Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Man Born in Year of Rooster

Rooster Man and Rat Woman

The Rooster Man is a stickler but his Rat Wife is not going to take his fiery rants seriously. These two will go round and round, setting off a vicious cycle that stirs them both up in the most negative way possible. If these two decide to give it a go, it will leave her longing for a man who is more compassionate and yearning for affection, and it will leave him stupefied regarding the opposite sex, in general. He probably will not want to dig in to another relationship very soon after this one terminates.

Rooster Man and Ox Woman

These two are well suited for each other, as they tend to atone for what the other lacks. Where the Ox woman can be detached and unyielding, the painstaking Rooster man lures her in by his traits that she adores: his ability to be a self starter, his inclination to be industrious, and his propensity to be valiant, for instance. The male Rooster will admire her sensible ways, as well as her ability to be diplomatic. They can both gain a lot from the other.

Rooster Man and Tiger Woman

He will view this Tiger Wife as untamable: a huge turnoff for this obtrusive Rooster Man. She is difficult to please, but he has a difficult time finding desire to even try. They will pick each other apart relentlessly, and it will strip them of all their positive energy, leaving them in emotional turmoil. They are both headstrong individuals, refusing to give-in to the other, no matter how simple the request may be. A continual migraine this match is sure to be, for both of t hem.

Rooster Man and Rabbit Woman

The Rooster man is far too abrasive for this fragile Rabbit. Not only is she a frail individual, unable to let negativity slide off her back, but she is too self-serving to please the demanding Rooster. She has a difficult time expressing herself, and when she tries, she often breaks-down. This frustrates the hotheaded fowl, and since he is not the candid type, he will end up saying too much, resulting in damage to her self-esteem. With this match, neither is likely to flourish.

Rooster Man and Dragon Woman

The Rooster man was built for success, and that is just what the doctor ordered for Miss Dragon. An audacious couple, indeed, these two will prosper in love and finance, and pretty much anything else they aspire. She has the ability to stay focused, and he keeps his intellect finely- tuned. As long as they can ignore the other’s annoying traits, and keep matters fair at all costs, these two make a first-rate match.

Rooster Man and Snake Woman

This pair has the capacity to keep each other upright. The Snake lady has the tendency to look at life through somber lenses, but her other half, the Rooster, augments her staid manner with his buoyancy and fervor for life. She is book-smart, whereas he is a man who is more hands-on. Together, they have what it takes to unearth the answers to the questions that lie before them, whether it is in respect to life, love, or beyond.

Rooster Man and Horse Woman

Both of these personalities lean toward mulish, both having a sense of pride that can get in the way sometimes. They find it difficult to give-in to the other, especially when it comes down to admitting fault. (Oftentimes, they honestly are not able to see when they, themselves, are truly liable for the occasional blunder.) Her big dreams are nonsense to him, as they do not fit well within the realm of his own plans. She is a trial-and-error type of person, and he has no patience for the ‘error’ part of her strategy. He is far too stringent for her to endure. Back to the drawing board, you two.

Rooster Man and Sheep Woman

This Rooster guy is most likely not going to want to pose as his Sheep gal’s crutch, which is what she needs. He needs his space, yet within his space is where she feels most secure. He has no patience for those who feel sorry for themselves, and he comes off as coldhearted when he voices this to her. Without realizing it, he could gravely mar her self-esteem. The attention he must constantly give to her takes away from the time he could be spending building their nest egg. These two are the epitome of “conflict of interest.”

Rooster Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman tends to push things to the limit, yet when it comes to her Rooster partner, even coming close to the limit is going too far. Her deft fellow does not impress her, especially when he displays his stingy side. They both have a way with words, yet tend to use them as weapons against each other. This is likely to be a barren match from start to finish.

Rooster Man and Rooster Woman

These Roosters are honorable and diligent characters. However, they may be too set in their ways to express a lenient attitude toward one another when their views tend to insistently clash. Their spitefulness for the other is the result of having their dignity threatened by their equally proficient counterparts. It will take a lot of work, and a lot of bowing out of the ring, in order for this union to prove successful.

Rooster Man and Dog Woman

After the puppy love wears off, the Rooster man and his little Doggie have some serious compromising ahead of them, since they are both such strong-willed beings. Despite the fact that they are typically equanimous, they are prone to some intense spats now and then. As long as they build their relationship out of kindness, patience and respect, they should be able to snuff out the flames of any quarrel.

Rooster Man and Pig Woman

Since the lady Boar is an even-tempered sort of gal, she is able to dole out a lot of patience and fortitude for her indiscreet Rooster guy. She is open to others’ opinions, whereas he thinks he’s got the one true answer, for everything. Sometimes she may view him as close-minded because of this. However, if she finds qualities in him that make it worth her while, she will dig up as much tolerance as it takes to keep their relationship going strong. In addition, if the Rooster can try to be a little less harsh, that will make it all the easier for her to accomplish.

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