Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Woman Born in Year of Rabbit

Rat Man and Rabbit Woman

Since both the Rat man and the Rabbit woman tend to look out for themselves before taking care of others, they both might get tired of fulfilling their own needs in this relationship. Too much time spent together is bound to create serious rifts between them. He expects positive feedback when he performs genuine deeds for her, but she is likely to take advantage of him and not show her appreciation for his actions. After time, he will lose motivation to impress her, and she will, in turn, nonchalantly move on to the next saga of her life, without looking back.

Ox Man and Rabbit Woman

Taking things with a grain of salt is not something the Rabbit woman is capable of, so when the Ox man takes part in disparagement, she will be quick to recoil. She does not know how to handle criticism very well, but if the Ox can approach her in a diplomatic manner, then they might make headway. He also needs to try to loosen up a bit, as this Rabbit loves to get footloose and fancy-free now and again. If they keep an open mind regarding each other’s needs, they can have a prosperous affiliation.

Tiger Man and Rabbit Woman

Diffidence is the name of the game when it comes to the Rabbit lady, but the reckless Tiger does not have any interest in playing. He sees her as a fussbudget and the tactless Cat has no time to cater to her each time something troubles her. She is too sensitive for her brash counterpart, and most likely, she will be the one who winds up getting hurt. Each partner will have to make serious sacrifices and fight back a lot of urges if they intend to come to accept each other’s foibles.

Rabbit Man and Rabbit Woman

Needless to say, the neighbors aren’t going to be reporting any noise disturbances on this couple. Although these Rabbits enjoy tranquility, everybody needs to cut loose now and again, but they will not find the initiative to do so in their partners. Since it is not typically within the realms of the Rabbit’s character to look after his/her partner closely, nor to nurture the other’s needs and wants, both of them may discover a void within them that could remain unfilled for the life of this match.

Dragon Man and Rabbit Woman

When the Dragon needs to come home to a woman who will be non-judgmental at all costs, he can count on the Rabbit. She will provide him with a place of peace and go out of her way to ensure his comfort. All she asks for, in return, is a knight in shining armor who will never lay his shield to rest, always watching over her, making her feel secure.

Snake Man and Rabbit Woman

Despite their differences, these two beings seem to find a certain type of synchronization, in this relationship. One is just as picky as the other, yet they seem to meet the other’s expectations. They are both on a search for self-indulgence, however, and this could make them stray from their partnership duties, from time to time. The Rabbit has enough self-assurance to let her Snake roam, as long as his ultimate goal revolves around her. Their relationship consists of concessions, which both are more than happy to make.

Horse Husband and Rabbit Wife

Her sheath is an invisible cage, which seemingly protects her from potential distress. He is able to lure her out of this captivity, occasionally, with proof of his role as supplier of support; however, her constant need for assurance tires him to utter exhaustion. He is then left with no known remedy except to seek out other means of enlivenment. This cyclical pattern is sure to leave them both anguished.

Sheep Man and Rabbit Woman

The Rabbit woman is a clever gal, and mysterious by her own rite. The placid Sheep needs affection, and the Rabbit is able to provide this for him but she does not dole out love and adoration in lumps; she tends to savor it and spread it out thinly, to give him a taste and keep him hanging on. She allows him to work at his own pace, providing a calm atmosphere. This is a give-and-take relationship, and these two are well on their way to discovering bliss.

Monkey Man and Rabbit Woman

If Monkey Man is seeking a quiet and obedient partner, then he might try it out with the Rabbit. Even if he comes home in a bad mood, seemingly looking for a fight, most likely, she will back away. She gains pleasure from order and quiescence, while he is more inclined to keep things as bustling as possible. It will take some work to resolve their differences, but it is possible for them to build a lasting relationship.

Rooster Man and Rabbit Woman

The Rooster man is far too abrasive for this fragile Rabbit. Not only is she a frail individual, unable to let negativity slide off her back, but she is too self-serving to please the demanding Rooster. She has a difficult time expressing herself, and when she tries, she often breaks-down. This frustrates the hotheaded fowl, and since he is not the candid type, he will end up saying too much, resulting in damage to her self-esteem. With this match, neither is likely to flourish.

Dog Man and Rabbit Woman

I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger…but this hare does have fine tastes in material goods, whereas her carefree canine has better things to devote his time and money toward. She is quite amiable, yet sometimes tends to be a bit needy. Rest assured, when she gets too clingy, he has no problem bringing it to her attention, and his ability to do so in a discreet fashion helps their relationship avoid many bumps. Since they are respectful of each other, and conscientious of each other’s “personal space,” they are sure to fare well on the Lane of Love.

Pig Man and Rabbit Woman

The fine qualities in the Rabbit woman tend to rub off onto the Pig man in a truly positive way. She has a keen wit and he finds her gentle manner admirable. She adores him because he makes her feel secure in knowing that she can provide for him everything he wants and needs. He helps her to feel capable, and this boosts her self-confidence. He will adorn her with material things that enhance her outward appearance, and he also serves as the emotional crutch she requires.

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