Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Woman Born in Year of Pig

Rat Man and Pig Woman

A passionate pair, it might take more than their fascination with each other to make the glue stick in this relationship. These two have slipshod tendencies, which have the potential to create turbulence up on Cloud Nine. If the Rodent and his Hog search hard enough for constancy and solidity, it is possible that they will be able to endure any bumps in the road to a successful, lasting destination.

Ox Man and Pig Woman

The painstaking Ox will adore his altruistic Pig. Any complaints that may rove in her psyche, she typically keeps to herself, as she does not want to trouble him with any humdrum tribulations. There are times when she silently wishes that he would be more affectionate with her, but to carp is not within the realms of her character. If, even just every once in a while, he lets the wind blow through his hair, he will be able to keep the sparks flying between them.

Tiger Man and Pig Woman

The nonjudgmental Pig offers the unrestrained Tiger the encouragement that he requires. Together, they create positive energy that drives them onward and upward. The Pig woman has an unstinting commitment to her prodigious Tiger fellow, and he has an indefatigable pledge to his dutiful Boar. Accepting of each other’s vices, they will stand by one another through the good and the bad, partaking in a lasting and gratifying union.

Rabbit Man and Pig Woman

The Rabbit man has a sense of style and composure that magnetizes the deferential Boar. His steadfast attitude, and his ability to make sound decisions in dealing with business matters, guides her into an intense feeling of security. Her magnanimous spirit frees his tensions; without her, he would feel overpowered by his seemingly tumultuous life. These two do not direct their energy toward picking each other apart; instead, they accept and love each other for who they are.

Dragon Man and Pig Woman

A tender bond is what the Dragon man and his little Piggy are fully capable of achieving. Their relationship creates a sense of balance. He, the relentless go-getter; she, the quiet supporter. Although she will cater to his every need, it is out of love, and she does not feel forced into doing so. In addition to that, he will not take advantage of her, as he appreciates her encouragement and unfaltering devotion. This couple works really well together.

Snake Man and Pig Woman

When he takes one step forward, he feels as though she pushes him two steps backward. Not making progress in his endeavors is not even a thought worth considering, in his book. He cannot comprehend her tendency to perform good deeds without a prize in sight: Something for nothing? Bah! These two are like night and day. Therefore, they will have quite a task ahead of them if they decide to pursue this type of relationship.

Horse Husband and Pig Wife
His ability to draw people in with his charismatic personality leaves her ogling at his very existence. Her fondness of him, coupled with her dedication to him, is partially what feeds his love for her, not to mention her thoughtful outlook. He wants her all to himself, so sometimes jealousy raises a barrier between them, but they tend to fall back on their original attractions for each other, especially when he is able to cajole her with his captivating influence. Rocky and rough the waters may be for this couple, but they tend to endure, regardless.

Sheep Man and Pig Woman

Because the pig is extroverted, she is able to bring out the miniscule, yet existent, affable abilities in her Sheep counterpart. The Sheep is able to offer the rough-around-the-edges Boar the fine-tuning she needs to be socially apt. They both tend to enjoy the other’s company, as a whole, and they thrive when they can set the tone for teamwork. This unassailable couple has commonalities that harmonize, creating an atmosphere of love and respect within their home.

Monkey Man and Pig Woman

Pigs are generous creatures. That’s not to say the Monkey isn’t, but the shrewd primate works hard for his money, and if his bighearted hog is quick to scrap it, this could result in a volcano of contempt bubbling beneath his surface. The bouncy pig needs to be aware of this so that that volcano does not erupt, leaving the two wading in a molten mess of repugnance. He also needs to be sensitive to the fact that she needs to give in order to feel like she is leaving her mark. They can have a prosperous relationship as long as they are attentive of and responsive to each other’s desires as well as idiosyncrasies.

Rooster Man and Pig Woman

Since the lady Boar is an even-tempered sort of gal, she is able to dole out a lot of patience and fortitude for her indiscreet Rooster guy. She is open to others’ opinions, whereas he thinks he’s got the one true answer, for everything. Sometimes she may view him as close-minded because of this. However, if she finds qualities in him that make it worth her while, she will dig up as much tolerance as it takes to keep their relationship going strong. In addition, if the Rooster can try to be a little less harsh, that will make it all the easier for her to accomplish.

Dog Man and Pig Woman

When speaking of the Dog Man and his Pig cohort, these two are not exactly two peas in a pod. Regardless, they can adjust to each other well, resulting in a practical confluence. She is able to find contentment in a variety of situations and is generally affable. She finds herself on steady ground when she is around him. He loves the fact that she is not likely to grumble, even in less-than-desirable conditions, and the fact that he is trustworthy and rational leaves little room for complaint, according to her.

Pig Man and Pig Woman
This diffident pair strives to do the right thing, and either of them would give their last dollar to help someone in need. They are not accustomed to a structured environment, so if they are able to acquire outside assistance regarding this area, then they will be able to cut back on a lot of unnecessary stress. Neither of them are the best at handling hardships, so they will have to keep a constant focus on providing moral support for one another. They can lean on each other if they keep the right goals in mind.

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