Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Man Born in Year of Sheep

Sheep Man and Rat Woman

If these two can spend 100% of their time cuddling and doting on one another, and absolutely nothing else, then they will be fine. But let’s be realistic. With the Rat lady being as assiduous as she is, she has no choice but to look down on her Sheep guy for not sharing that trait. His lack of self-control when it comes to spending sickens her. Neither can comprehend the other’s motivation for their actions, so they tend to write it off as nonsensical behavior. Disparity rules this relationship.

Sheep Man and Ox Woman

With the Ox woman, everything is black and white, but when it comes to the Sheep man, the gray area is so thick that he never does quite understand the extremes of any issue. She, being the closed book that she is, does not have it in her to outwardly express her love and devotion to him on a constant basis: if he doesn’t already know it, then (deep sigh) ‘Oh well.’ She expects all facets of her life to be tidy, but the Sheep just does not function that way. These two will have a hard time coming to mutual terms, and their relationship will surely suffer because of it.

Sheep Man and Tiger Woman

The striking Tiger lady can come off a bit too strong to the Sheep chap. She tends to step on his feelings because she does not take time out for him and only him. Her strong will is overpowering to him, and because of her need for speed, his stress levels soar. Delight is not a feeling commonly felt throughout the course of this match, so maybe these two are better off hopping onto a different track.

Sheep Man and Rabbit Woman

The Rabbit woman is a clever gal, and mysterious by her own rite. The placid Sheep needs affection, and the Rabbit is able to provide this for him but she does not dole out love and adoration in lumps; she tends to savor it and spread it out thinly, to give him a taste and keep him hanging on. She allows him to work at his own pace, providing a calm atmosphere. This is a give-and-take relationship, and these two are well on their way to discovering bliss.

Sheep Man and Dragon Woman

The Sheep man sees so many positive qualities in his Dragoness that he continually has a deep adoration for her. The Dragon lady sees a certain genuineness in his eyes, and she has a difficult time looking away. Even though they marvel at each other, it does not necessarily mean there will not be any bumps in the road ahead. When the Dragon woman has her eye on a goal, it might appear too out-of-reach for the down-to-earth Sheep, while his conservative ways tend to switch off her attraction for him. Although she can inspire him, sometimes she expects more out of him than he expects out of himself. Variances in their personalities could lead to serious tribulations.

Sheep Man and Snake Woman

If tranquility is what these two are after, they’ve got their hands on the wrong grab-bag. They both have a positive reception regarding exquisiteness, and their fine taste is what attracts them to each other in the first place. The stealthy Snake has a devious way of approaching matters that make the Sheep untrusting of her, at times. Without trust, a relationship cannot thrive, and he knows this. If he attempts to trust her, and if she makes the effort to not be so cagey, then they really could have a positive coexistence.

Sheep Man and Horse Woman

While the Horse lady prefers to live on the edge without restraint, the Sheep can allure her into his protected site by seeing to it that she always has a lot of options from which to choose. Her spontaneous take on life can be exhausting to him, but she is sensitive to his feelings. If she tries to tone it down every once in a while, that is when they will be able to locate happiness.

Sheep Man and Sheep Woman

This household will have two capable managers, both finding equal importance in family relations. If these Sheep concentrate on working together as a team, they can pool their forces and create a peaceful, lasting environment for themselves, as well as for their children. Both are empathetic toward the other, and this goes a long way in their relationship, as it helps them to bypass disputes. This pairing has many positive aspects, and if they embrace it, it will burgeon.

Sheep Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman has narcissistic tendencies, and this is difficult for the Sheep man to bear, as he needs someone to devote her time and energy toward him. He, the more passive type, quietly builds a grudge in response to her self-centeredness. She might prey on his disadvantages, leaving him even more fragile than he started out. His wholesomeness will go unnoticed by her. He needs someone who can appreciate what he has to offer in a relationship, and someone who will give something back. They will not be able to find satisfaction while matched.

Sheep Man and Rooster Woman

The Rooster woman can be a tad bit overbearing, in the eye of the Sheep man. She does not think it is necessary to tend to his every emotional wound; she thinks he should be able to slap the band-aid on, himself, and get back out to the playground without much fuss. Although he is benevolent by nature, he slowly closes the gate to his compassion for her, as he thinks she is undeserving, since she cannot offer the same to him. This relationship will be difficult for either to endure.

Sheep Man and Dog Woman

The odds of these two celebrating a double-digit anniversary are slim to none. She will most likely view him through a disparaging eye, picking him apart. He will feel naked in the sense that his flaws will be overexposed, and he will have a hard time finding the strength to bury them again. She feels that she cannot be straightforward without hurting him, and it is especially complicated for her to be in a relationship where she does not have the natural tendency to be devoted to her mate. Instead of wasting their energy on each other, these individuals should put themselves in situations where they are able to pull out the good from within.

Sheep Man and Pig Woman

Because the pig is extroverted, she is able to bring out the miniscule, yet existent, affable abilities in her Sheep counterpart. The Sheep is able to offer the rough-around-the-edges Boar the fine-tuning she needs to be socially apt. They both tend to enjoy the other’s company, as a whole, and they thrive when they can set the tone for teamwork. This unassailable couple has commonalities that harmonize, creating an atmosphere of love and respect within their home.

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