Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Woman Born in Year of Ox

Rat Man and Ox Woman

The tender Rat hubby looks after his stubborn Ox lady without fail. This type of behavior exhibited by him encourages her to be more approachable and less obdurate. She likes to be taken care of; she cannot bear to not feel safe. It is best that he is paired with someone whom he views as truthful and reliable, not to mention compliant, and she meets these standards. These two are able to bring out the better qualities in their partners.

Ox Man and Ox Woman

When a couple is engaged in all work and no play, it leaves the air thick and frigid, without much possibility of heating things up. That is the type of lifestyle two Oxen are faced with, unfortunately. Somber tones resonate throughout this relationship, while these unbending bovines plow through everyday life without so much as a chuckle or grin from the other, to help lighten the mood. They would be much happier if they were to surround themselves by people who have a better sense of what it takes to find pleasure in life.

Tiger Man and Ox Woman

A love short-lived, this is bound to be, if it even amounts to that much. While the mighty Tiger gets an adrenaline rush from every opportunity he has to revolt, the conventional Ox does not see the point in that type of behavior. One is just as bolshie as the other, yet they have completely different ideals. She will tread the straight and narrow path, but he will take a route with a little more adventure along the way. There are too many roadblocks for this couple to consider the match worthwhile.

Rabbit Man and Ox Woman

Sometimes the Rabbit man feels like he is doting on a brick wall, when he breaks down his relationship with his reticent Ox wife. However, her mater-of-factness can be a wakeup call to him, especially when he is in the middle of displaying his poorer traits, such as his avariciousness and egocentrism. The Ox sure can lay down the line! He is typically a tender soul, however, and when the Ox allows herself to open up, they both reap the rewards.

Dragon Man and Ox Woman

The Ox wants a man who can bring home the bacon, and if Dragon man does not come through, then she is probably not going to show empathy for him, regardless of the circumstance. She might even give him the horns, if this is a recurring issue. His approval-seeking persona should be enough to motivate him to strive to keep her happy. Both of them have tenacious tendencies, so, butting heads could become a habit if they are not careful. An atypical situation, he will most likely be the one repeatedly requesting cuddle-time. Just know, Ox woman, habitual refusals will take a toll on your relationship.

Snake Man and Ox Woman

This discerning couple did not end up together by accident. They both carefully weigh the good and the bad, in every situation, especially in relationships. They are motivated and are able to keep their feet on the ground with their common, ultimate goals within sight. The Snake man is a cunning fellow; his Ox partner is a believer in order and control. Devoted to one another, they will build their relationship and their family life on a strong foundation of trust and adaptability.

Horse Husband and Ox Wife

The ox wife is a closed book, and this is a huge turnoff to her husband, the horse. He works hard and plays harder, and her inability to play equally hard seems to be the main reason for his fleeting attraction for her. He seeks spontaneity while she is more content with her unruffled daily routine. He longs for excitement, yet she is more lackadaisical by nature. These differences will most likely pose an unbreakable barrier between these two.

Sheep Man and Ox Woman

With the Ox woman, everything is black and white, but when it comes to the Sheep man, the gray area is so thick that he never does quite understand the extremes of any issue. She, being the closed book that she is, does not have it in her to outwardly express her love and devotion to him on a constant basis: if he doesn’t already know it, then (deep sigh) ‘Oh well.’ She expects all facets of her life to be tidy, but the Sheep just does not function that way. These two will have a hard time coming to mutual terms, and their relationship will surely suffer because of it.

Monkey Man and Ox Woman

Monkey Husband and Ox Wife fit together like fresh strawberries and Texas barbecue sauce. Yuck! While he is parading about, mingling with the neighbors and boasting over his new top-of-the-line grill, she is peeking behind the kitchen curtain, hopeful that no one sees her. Matched together, their character flaws seem to surface more so than if they had different partners – partly because they are both quick to point out the other’s defects, and partly due to the fact that they have a hard time being the type of people they want to be, around each other. Their link is about as broken as a cell phone connection during a hurricane.

Rooster Man and Ox Woman

These two are well suited for each other, as they tend to atone for what the other lacks. Where the Ox woman can be detached and unyielding, the painstaking Rooster man lures her in by his traits that she adores: his ability to be a self starter, his inclination to be industrious, and his propensity to be valiant, for instance. The male Rooster will admire her sensible ways, as well as her ability to be diplomatic. They can both gain a lot from the other.

Dog Man and Ox Woman

A little freer in nature compared to his Ox bride, the Dog Man might feel restricted, at times. When he feels constrained, this is when he can have the tact of a bulldozer, it seems. However, seeing that both of them typically keep a tight grip on fair-mindedness, their squabbles can be sifted through a sieve of impartiality, as long as they keep their cool. The more focus they put on broadmindedness, the likelier the Dog and Ox will find their relationship rooted in contentment.

Pig Man and Ox Woman

This type of relationship will most likely not exceed mediocrity. Each of them views things in a different light, and it isn’t that either of them are necessarily wrong, but it will be a challenge to them both to prove that to the other. The female Ox tends to identify herself through her career. This differs from the male Pig in the sense that he works because he has to; if he were wallowing in a sea of cash, he would probably rather just play golf all day. Although they have a different set of ideals, they can still be happy together.

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