Crystal Healing or Lithotherapy

(all you need to know)

What is Crystal Healing or Lithotherapy?

Crystal Healing or Lithotherapy is a holistic discipline , which supports the traditional one and does not replace it in any case. It is also called as Crystal Therapy.

It aims at the harmonization of the emotional, physical and mental state of the individual and therefore at the achievement of a state of health, intervening on the subtle bodies (from which healing or illness arises) and taking care in a total way of the psychophysical and spiritual state of the person.

As always, let’s start from the beginning, from energy and quantum physics to understand crystal therapy.

Does Crystal Healing or Lithotherapy work?

Many wonder if crystal therapy really works? Here are some basics of Crystal Therapy.

Why does Crystal Healing or Lithotherapy work?

Thanks to the new discoveries of quantum physics, we are becoming aware that there are realities that usually escape our daily and sensory perception (at least the one perceived with the 5 ordinary senses).

These are vibrations and energies that regulate our life, the electromagnetic fields of our body and of the bodies and objects around us.

We have not only a physical body, but several invisible layers that surround our body.

Our subtle bodies and the physical body interact with the outside world (that strange feeling in which we are attracted to someone or something on the skin or instead in other situations we feel like running away).

How does Crystal Healing or Lithotherapy work?

Crystals are formed according to ordered patterns in the arrangement of the atoms that compose them (crystalline habit) and have the ability to absorb and emit energy. When they come into contact with the vibrations of our body they have the ability to provide the correct vibration that leads to rebalancing the disorder.

They also have the ability to intervene on our subtle bodies, freeing them and the chakras from negative (dissonant) energies that they may have accumulated, restoring the harmony that presides over a good state of health.

As a result of the law of sympathetic resonance, our chakra vibrates with minerals and the energy of crystals, finding the optimal psychophysical state. For this reason some crystals are more suitable than others to treat certain ailments, because they possess a vibration determined by the minerals that compose it, by its color and its crystalline habit (internal structure).

When does Crystal Healing or Lithotherapy work?

  • When we need a treatment that balances us at the PNEI level
  • When crystal therapy is a support to a difficult moment, both physical and emotional.
  • When used to help and coadivure other therapies or other specialists
  • When it is not a substitute for traditional medicine in case of ailments: for example, hematite helps in case of iron deficiency, being an iron oxide, but by bringing it it cures you from anemia, but in addition to an integration therapy of the iron helps you heal sooner.
  • When we undertake to undertake a path that, together with other alternative therapies, brings us to our balance.
  • When we learn about the stones and use them as a support for everyday life.

When not to rely on Crystal Healing or Lithotherapy ?

  • When we think that crystals alone can erase all evils and replace all medicines and all professionals
  • When the crystal therapist guarantees you to heal yourself from all ills
  • When you think crystals are like a pill that takes away the symptoms.
  • When the path is not taken seriously, it requires several meetings and different treatments.

Here is the evidence why crystal therapy really works

As always, let’s start with vibrations, energy and quantum physics. After these discoveries we know that in our body there is an electromagnetic field that comes into contact with other electromagnetic fields. Crystals have a very strong vibrational power and through this electromagnetic field they come into contact with ours, harmonizing the emotions and negative vibrations that exist.

I know it is hard for many of you to imagine, but we have all felt the feeling that we don’t like something on our skin, so think about that when I talk to you about electromagnetic fields, vibrations and energy.

Furthermore, stones possess the ability to absorb and transform light, mainly in the infrared range, and, to a lesser extent, in that of visible radiation and microwaves. However, it is precisely the latter that are of greater importance, since, while infrared radiation affects only the superficial states of the body, the microwaves pass through the entire organism, reaching its deep tissues and organs. The fact that the eye is normally unable to perceive the visible part of the auric halo of minerals and precious stones, depends exclusively on the very low intensity of the latter.

Now let’s see some science to prove the validity and therapeutic properties of crystals.

Where do crystals come from?

The crystals. they arise from magma, which is nothing more than a rock, whose components are in a liquid state, due to the high temperature, which is in the order of several thousand degrees. Since the various components of the magmatic mass react differently to the cooling process, some mines tend to condense and separate before the others, highlighting nuclei or buds, destined to become large crystals. This phenomenon continues until the great cooling phase, which marks the solidification of all the elements present in the molten state. When the final product of this process consists of a single component, we speak of mineral, in the case instead it is a mixed material, in which there are more minerals we speak of rock.

