Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Woman Born in Year of Horse

Rat Man and Horse Woman

When the Horse woman continually displays her changeability and fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants take on life, the Rat’s responses could come off as cutting and snide. The Horse gal doesn’t have a lot of patience for backbiting, and he finds it disrespectful for her to make such rash decisions, without even seeming to take his thoughts and feelings into consideration before making her move. She will feel like she has to walk on eggshells, and this is not the type of lifestyle that she can live long. This is likely to end up being a relationship they both look back on as being futile.

Ox Man and Horse Woman

This footloose and fancy-free filly is not going to change her ways, not even for the dedicated, productive and successful Ox. He will be completely bewildered by her happy-go-lucky take on life, and she, too, will be baffled by his rigidity. Once he gets a true taste of her untamable spirit, he will realize this, and he will be ready and willing to toss in his cards. Most likely, neither one will look back in regret that they did not try harder to make it work.

Tiger Man and Horse Woman

This gregarious couple lights up the room. He admires her creative wit, and she offers him the right guidance and encouragement he needs to find success in his endeavors. Both of them have open minds, accepting of the other’s beliefs and ideas, and they believe in equal control over all matters. His impulsive character does not make her bat an eye, as she has spontaneity running through her veins, as well. A relationship deeply rooted in fervor, this couple is eager to spend quality time together.

Rabbit Man and Horse Woman

The Rabbit man may view his Horse woman as whimsical, unpredictable, and sometimes even insensitive to others, although she doesn’t purposely deny his desires. Due to her on-the-go lifestyle, he will feel overexerted and unable to keep up. It will not take long for the effects of this monotonous relationship to make this mare feel jaded; she will surely spook, and trample the bridge that connects them, on her way out the door.

Dragon Man and Horse Woman

The Horsewoman might get edgy if she finds herself cooped up in the house for long periods. Therefore, it is vital that she have concentrations outside the home. She knows how to stretch a dollar pretty far, and even exhibits inventive ways in doing this. This is advantageous for the both of them, but the Dragon has a special eye for good business deals, and he is especially pleased with her economical competence. Their goals are closely aligned, so they work well together to meet their objectives.

Snake Man and Horse Woman

While she lives for right now, he plans for tomorrow. He remains on an unswerving path, while she aims for the trail less traveled. Her unpredictability threatens his well-sketched blueprints for the lifestyle he craves. She wants him to take more chances, but it merely is not within the realms of his personality to do so. They will continue to partake in a callous game of Tug-of-War throughout this union, so it might be best that they lay down the rope before someone gets stuck in the mud.

Horse Husband and Horse Wife

Although horses have many admirable traits, when two are matched, it might make for a relationship that is conflicted in nature. Without any room to balance each other out, the bond is bound to be laced with divergence. It probably will not come as a surprise to her that she cannot bridle this horse, but he cannot easily restrain her, either. On the upside of this duo, if they are able to make it work, they are likely to live a life intertwined with vivacious escapades.

Sheep Man and Horse Woman

While the Horse lady prefers to live on the edge without restraint, the Sheep can allure her into his protected site by seeing to it that she always has a lot of options from which to choose. Her spontaneous take on life can be exhausting to him, but she is sensitive to his feelings. If she tries to tone it down every once in a while, that is when they will be able to locate happiness.

Monkey Man and Horse Woman

If the candid Monkey lad and his unreserved filly can overcome their innate sense of self-absorbtion, they just might have something here. Their general attitude, however, is along the lines of, “If you don’t put forth the effort, then why should I?” So, if one starts to slack and the other picks up on it, then it could force their relationship into a downward spiral. However, if they can stay on top of it – this means no monkeying or horsing around! – they will learn that determination does, in fact, pay off.

Rooster Man and Horse Woman

Both of these personalities lean toward mulish, both having a sense of pride that can get in the way sometimes. They find it difficult to give-in to the other, especially when it comes down to admitting fault. (Oftentimes, they honestly are not able to see when they, themselves, are truly liable for the occasional blunder.) Her big dreams are nonsense to him, as they do not fit well within the realm of his own plans. She is a trial-and-error type of person, and he has no patience for the ‘error’ part of her strategy. He is far too stringent for her to endure. Back to the drawing board, you two.

Dog Man and Horse Woman

The canine and mare walk side by side, especially in tough times. He has full faith that she will never get spooked, and he does not even have to keep her stabled. Both of them are free to roam, but they always come back to where they can comfortably be themselves. Oddly enough, they discover more about who they are, as individuals, through each other.

Pig Man and Horse Woman

“Seize the day” is their motto, and the Pig man and Horse woman go to great lengths to live by that. She does a fine job keeping things upbeat around the house, and he is the apple of her eye due to his agreeable temperament and unwavering dedication to her. These two cooperate well together. Both are easy-going, for the most part, especially when it comes to potential disputes. Living life to its fullest will not pose an issue for this match, but they could stand to put more focus on the future, or they might wind up in a bind.

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