Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Man Born in Year of Snake

Snake Man and Rat Woman

The less enigmatic the Snake man and his Rat mistress are with each other, the more glamorous they appear to the outside world. This is because, together, they are able to conquer many feats, but as soon as they start keeping things from one another, the less they are able to work together in their Machiavellian ways. If they start to feel dubious toward one another, the other will quickly retract. The Rat is more cordial than her reclusive mate is, and she is always in want of more affection by him. Regardless, they tend to work through these minute details of their relationship.

Snake Man and Ox Woman

This discerning couple did not end up together by accident. They both carefully weigh the good and the bad, in every situation, especially in relationships. They are motivated and are able to keep their feet on the ground with their common, ultimate goals within sight. The Snake man is a cunning fellow; his Ox partner is a believer in order and control. Devoted to one another, they will build their relationship and their family life on a strong foundation of trust and adaptability.

Snake Man and Tiger Woman

Both the self-sufficient Snake man and the selfless, impractical Tiger woman keep their guards up, without fail. Although they both realize that no one is perfect, when it comes to their counterpart’s shortcomings, with this match in particular, they have zero tolerance. The Tiger lady finds the Snake to be unapproachable, and this trait, alone, severely detracts from her vigor. The Snake guy views his Tigress as being too blunt, which makes him even more reticent than he naturally is. This match is laden with distress.

Snake Man and Rabbit Woman

Despite their differences, these two beings seem to find a certain type of synchronization, in this relationship. One is just as picky as the other, yet they seem to meet the other’s expectations. They are both on a search for self-indulgence, however, and this could make them stray from their partnership duties, from time to time. The Rabbit has enough self-assurance to let her Snake roam, as long as his ultimate goal revolves around her. Their relationship consists of concessions, which both are more than happy to make.

Snake Man and Dragon Woman

The unprejudiced Dragoness may not view her Snake counterpart as open-minded, as he likes things his way. He is the domineering type, but she is usually okay with that, despite the fuss she tends to make when she wants him to see things in a different light (her light). She is the fervent mistress for which he pines, so he will typically go out of his way to please her. They are apt to have a productive union.

Snake Man and Snake Woman

These two are not likely to be accused of clutching their partners too tightly, as they desire the same type of freedom they allow their cohorts to have. They’ve got their hands on the same wheel, and this helps their association tremendously. As long as they put forth plenty of effort to not being overly possessive and suspicious of one another, they can make great strides in this connection.

Snake Man and Horse Woman

While she lives for right now, he plans for tomorrow. He remains on an unswerving path, while she aims for the trail less traveled. Her unpredictability threatens his well-sketched blueprints for the lifestyle he craves. She wants him to take more chances, but it merely is not within the realms of his personality to do so. They will continue to partake in a callous game of Tug-of-War throughout this union, so it might be best that they lay down the rope before someone gets stuck in the mud.

Snake Man and Sheep Woman

He is wholly passionate when he thinks he has full control over the matter; however, when he feels like he has been sucked into something binding, he might find himself in a panic. The submissive Sheep has her limits; when she has reached the point of caution, it is difficult for her to back-pedal. He is goal-oriented, and if she is not the main focal point of the plans, then she might view this as an obstacle not worth attempting. Both are self-serving and this might be the ultimate reason why they do not make it.

Snake Man and Monkey Woman

Could there be a more impossible match? Talk about a pointless skirmish! The exploitive Monkey’s insensitivity, alongside the merciless Snake’s lack of remorse, set the stage for destruction. These two are sure to discover their own worst traits, whilst coming to a point of realization that they are, in fact, capable of failure, at least when it comes to this match. If they want to bypass a lot of unnecessary tension, they had best steer clear of each other.

Snake Man and Rooster Woman

This, my friends, is a business deal. At least, it will start out as such. He brings in the money and she tidies up the bed in which they are both destined to lie. They both hold high expectations when it comes to materialistic greed. The Rooster is a peculiar type, but the truth-seeking Snake has an open mind when he wants to; they have a certain kinship that is tricky to match.

Snake Man and Dog Woman

Since the aspirational Snake will do whatever it takes to meet his goals, the honest Dog will second-guess his tactics now and again. She is so law-abiding that she refuses to settle for a mate who lacks the same type of characteristics. She does not pride herself in possessing material goods, so it is difficult for her to grasp the full extent of the importance of this concept, according to him. Their differences might build a bridge that neither of them will have the know-how to cross, in order to meet in the middle.

Snake Man and Pig Woman

When he takes one step forward, he feels as though she pushes him two steps backward. Not making progress in his endeavors is not even a thought worth considering, in his book. He cannot comprehend her tendency to perform good deeds without a prize in sight: Something for nothing? Bah! These two are like night and day. Therefore, they will have quite a task ahead of them if they decide to pursue this type of relationship.

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