Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Woman Born in Year of Dragon

Year of the Dragon:


Rat Man and Dragon Woman

These two appreciate their own personal space so much that they would not even dream of invading the other’s. A relationship this trusting is one they have always hoped for, and they seem to be able to find just what they want in each other. These two are self-reliant, yet they find pleasure in each other’s company; therefore, this is not a relationship based on need. They are sure to find satisfaction in this match.

Ox Man and Dragon Woman

The vivacious Dragoness likes to get out and kick up her heels. When the disciplined Ox wants to bow out of the party at a single-digit evening hour, he should allow her the freedom to release some pent-up energy, even if she has the vigor to make it well into single digit morning hours before crashing. When he needs a dose of sanguinity, she’s got it to give, and this is often quite refreshing to him. If they base this relationship on mutual respect, they have a good chance at being successful.

Tiger Man and Dragon Woman

Natural go-getters, indeed, but these two might not have the persistence to bring their brainy ideas to completion. They will constantly feel as though they are involved in a neck-to-neck race for leadership, in this relationship. Neither of them is naturally submissive, so they will have to make extra efforts to choose their battles wisely. When they see the other making these efforts, they will be more inclined to follow suit. If they keep a close focus on cooperation, they could end up having an exciting, fulfilling union.

Rabbit Man and Dragon Woman

The chirpy Dragon gal knows exactly how to get through to her inhibited, reclusive Rabbit guy. She inspires him in such a way that no one else can, resulting in an uplifting change in his outlook on life. She is a take-charge type of woman, but he is OK with that because by the time he gets home from a long day at work, the last thing he wants to do is to be required to make even more decisions. He trusts that if there is any question about serious matters, she will consult him; and no matter what, she will always keep him up to speed on every joint issue. These two make an ideal pair.

Dragon Man and Dragon Woman

Keep your eye on the ball, Dragons, and that ball is a goal outside the home. You need to maintain a constant focus on a professional purpose because if you don’t, your odds of finding things to complain about, at home, will increase tremendously. Do not take that piece of advice as a ticket out of your responsibilities at home, because you will always have those, too. Just choose your battles, and you will be fine.

Snake Man and Dragon Woman

The unprejudiced Dragoness may not view her Snake counterpart as open-minded, as he likes things his way. He is the domineering type, but she is usually okay with that, despite the fuss she tends to make when she wants him to see things in a different light (her light). She is the fervent mistress for which he pines, so he will typically go out of his way to please her. They are apt to have a productive union.

Horse Husband and Dragon Wife
Supportive of her clever equestrian spouse’s endeavors, the Dragon wife yields to nothing that threatens their cumulative success in all arenas. While she finds herself constantly consumed by some immeasurable task, whether personal or professional, he sides with her, infallibly, offering his fine-tuned wit and gamut of expertise. Hand in hand, both husband and wife fuel the fire of the other’s venturesome and enterprising aspirations.

Sheep Man and Dragon Woman

The Sheep man sees so many positive qualities in his Dragoness that he continually has a deep adoration for her. The Dragon lady sees a certain genuineness in his eyes, and she has a difficult time looking away. Even though they marvel at each other, it does not necessarily mean there will not be any bumps in the road ahead. When the Dragon woman has her eye on a goal, it might appear too out-of-reach for the down-to-earth Sheep, while his conservative ways tend to switch off her attraction for him. Although she can inspire him, sometimes she expects more out of him than he expects out of himself. Variances in their personalities could lead to serious tribulations.

Monkey Man and Dragon Woman

Alike in all the right ways, the Monkey Man and his Dragoness are able to work hand in hand, laying the stepping-stones to success in all facets of life. Both of them are driven and determined, and what one may lack, the other compensates. She is supportive of all his ventures, and his self-assuredness and ability to bring all tasks to completion, gives surety that he will never let her down.

Rooster Man and Dragon Woman

The Rooster man was built for success, and that is just what the doctor ordered for Miss Dragon. An audacious couple, indeed, these two will prosper in love and finance, and pretty much anything else they aspire. She has the ability to stay focused, and he keeps his intellect finely- tuned. As long as they can ignore the other’s annoying traits, and keep matters fair at all costs, these two make a first-rate match.

Dog Man and Dragon Woman

When it comes to the Dog Man and his Dragon Lady, hot and heavy are the love affairs as well as the discords, unfortunately. One can only make peace of disputes so many times before it’s time to call it quits, so let’s hope these two come to their senses before anyone gets their self esteems too badly damaged. There is only room for one throne in this relationship, and neither is willing to bow down before the other. They are both bound for success, just not with each other. Get out while you can, you two!

Pig Man and Dragon Woman

The Dragon Woman can be quite an encouraging partner, and she has many positive traits to share with her gentleman, the Pig. He will seek her admiration, and when he is successful, he will hold utmost regard for her opinion. A vivacious couple, they will run each other into the ground with goals and preplanned activities outside the home. Before they surrender to exhaustion, one must have the discipline to know when to take a break, in order to save them both from running out of fuel, physically and psychologically.

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