Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Woman Born in Year of Dog

Rat Man and Dog Woman

They both have likeable characteristics, and are most likely going to have close ties. His loving ways, paired with his vigor and charisma, are likely to impress her throughout their days. She will remain faithful, and it takes quite a bit to make her lose her discretion. However, both the Rat guy and his Dog gal are too doggone eager to please, and this could leave them bored and restless. One of them needs to be more firm in order for them to uphold interest in each other and to keep the sparks flying in this match.

Ox Man and Dog Woman

The reputable Ox has a lot of drive, and his kindhearted Dog woman will dutifully stand by him. At times, he might slip up and allow his bossy nature to poke through, but he will know right away when she has had enough; she will not tolerate this type of thing. If he is able to be reasonable in what he asks of her, they could have a lasting, fulfilling life full of love, together.

Tiger Man and Dog Woman

Just what the untamed Tiger needs is a devoted, trustworthy counterpart such as the indulgent Dog woman. The Tiger is constantly raring to go, but he has a high regard for her opinion; he will pause to heed her non-threatening, reasoned words of wisdom. She gives him the space he needs to explore his ventures, and she never fails to be there for him upon his return. They find each other approachable. They can be guileless. This type of environment creates an atmosphere in which both are likely to thrive.

Rabbit Man and Dog Woman

When the Rabbit man comes home from a long day at work, he can rely on his Dog partner to cater to him. Her agreeable nature eases him, and she knows how to spark a fire in his soul, boosting his energy as well as his will to succeed. She can count on him to read her well, and he is responsive to her needs. She is understanding when he grumbles about petty things, and she will forever be a trustworthy counterpart. They are good for each other.

Dragon Man and Dog Woman

The Dragon man might take it upon himself to make decisions without first consulting the Dog woman, and if he is looking for calamity, then he should keep it up. Otherwise, if he wants to keep things smoothed over with her, then he should include her in all decision-making. He might feel that, by doing this, it is squishing his self-sufficiency, but that is really just his pride getting in the way. The more they can treat each other as equals, the better off they will be.

Snake Man and Dog Woman

Since the aspirational Snake will do whatever it takes to meet his goals, the honest Dog will second-guess his tactics now and again. She is so law-abiding that she refuses to settle for a mate who lacks the same type of characteristics. She does not pride herself in possessing material goods, so it is difficult for her to grasp the full extent of the importance of this concept, according to him. Their differences might build a bridge that neither of them will have the know-how to cross, in order to meet in the middle.

Horse Husband and Dog Wife

Forthright and candid, the dog wife does not let these character traits get in the way of her genuine disposition. Due to her good-natured personality, her faithfulness is unyielding. Astounded by her horse hubby’s insightful braininess, she will always look up to him. The fact that she continually has respect and admiration for him makes it easier for him to turn a blind eye to her flaws. Together, they make up for what the other lacks, resulting in a love affair that is accommodating and undying.

Sheep Man and Dog Woman

The odds of these two celebrating a double-digit anniversary are slim to none. She will most likely view him through a disparaging eye, picking him apart. He will feel naked in the sense that his flaws will be overexposed, and he will have a hard time finding the strength to bury them again. She feels that she cannot be straightforward without hurting him, and it is especially complicated for her to be in a relationship where she does not have the natural tendency to be devoted to her mate. Instead of wasting their energy on each other, these individuals should put themselves in situations where they are able to pull out the good from within.

Monkey Man and Dog Woman

Monkey man likes to do things on his own, but if he can be perceptive enough to realize that his Doggie friend will hold a higher opinion of him if he includes her, then that will enhance their bond. Her humility and unassuming personality leaves him feeling secure in their relationship, and it doesn’t hurt that she is amused by his poise and versatility. In turn, this flatters him, and if you know Monkeys, you know that adulation is the key to their hearts. There is a good chance that the Monkey man and Dog woman will find themselves in the midst of a truly harmonious relationship.

Rooster Man and Dog Woman

After the puppy love wears off, the Rooster man and his little Doggie have some serious compromising ahead of them, since they are both such strong-willed beings. Despite the fact that they are typically equanimous, they are prone to some intense spats now and then. As long as they build their relationship out of kindness, patience and respect, they should be able to snuff out the flames of any quarrel.

Dog Man and Dog Woman

When it comes to the Dog, the Golden Rule is pure and true. When two Dogs strive to please each other, they are bound for success in their relationship. There are times when she might go a little overboard with her criticism, but when she realizes the extent of her belittlement, she is quick to admit fault and take responsibility for her actions. He is forgiving in nature, especially since this type of thing does not happen often. They are both appreciative of each other and thankful for their peaceful relationship.

Pig Man and Dog Woman

Their attitudes regarding life are full of zest, as are their approaches to their relationship with each other. She will make it clear to him when she is dissatisfied, but if she can approach him in a tactful way, they will most likely be able to see eye-to-eye without much of a fuss. The more he encourages her to keep an open mind, the more likely she will value his demeanor. He knows his faith in her will not be damaged, as she does not have a disloyal bone in her body. His ardor will be invigorating to her. They can learn a lot from each other.

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