Chinese Astrology: Compatibility for Woman Born in Year of Tiger

Rat Man and Tiger Woman

The thriving Rat man loves to put his time and energy toward his loved ones, and is greatly amused by and finds contentment with his quirky Tigress. They have many shared aims; both of them like to get out and about with friends and close relatives, and they also look for ways to crawl higher on the social scale. Her impulsive behaviors can ride on his last nerve, and she is sometimes disappointed in his miserly ways. Aside from this, they have a good shot at making this a lasting relationship.

Ox Man and Tiger Woman

Unable to see eye-to-eye, the Ox man and Tiger woman will continually find themselves in a state of perplexity regarding the other’s character. This mighty tigress needs to be entertained, yet the nose-in-book Ox will not even know where to begin. He, on the other hand, desires someone a little more like himself: goal-oriented, realistic, and conscientious. These two will constantly be in search of something more than what they can gain from this conflicting arrangement.

Tiger Man and Tiger Woman

Often finding themselves in the position where their spending habits outweigh their budget, financial strain isn’t the only issue with which these two will be faced. They will butt heads on a number of subjects, and it is more their style to do so in an utterly tactless manner. They both take pride on their wittiness, but funniness only stretches so far in a relationship such as this one. These two are too alike in the wrong ways for this to be a fruitful union.

Rabbit Man and Tiger Woman

A quiet thinker, the Rabbit man usually keeps his thoughts to himself. That is, until he is certain those ideas will be positively accepted by his striking, strong-spirited Tigress. She is an open book, and has hopes that her Bunny will be perceptive of that trait and show a bit of it, himself. She perceives him to be aloof, but he might just be in one of his thought trances, unaware of his surroundings. They do not share many commonalities, and she can come off as a bit harsh to him. If this abrasive Tiger cares enough about her Rabbit mate, she will take it down a notch or two and find some tact to guide her words.

Dragon Man and Tiger Woman

The Tigress is one to realize her own distinctiveness before she makes time for a man in her life. After she establishes her own identity, she can play the part of housewife, with a few stipulations. (If you want Betty Crocker, you’re looking in the wrong place, Dragon man.) Fret not, Dragon, she possesses a high regard for you, and she has her own special ways of showing it. If these two truly are thrill seeking, then they have found the right match.

Snake Man and Tiger Woman

Both the self-sufficient Snake man and the selfless, impractical Tiger woman keep their guards up, without fail. Although they both realize that no one is perfect, when it comes to their counterpart’s shortcomings, with this match in particular, they have zero tolerance. The Tiger lady finds the Snake to be unapproachable, and this trait, alone, severely detracts from her vigor. The Snake guy views his Tigress as being too blunt, which makes him even more reticent than he naturally is. This match is laden with distress.

Horse Husband and Tiger Wife

These two hearts beat for one another. In his company, she feels secure, not only due to his ability to provide for her, but also because he is able to embrace her attributes of effervescence as a result of his own spirited ways. Together, they formulate a sense of coherence within the storm of life, feeding off each other’s joviality. A steel cable of devotion is the unbreakable tie that binds these two together, everlasting.

Sheep Man and Tiger Woman

The striking Tiger lady can come off a bit too strong to the Sheep chap. She tends to step on his feelings because she does not take time out for him and only him. Her strong will is overpowering to him, and because of her need for speed, his stress levels soar. Delight is not a feeling commonly felt throughout the course of this match, so maybe these two are better off hopping onto a different track.

Monkey Man and Tiger Woman

You have probably heard it said, “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team.’” This determined primate and his go-getting tigress have a difficult time remembering that tidbit of info. Therefore, they tend to work together like the Oakland Raiders’ owner, Al Davis, works with his coaches. (To break it down for non-sports fans, that means not very well.) The Tiger will admit that she has been known to act like a 2-year-old who has just been told, “No,” at times, and Monkey Man does not deal with this very well. Both of them are so focused on goals outside the home that they tend to slack in making any at all, when it comes to making them inside the home, and especially with each other.

Rooster Man and Tiger Woman

He will view this Tiger Wife as untamable: a huge turnoff for this obtrusive Rooster Man. She is difficult to please, but he has a difficult time finding desire to even try. They will pick each other apart relentlessly, and it will strip them of all their positive energy, leaving them in emotional turmoil. They are both headstrong individuals, refusing to give-in to the other, no matter how simple the request may be. A continual migraine this match is sure to be, for both of them.

Dog Man and Tiger Woman

Being partnered with someone who is honest to a fault can be challenging, but Dog Man’s commonsensical disposition can keep the exigent lady tiger from mauling an issue to death. Both are generous and sincere, and their hand in charity is only one facet of many that brings these two together. Although the sparks of her personality can ignite frustration in him, it is a double-edged sword in the sense that her brash and vibrant traits are the main facets of her character that he finds so intriguing. It’s a good thing for him that she’s just as loving as she is impetuous.

Pig Man and Tiger Woman

This lively couple will continuously be demonstrative toward each other. They are similar in all the right ways, which sets them up for a lasting union. Their main focus is to gratify the other, in any way possible. The Tigress can be fierce when things do not go the way she plans, but the Pig’s calm manner can bring her back to a level of stability and rationality. The Pig’s persistent devotion and selflessness add to the quality of their amalgamation. They are sure to find contentment.

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