Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Woman Born in Year of Monkey

Rat Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman is a creative and unique creature, and the success-seeking Rat will find this endearing. Ambition races through their veins, and together, they encourage the other to perform his/her best in all facets of life. This type of motivation suits each of them quite well, and they do not hesitate to show their appreciation for their mates. They are patient with each other and treat each other with untiring kindness.

Ox Man and Monkey Woman

Both have joined in on the rat race to the top, but they are on complete different courses. Their expenditure sheets could not be more dissimilar, either. The ambitious Monkey woman’s makeup is much more complex compared to her down-to-earth Ox counterpart. Her independence can be threatening to him, at times. He may wish to have someone more relenting, as the spicy conflicts are too much for him to bear. If she starts to feel oppressed, she will unquestionably do whatever it takes to break free. They might be better off going their separate ways.

Tiger Man and Monkey Woman

Both the restless Tiger and the autonomous Monkey are full of life and tend to stop at nothing when it comes to self-fulfillment. Her self-assuredness and aggressive spirit pose as a threat to his ego. These two unpredictable go-getters will have a hard time rooting themselves in this relationship, as the changeability makes it near-impossible. There is a little too much spice in this match, leaving them both on edge and quite cranky toward the other. Happiness lies at the fork in the road, where he takes one path, and she, the other.

Rabbit Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman can see the wheels turning inside her Rabbit’s head, and this drives her to frenzy, as she wants so badly to be able to dissect this thoughts. She, more open than he, has a different way of approaching her goals, tending to act before she thinks it through, sometimes. He, on the other hand, dwells on issues and beats them to the ground before making a move. She finds this irritating. It seems like these two are clawing on each other’s chalkboards and need to go their separate ways.

Dragon Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman has quite alluring qualities, many of which align with those of the Dragon man. They are instinctively determined individuals, and they tend to think in terms of large-scale, rather than wasting their time and efforts on paltry matters. Spirited creatures, they love to display their superb hospitality. Coupled, they are likely to be the life of any party, turning heads everywhere they go.

Snake Man and Monkey Woman

Could there be a more impossible match? Talk about a pointless skirmish! The exploitive Monkey’s insensitivity, alongside the merciless Snake’s lack of remorse, set the stage for destruction. These two are sure to discover their own worst traits, whilst coming to a point of realization that they are, in fact, capable of failure, at least when it comes to this match. If they want to bypass a lot of unnecessary tension, they had best steer clear of each other.

Horse Husband and Monkey Wife

A corrupted deviant though she may be, she can still enthrall the crowd with her ingenuity. She mirrors him in her astute ways, and they both tend to falter with morality, at times. However, on good days, they can be highly obliging, hurdling the stumbling blocks that may lie in the path to marital success. Each of them is on the lookout for a big break, and if they keep their goals in mind, they can each serve as the helping hand the other needs in order to fully achieve any reasonable feat.

Sheep Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman has narcissistic tendencies, and this is difficult for the Sheep man to bear, as he needs someone to devote her time and energy toward him. He, the more passive type, quietly builds a grudge in response to her self-centeredness. She might prey on his disadvantages, leaving him even more fragile than he started out. His wholesomeness will go unnoticed by her. He needs someone who can appreciate what he has to offer in a relationship, and someone who will give something back. They will not be able to find satisfaction while matched.

Monkey Man and Monkey Woman

If these two primates can remember Mama’s tirades about playing well together, then they just might be able to work well together, and love well together, too. They will have to put a lot of focus on selflessness if they really want to make this happen. Also, they should try to remember that when one points a finger at another, three more fingers are pointing back at him/herself; placing blame is not going to help these Monkeys advance in this relationship.

Rooster Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman tends to push things to the limit, yet when it comes to her Rooster partner, even coming close to the limit is going too far. Her deft fellow does not impress her, especially when he displays his stingy side. They both have a way with words, yet tend to use them as weapons against each other. This is likely to be a barren match from start to finish.

Dog Man and Monkey Woman

When it comes to the Dog Man and Monkey Wife, as long as each of them assume an open mind and maintain poise, they will be able to feed off each other’s character traits in a positive fashion. He feels that she is sharp and charismatic, which are qualities that entrance this laid-back, reasonable fellow. She will continue to marvel at his sagacity even when he puts his foot down to her sporadic materialistic greed. All monkeying aside, the Dog Man and Monkey Woman just might spot a lasting relationship within reach.

Pig Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman may find the Pig’s character traits quite drab, and there will be times when he thinks she is far too complex for him to have what it takes to please her. Although there are times when he respects her for her daring take on life, in time, he might find disgust in her audacity. Her self-righteous manner will time and again create a barrier between them, leaving him longing for her warm touch, potentially to no avail. The more he reaches toward her, the quicker she shrinks back, leaving his emotional needs unnourished. Accentuate the respectable aspects of each other, you two, and you might be able to work through the bumps.

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