Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Man Born in Year of Rabbit

Rabbit Man and Rat Woman

While his Rodent wife is always on the go, the Rabbit hubby searches for reasons to lag behind. Having no desire or ambition to live beyond their means, both of them are able to find contentment in the confines of their residence. She is able to get a giggle out of him whenever he finds himself doddering on the languid side. She knows just what to do to light his fire, and he exhibits a positive reception to her efforts. These two create a worthy union.

Rabbit Man and Ox Woman

Sometimes the Rabbit man feels like he is doting on a brick wall, when he breaks down his relationship with his reticent Ox wife. However, her mater-of-factness can be a wakeup call to him, especially when he is in the middle of displaying his poorer traits, such as his avariciousness and egocentrism. The Ox sure can lay down the line! He is typically a tender soul, however, and when the Ox allows herself to open up, they both reap the rewards.

Rabbit Man and Tiger Woman

A quiet thinker, the Rabbit man usually keeps his thoughts to himself. That is, until he is certain those ideas will be positively accepted by his striking, strong-spirited Tigress. She is an open book, and has hopes that her Bunny will be perceptive of that trait and show a bit of it, himself. She perceives him to be aloof, but he might just be in one of his thought trances, unaware of his surroundings. They do not share many commonalities, and she can come off as a bit harsh to him. If this abrasive Tiger cares enough about her Rabbit mate, she will take it down a notch or two and find some tact to guide her words.

Rabbit Man and Rabbit Woman

Needless to say, the neighbors aren’t going to be reporting any noise disturbances on this couple. Although these Rabbits enjoy tranquility, everybody needs to cut loose now and again, but they will not find the initiative to do so in their partners. Since it is not typically within the realms of the Rabbit’s character to look after his/her partner closely, nor to nurture the other’s needs and wants, both of them may discover a void within them that could remain unfilled for the life of this match.

Rabbit Man and Dragon Woman

The chirpy Dragon gal knows exactly how to get through to her inhibited, reclusive Rabbit guy. She inspires him in such a way that no one else can, resulting in an uplifting change in his outlook on life. She is a take-charge type of woman, but he is OK with that because by the time he gets home from a long day at work, the last thing he wants to do is to be required to make even more decisions. He trusts that if there is any question about serious matters, she will consult him; and no matter what, she will always keep him up to speed on every joint issue. These two make an ideal pair.

Rabbit Man and Snake Woman

The more positive these two are, the better, as some of their combined traits can result in detrimental effects. Both the Rabbit man and his Snake wife have high aims. He’s got the know-how, and she’s got the vigor to make it happen. Although the Snake can be quite insistent, his discretion in the manner in which he approaches her helps to keep the ruffles in their relationship to a minimum. Together, they can prove to find success in the business world as well as in their personal relationship with each other.

Rabbit Man and Horse Woman

The Rabbit man may view his Horse woman as whimsical, unpredictable, and sometimes even insensitive to others, although she doesn’t purposely deny his desires. Due to her on-the-go lifestyle, he will feel overexerted and unable to keep up. It will not take long for the effects of this monotonous relationship to make this mare feel jaded; she will surely spook, and trample the bridge that connects them, on her way out the door.

Rabbit Man and Sheep Woman

The fact that the Rabbit has a good head on his shoulders is merely one of the many traits that attract the Sheep to him. She is considerate toward him, which he appreciates, and her profound insightfulness allures him. The Sheep identifies herself through her man, and he likes to feel needed. Each of them is loveable and finds great significance in illustrating their adoration for the other.

Rabbit Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman can see the wheels turning inside her Rabbit’s head, and this drives her to frenzy, as she wants so badly to be able to dissect this thoughts. She, more open than he, has a different way of approaching her goals, tending to act before she thinks it through, sometimes. He, on the other hand, dwells on issues and beats them to the ground before making a move. She finds this irritating. It seems like these two are clawing on each other’s chalkboards and need to go their separate ways.

Rabbit Man and Rooster Woman

This match is likely to end in turmoil. It will come to the point where every word out of her mouth sounds like a droning “caw” to him. His coy manner, on top of his taciturn nature, drives this Rooster wild. Her harsh mannerisms, coupled with her inability to be discreet, amount to be a huge turnoff for him. The fact that they are unable to communicate well with each other will rip their relationship apart at the seams.

Rabbit Man and Dog Woman

When the Rabbit man comes home from a long day at work, he can rely on his Dog partner to cater to him. Her agreeable nature eases him, and she knows how to spark a fire in his soul, boosting his energy as well as his will to succeed. She can count on him to read her well, and he is responsive to her needs. She is understanding when he grumbles about petty things, and she will forever be a trustworthy counterpart. They are good for each other.

Rabbit Man and Pig Woman

The Rabbit man has a sense of style and composure that magnetizes the deferential Boar. His steadfast attitude, and his ability to make sound decisions in dealing with business matters, guides her into an intense feeling of security. Her magnanimous spirit frees his tensions; without her, he would feel overpowered by his seemingly tumultuous life. These two do not direct their energy toward picking each other apart; instead, they accept and love each other for who they are.

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