Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Woman Born in Year of Rat

Rat Man and Rat Woman

Both being Rats, when they look at the other, it is like looking in the mirror; the problem lies in the fact that the mirror tends to reflect their less-than-desirable traits. The Rat woman can be a bit on the finicky side, and her domineering ways might get old in the opinion of her counterpart. When two painstaking and reclaimed personalities are matched, it can lead to serious carping, and honestly, who wants to live with that day in and day out?

Ox Man and Rat Woman

Nothing could please the Ox man more than when he overhears his Rat woman boasting about his many talents to a group of friends at a dinner party. It means more to him when he hears her speaking highly of him to others, even though he would be surprised if they were not already familiar with his achievements. What does the steadfast Ox bring to the Rat lady’s table? Safety, assurance, and a sense of wellbeing.

Tiger Man and Rat Woman

The Rat woman is motivated by positive feedback, but the Tiger man is too self-involved to offer this to her; there’s no telling how many mornings of buttering his own toast he will have to endure before he catches on to this. His lack of patience is a huge turn-off for her, as she desires the company of someone who will enhance a serene environment. He feels like she nit-picks over trivial issues, and he feels smothered by her need to control every situation. Neither of these two is likely to find contentment in this match.

Rabbit Man and Rat Woman

While his Rodent wife is always on the go, the Rabbit hubby searches for reasons to lag behind. Having no desire or ambition to live beyond their means, both of them are able to find contentment in the confines of their residence. She is able to get a giggle out of him whenever he finds himself doddering on the languid side. She knows just what to do to light his fire, and he exhibits a positive reception to her efforts. These two create a worthy union.

Dragon Man and Rat Woman

The Rat woman will have untiring dedication to her high-minded Dragon warrior. She feels safe and secure within his grasp, yet she trusts her own instincts enough to make fallback decisions for the both of them. This approach has freed them of binds more than once in the past, and will continue to be the crutch that keeps them on their feet. She is a spunky one, but knows to not step on his toes when it comes to business matters.

Snake Man and Rat Woman

The less enigmatic the Snake man and his Rat mistress are with each other, the more glamorous they appear to the outside world. This is because, together, they are able to conquer many feats, but as soon as they start keeping things from one another, the less they are able to work together in their Machiavellian ways. If they start to feel dubious toward one another, the other will quickly retract. The Rat is more cordial than her reclusive mate is, and she is always in want of more affection by him. Regardless, they tend to work through these minute details of their relationship.

Horse Husband and Rat Wife
Although the excitement behind the theory of ‘opposites attract’ might bring these two together for a short-lasting fling, a long-term relationship is not in store for them. His wavering desires and restless nature leave her with a feeling of despondence. Each rattle of her shackle pushes him a step backward while she dangles the key of freedom in a taunting fashion. In time, her rose-colored glasses will fade in color, and she will have reconciled herself to the fact that his self-centeredness is one aspect of his personality that does not vacillate. In turn, he will wrench that key from her grasp and flutter on to the next chapter of his audacious existence.

Sheep Man and Rat Woman

If these two can spend 100% of their time cuddling and doting on one another, and absolutely nothing else, then they will be fine. But let’s be realistic. With the Rat lady being as assiduous as she is, she has no choice but to look down on her Sheep guy for not sharing that trait. His lack of self-control when it comes to spending sickens her. Neither can comprehend the other’s motivation for their actions, so they tend to write it off as nonsensical behavior. Disparity rules this relationship.

Monkey Man and Rat Woman

If there is such a thing as a “match made in Heaven,” this is it. He appreciates her diligent, penny-pinching manner, although washing out the Ziploc bags might be taking it a step too far (but he still will not complain). This rat is perfectly content in her role as Little Suzie Homemaker, and her primate partner feels taken care of in his home just as much as she feels provided for, by him. Nothing short of an apocalypse will come between these two.

Rooster Man and Rat Woman

The Rooster Man is a stickler but his Rat Wife is not going to take his fiery rants seriously. These two will go round and round, setting off a vicious cycle that stirs them both up in the most negative way possible. If these two decide to give it a go, it will leave her longing for a man who is more compassionate and yearning for affection, and it will leave him stupefied regarding the opposite sex, in general. He probably will not want to dig in to another relationship very soon after this one terminates.

Dog Man and Rat Woman

Dog Man understands the importance of choosing his battles wisely. Because of this, tension does not linger in this household. The dog and rat have a relationship based on trust; therefore, they do not have to eye one another suspiciously. The result: calm waters in this sea of devotion. Both having a “Type B” personality makes plenty of space for social gatherings. Although she is more sparing, he still has a good head on his shoulders, as his character is stitched with sagaciousness. Their combined poised temperaments help them wade through all rough waters.

Pig Man and Rat Woman

Both the Pig man and the Rat woman find true value in person-to-person relations; they appreciate true friendship and go out of their way to nourish their sociability. She has more of a personality that makes her believe it is better to err on the side of caution. Situations that involve being risky and taking chances push her out of her comfort domain. Lucky for her, he has the ability to be quite assuaging. They both tend to have an optimistic outlook, especially when it comes to each other.

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