Cleansing Crystals and Stones

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If the purification of stones and crystals is, in essence, extremely simple, this primordial action should not be neglected. This is essential to rid the stone of negative waves and harmful influences.

Why does a stone or crystal gradually lose its benefits?

There are two main reasons for this. In lithotherapy, the stone is a living force that is transmitted to the body of the person who benefits from the therapeutic, spiritual and karmic virtues of the stone. In this energy transmission, the stone gradually loses strength and effectiveness. It is as if it suffers some kind of exhaustion due to the exchange with the body of its keeper. At some point the stone, like a living being, needs “rest”, which will later allow the stone to be replenished.

The second main reason for the stones’ loss of efficiency is the stone’s absorbing power or its ability to create a shield that is supposed to counteract harmful influences and attacks from negative energies. The greater the absorbent and protective power of the stone, the more urgent becomes the need to purify it.

When should the stone or the crystal be cleansed?

Knowing the precise moment in which the purification of the stone becomes necessary is very important, hence the imperative to know the physical and lithotherapeutic characteristics of the stone to be sure to carry out the cleaning correctly and when necessary.

The cases that require the purification of your stone are:

  • As soon as one takes possession of the stone or crystal, it is often imperative to proceed immediately to its purification. Having been handled by several people before you, some stones take on the energies of those who touched them. Some other energies are sometimes harmful and it is necessary to get rid of the stone as quickly as possible.
  • Stones or crystals known as ambient stones or crystals that you place in a personal space (your room, your office …) may require regular maintenance based on the intensity of the events occurring in this space. A crystal placed in a relaxing space such as your living room, for example, may only require purification every one to four weeks. A stone placed in a space that can be the scene of stressful or disruptive events, such as your office, may require immediate purification to eliminate the spike of negativity that may have hit it.
  • The use of a stone or crystal for therapeutic purposes, such as a lithotherapy session, may require immediate purification to free the stone from any negative or harmful effects that may have been transmitted from your body to the stone following the its manipulation.
  • There is no precise time frame for purification when wearing a stone or crystal (pendant, ring, bracelet …). The charge of the stone with negative energies remains dependent on several factors, including the resilience of the stone, the state of your environment and your emotional and psychic state. Purification remains, in this case, dependent on one’s perception regarding the effectiveness of the stone. If you feel a weakened action of your crystal, it means that you will need to purify it as soon as possible. Otherwise it is sufficient to proceed with the weekly purification of the stone that you carry with you.

Methods of Cleansing of Crystals and Stones

In lithotherapy, several methods of purification are possible. It strongly depends on the nature and properties of the stone or crystal. The various methods remain very simple and accessible even to newbies.

The methods of purification of your stone or crystal are:

  • Water purification : even if very simple, because it is enough to immerse the stone in a container full of water, this method is characterized by its relative length. To purify a stone or crystal with water, it needs to be placed in the liquid for a minimum of five to six hours.
  • Salt Purification : Making sure that your crystal or stone can resist the salt, the method is to put the object in the salt for about an hour. At the end of the purification process, rinse the stone with clean water.
  • Purify with salt water : for this it is generally necessary to use distilled or demineralized water with a proportion of a good teaspoon of salt to half a liter of water. The purification phase will take approximately three hours to be effective. At the end of the purification, rinse the stone, it is ready to be used again.
  • Earth purification: relatively long, this method requires at least 24 hours to return all its power to a stone very weakened by an excess of negativity. The earth, as a primordial and positive space, is able to free the stone from what devitalizes it.
  • urification with sound: for this method, you will need a Tibetan bowl that you will sing after putting your stone in it.
  • Purification with incense: it is a very delicate technique to purify the stone or crystal. It is generally recommended in cases where the stone is not very stressed. Just insert the stone into the incense or sandalwood smoke and try to visualize the release of negative energies that evaporate from the stone following the trails of incense smoke.

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