiar patterns when it becomes necessary to deal with setbacks. Both are characterized by big-heartedness and well-meaning generosity, positive traits, but neither may have the imagination or temperament to handle the trials that life invariably throws at us. They do see eye-to-eye generally, and this in itself will be a source of strength.

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