Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Man Born in Year of Tiger

Tiger Man and Rat Woman

The Rat woman is motivated by positive feedback, but the Tiger man is too self-involved to offer this to her; there’s no telling how many mornings of buttering her own toast she will have to endure before he catches on to this. His lack of patience is a huge turn-off for her, as she desires the company of someone who will enhance a serene environment. He feels like she nit-picks over trivial issues, and he feels smothered by her need to control every situation. Neither of these two is likely to find contentment in this match.

Tiger Man and Ox Woman

A love short-lived, this is bound to be, if it even amounts to that much. While the mighty Tiger gets an adrenaline rush from every opportunity he has to roar, the conventional Ox does not see the point in that type of behavior. One is just as bolshie as the other, yet they have completely different ideals. She will tread the straight and narrow path, but he will take a route with a little more adventure along the way. There are too many roadblocks for this couple to consider the match worthwhile.

Tiger Man and Tiger Woman

Often finding themselves in the position where their spending habits outweigh their budget, financial strain isn’t the only issue with which these two will be faced. They will butt heads on a number of subjects, and unfortunately for them it is their style to do so in an utterly tactless manner. They both take pride on their wittiness, but funniness only stretches so far in a relationship such as this one. These two are too alike in the wrong ways for this to be a fruitful union.

Tiger Man and Rabbit Woman

Diffidence is the name of the game when it comes to the Rabbit lady, but the reckless Tiger does not have any interest in playing. He sees her as a fussbudget and the tactless Cat has no time to cater to her each time something troubles her. She is too sensitive for her brash counterpart, and most likely, she will be the one who winds up getting hurt. Each partner will have to make serious sacrifices and fight back a lot of urges if they intend to come to accept each others’ foibles.

Tiger Man and Dragon Woman

Natural go-getters, indeed, but these two might not have the persistence to bring their brainy ideas to fruition. They will constantly feel as though they are involved in a neck-to-neck race for leadership, in this relationship. Neither of them is naturally submissive, so they will have to make extra efforts to choose their battles wisely. When they see the other making these efforts, they will be more inclined to follow suit. If they keep a close focus on cooperation, they could end up having an exciting, fulfilling union.

Tiger Man and Snake Woman

The penny-pinching Snake woman finds her Tiger mate to be wasteful, blowing excess money on unnecessary items, and even on unnecessary people, in her opinion. Always doubtful of the others’ decision-making tactics, they will always feel on-guard, trying to keep up with the their mate’s every move. She senses a certain daring look in his eye that she finds immature and irresponsible. She will always long for someone more established and productive, while he will wish for a partner who can let loose a little bit, and one who can be more accepting of him. Attempting this relationship will mostly likely prove to be senseless.

Tiger Man and Horse Woman

This gregarious couple lights up the room. He admires her creative wit, and she offers him the right guidance and encouragement he needs to find success in his endeavors. Both of them have open minds, accepting of the other’s beliefs and ideas, and they believe in equal control over all matters. His impulsive character does not make her bat an eye, as she has spontaneity running through her veins, as well. A relationship deeply rooted in fervor, this couple is eager to spend quality time together.

Tiger Man and Sheep Woman

He feels important when he can take care of her, but sometimes she pushes the limit. Her needy manner squashes his sense of freedom, and he retaliates with harsh words that can damage her delicate self-esteem. She tries to remain perceptive and accepting of his wild ways, but she always longs for more of his time. They will have to make many amends before they can reach a smooth connection.

Tiger Man and Monkey Woman

Both the restless Tiger and the autonomous Monkey are full of life and tend to stop at nothing when it comes to self-fulfillment. Her self assured manner and aggressive spirit pose a threat to his ego. These two unpredictable go-getters will have a hard time rooting themselves in this relationship, as their mutually flighty temperaments makes any anchors anathema. There is a little too much spice in this match, leaving them both on edge and quite cranky toward the other. Happiness lies at the fork in the road, where he takes one path, and she, the other.

Tiger Man and Rooster Woman

The fastidious Rooster Wife might end up being a little more than what the carefree Tiger Husband bargained for. Her relentless badgering plagues him, and frankly, she is getting pretty sick and tired of attempting to get him on the right track. She is far too disciplined by nature to feel the need to come to an understanding as to how he could possibly go through life with this fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants attitude. To each other, they are like an itch they are unable to scratch.

Tiger Man and Dog Woman

Just what the untamed Tiger Husband needs is a devoted, trustworthy counterpart such as the indulgent Dog Wife. The Tiger is constantly raring to go, but he has a high regard for her opinion; he will pause to heed her non-threatening, reasoned words of wisdom. She gives him the space he needs to explore his ventures, and she never fails to be there for him upon his return. They find each other approachable. They can be guileless. This type of environment creates an atmosphere in which both are likely to thrive.

Tiger Man and Pig Woman

The nonjudgmental Pig Wife offers the unrestrained Tiger Husband the encouragement that he requires. Together, they create positive energy that drives them onward and upward. The Pig woman has an unstinting commitment to her prodigious Tiger fellow, and he has an indefatigable pledge to his dutiful Boar. Accepting of each other’s vices, they will stand by one another through the good and the bad, partaking in a lasting and gratifying union.

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