Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Woman Born in Year of Snake

Rat Man and Snake Woman

Each of these has traits the other finds commendable, so they likely will start the relationship on the right foot: based on mutual respect. They are equally intelligent, and both of them hold high aspirations for life. She might be the stricter of the two, definitely more vigilant, as he often feels as though he is invincible. They will have an unfailing commitment toward one another.

Ox Man and Snake Woman

The Snake woman is fit to be seen, and the Ox man finds her company pleasurable. Their combined purposes fully support each other; having common goals is one thing that keeps this relationship going strong. They are innately laced with responsibility and constancy, so they always feel secure in their endeavors, fully trusting the other to make sound decisions. Their relationship is sure to prove to be a lasting one.

Tiger Man and Snake Woman

The penny-pinching Snake woman finds her Tiger mate to be wasteful, blowing excess money on unnecessary items, and even on unnecessary people, in her opinion. Always doubtful of the other’s decision-making tactics, they will always feel on-guard, trying to keep up with the other’s every move. She senses a certain daring look in his eye that she finds immature and irresponsible. She will always long for someone more established and productive, while he will wish for a partner who can let loose a little bit, and one who can be more accepting of him. Attempting this relationship will mostly likely prove to be senseless.

Rabbit Man and Snake Woman

The more positive these two are, the better, as some of their combined traits can result in detrimental effects. Both the Rabbit man and his Snake wife have high aims. He’s got the know-how, and she’s got the vigor to make it happen. Although the Snake can be quite insistent, his discretion in the manner in which he approaches her helps to keep the ruffles in their relationship to a minimum. Together, they can prove to find success in the business world as well as in their personal relationship with each other.

Dragon Man and Snake Woman

A spontaneous fellow, and sometimes a bit overbearing, the Dragon man tends to get tunnel vision when it comes to business matters. This is good, in a way, but she will insist he come up for a breath now and again, to fill her in on the details, as she wants to be as much a part of the decision-making as possible. It might be that she does not trust his hasty manner, since she is more the careful type when it comes to their wellbeing. If they remain open to the other’s propensities, they will fare just fine.

Snake Man and Snake Woman

These two are not likely to be accused of clutching their partners too tightly, as they desire the same type of freedom they allow their cohorts to have. They’ve got their hands on the same wheel, and this helps their association tremendously. As long as they put forth plenty of effort to not being overly possessive and suspicious of one another, they can make great strides in this connection.

Horse Husband and Snake Wife

“Expect the unexpected,” might be good advice for the snake wife to heed, regarding her horse companion. Although he is witty and fast-talking, he has met his match, in that she is equally quick-witted, and she understands the need to think swiftly yet speak unhurriedly–especially when it comes to her boundary-less beau. Stubborn and a bit bolshie at times, she tends to butt heads with her impulsive, self-absorbed mate. The probability for success in this relationship is at great odds.

Sheep Man and Snake Woman

If tranquility is what these two are after, they’ve got their hands on the wrong grab-bag. They both have a positive reception regarding exquisiteness, and their fine taste is what attracts them to each other in the first place. The stealthy Snake has a devious way of approaching matters that make the Sheep untrusting of her, at times. Without trust, a relationship cannot thrive, and he knows this. If he attempts to trust her, and if she makes the effort to not be so cagey, then they really could have a positive coexistence.

Monkey Man and Snake Woman

If the Monkey Man and Snake Woman can cut to the chase, they might be able to ward off the negative energy that could reverberate from their association. Each bearing their own spine of skepticism, paired with their learned traits of covetousness, it might take some time and a lot of effort to get to the point where they are at ease with each other. It will be challenging, but doable.

Rooster Man and Snake Woman

This pair has the capacity to keep each other upright. The Snake lady has the tendency to look at life through somber lenses, but her other half, the Rooster, augments her staid manner with his buoyancy and fervor for life. She is book-smart, whereas he is a man who is more hands-on. Together, they have what it takes to unearth the answers to the questions that lie before them, whether it is in respect to life, love, or beyond.

Dog Man and Snake Woman

“Keeping up with the Joneses” is more her cup of tea than his, and although he might try to do so in order to keep her happy, it will wear on him, eventually. So, be wary, Dog Man: your puppy love (and your billfold) will run its course if you do not remain sensible. That’s not to say, Snake Woman, that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. It’s possible for you to have a good, decent man and your panache, as well as the posh rewards, as long as you stay as down-to-earth as snakely possible.

Pig Man and Snake Woman

The Snake’s reticence baffles the Pig man; he is unable to fathom why she will not open up to him. Frankly, he gets on her nerves, the way he is so eager to please everyone within sight. At first, she was amused by his overuse of “please” and “thank you,” but now, his quirks are wearing her thin, and it is taking more and more effort for her to keep her opinions to herself. Sometimes she wishes she had a man who would stand up to others. Her lack of compassion forces him to retreat, and eventually, he will give up completely. A fruitless union this is bound to be.

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