Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Man Born in Year of Rat

Rat Man and Rat Woman

Both being Rats, when they look at the other, it is like looking in the mirror; the problem lies in the fact that the mirror tends to reflect their less-than-desirable traits. The Rat woman can be a bit on the finicky side, and her domineering ways might get old in the opinion of her counterpart. When two painstaking and reclaimed personalities are matched, it can lead to serious carping, and honestly, who wants to live with that day in and day out?

Rat Man and Ox Woman

The tender Rat hubby looks after his stubborn Ox lady without fail. This type of behavior exhibited by him encourages her to be more approachable and less obdurate. She likes to be taken care of; she cannot bear to not feel safe. It is best that he is paired with someone whom he views as truthful and reliable, not to mention compliant, and she meets these standards. These two are able to bring out the better qualities in their partners.

Rat Man and Tiger Woman

The thriving Rat man loves to put his time and energy toward his loved ones, and is greatly amused by and finds contentment with his quirky Tigress. They have many shared aims; both of them like to get out and about with friends and close relatives, and they also look for ways to crawl higher on the social scale. Her impulsive behaviors can ride on his last nerve, and she is sometimes disappointed in his miserly ways. Aside from this, they have a good shot at making this a lasting relationship.

Rat Man and Rabbit Woman

Since both the Rat man and the Rabbit woman tend to look out for themselves before taking care of others, they both might get tired of fulfilling their own needs in this relationship. Too much time spent together is bound to create serious rifts between them. He expects positive feedback when he performs genuine deeds for her, but she is likely to take advantage of him and not show her appreciation for his actions. After time, he will lose motivation to impress her, and she will, in turn, nonchalantly move on to the next saga of her life, without looking back.

Rat Man and Dragon Woman

These two appreciate their own personal space so much that they would not even dream of invading the other’s. A relationship this trusting is one they have always hoped for, and they seem to be able to find just what they want in each other. These two are self-reliant, yet they find pleasure in each other’s company; therefore, this is not a relationship based on need. They are sure to find satisfaction in this match.

Rat Man and Snake Woman

Each of these has traits the other finds commendable, so they likely will start the relationship on the right foot: based on mutual respect. They are equally intelligent, and both of them hold high aspirations for life. She might be the stricter of the two, definitely more vigilant, as he often feels as though he is invincible. They will have an unfailing commitment toward one another.

Rat Man and Horse Woman

When the Horse woman continually displays her changeability and fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants take on life, the Rat’s responses could come off as cutting and snide. The Horse gal doesn’t have a lot of patience for backbiting, and he finds it disrespectful for her to make such rash decisions, without even seeming to take his thoughts and feelings into consideration before making her move. She will feel like she has to walk on eggshells, and this is not the type of lifestyle that she can live long. This is likely to end up being a relationship they both look back on as being futile.

Rat Man and Sheep Woman

The Rat man is going to have a hard time finding compassion for the Sheep lady since he cannot even see eye-to-eye with her. He feels that she overreacts over petty things, and she finds him insensitive to her needs. The Sheep gal is looking for a man who can help her achieve the status of being well-heeled, but he can be tight-fisted, especially when she wants to spend, spend, spend on unnecessary things. Although they both have passive-aggressive personalities, each of them can see the frustration taking shelter on the other’s brow. They will probably be overflowing with discontentment while matched together.

Rat Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman is a creative and unique creature, and the success-seeking Rat will find this endearing. Ambition races through their veins, and together, they encourage the other to perform his/her best in all facets of life. This type of motivation suits each of them quite well, and they do not hesitate to show their appreciation for their mates. They are patient with each other and treat each other with untiring kindness.

Rat Man and Rooster Woman

The nit-picky Rooster woman will psychologically beat down the blossoming Rat man with her denigration. The more she looks down her nose at him, the more he looks to other means to find happiness and satisfaction in life. He is better off with a mate who can be more accepting of him and more affectionate toward him. The antipathy they have toward one another builds an unbreakable wall between them; the sooner they realize this, the better.

Rat Man and Dog Woman

They both have likeable characteristics, and are most likely going to have close ties. His loving ways, paired with his vigor and charisma, are likely to impress her throughout their days. She will remain faithful, and it takes quite a bit to make her lose her discretion. However, both the Rat guy and his Dog gal are too doggone eager to please, and this could leave them bored and restless. One of them needs to be more firm in order for them to uphold interest in each other and to keep the sparks flying in this match.

Rat Man and Pig Woman

A passionate pair, it might take more than their fascination with each other to make the glue stick in this relationship. These two have slipshod tendencies, which have the potential to create turbulence up on Cloud Nine. If the Rodent and his Hog search hard enough for constancy and solidity, it is possible that they will be able to endure any bumps in the road to a successful, lasting destination.

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