Crystals are formed according to ordered patterns in the arrangement of the atoms that compose them (crystalline habit) and have the ability to absorb and emit energy. When they come into contact with the vibrations of our body they have the ability to provide the correct vibration that leads to rebalancing the disorder.

The environments of origin of the crystals and why it is useful to know it in Crystal Healing or Lithotherapy

  • Primary environment: all rocks generated repeatedly by magma are defined as magmatic rocks or primary rocks. Depending on whether they formed on the surface or in the subsoil, igneous rocks are divided into volcanic or platonic rocks. Platonic rocks are in turn divided into three categories: liquid-magmatic, pneuonmatolytic and hydrothermal. They are useful in all situations in which we have to face radical changes in our life, and in which we find ourselves forced to metabolize new impressions and new experiences.
    Among the stones born in the primary environment we find: black obsidian, agate, amethyst , beryl, blende, carnelian , citrine quartz.
  • Secondary environment: also known as sedimentary. The formation of secondary minerals is due to a process in which the solid structures of a given rock are disintegrated by the progressive action of environmental factors. Secondary minerals help us become aware of what conventions and beliefs have left imprinted on us, setting the stage for a definite overcoming. They help to observe new experiences from points of view, and to develop adequate strategies towards situations that we face.
    Among the stones born in a secondary environment there are: moss agate, azurite, copper chalcedony.
  • Tertiary environment: it is also known as metamorphic.The formation of minor third parties is due to a process of transformation, during which, under the pressure of internal factors, what is not resistant to color and pressure and is forced to take on a new shape They are useful in all situations in which we feel a strong sense of dissatisfaction at the same time we feel the need for a change, which we are unable to identify. . Among the stones born in the tertiary environment there are: kiaroite, alexandrite, diamond , kyanite.

What are the mineral classes and what are they used for in Crystal Healing or Lithotherapy ?

There are seven mineral classes in nature. Let’s see what they are and what are the crystallotherapeutic properties attributable to the stones that fall into this category.

  • Natural elements: they consist of only one element. This is quite rare in nature, as only a few elements are able to exist in a pure state, without combining with the others. Among these we find the diamond , gold and silver. They represent purity as well as not being influenced by external reality
  • Sulphides : they are basically derivatives of sulfur, better from hydrogen sulphide. This gas is highly poisonous, a product of decomposition. Antimonite is a sulfide, blende stone and pyrite fall into this mineral class. Sulphides are the mirror of what is latent, in fact they help to bring out the repressed or forgotten episodes and, at the same time, to eliminate the unclear things that may exist in us.
  • Halides : they derive from the halogens to which fluorine and chlorine also belong. Halogens, in their pure state, are toxic substances, which, however, tend to react very easily to become precious salts or fluorite . Halogens work by dissolving, just like the acids they come from do. Therefore, just as they can free metals from their bonds with other elements, they can help the individual to free himself from the constraints to which he is subjected, or from the situations that prevent him from expressing himself.
  • Oxides: derive from oxygen and can occur anywhere. It is the richest group of crystals. It includes amethyst , rock crystal , citrine , hematite etc. Oxides help us by stabilizing what is unstable.
  • Carbonates: derive from carbonic acid, produced by the interaction of carbon dioxide and water. An example of a stone that falls into this category is calcite , azurite and malachite. Carbonates stimulate the development process, they act as stimulants during the transformation phases.
  • Sulphates: derived from sulfuric acid and are composed of sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen. Celestine is the most famous stone belonging to this class. Sulfates make it more resistant.
  • Phosphates : derived from phosphoric acid. For example, apatite and turquoise are included, but also vanadirite. Phosphates act as balancers and mobilize energy reserves.
  • Silicates: derive from silicic acid, known to be one of the most versatile. It is divided in turn into:
  • Nesosilicates: such as chiastolite and kyanite. They stimulate endurance and tenacity
  • Sorosilicates: such as prehnite and epidote. They strengthen the regenerative faculties.
  • Cyclosilicates : such as beryl and chrysocolla for example. They channel energy flows and have absorbent abilities.
  • Inosilicates: such as kunzite, actinolite, for example. They stimulate the flow of energy as well as the processes of healing and growth.
  • Tectosilicates : as amazonite for example, but also the lapis lazuli , or the society . They act as filters, which let certain things pass and prevent others from passing.
  • Phyllosilicates: such as apophyllite and biotite. They exert a protective action, reinforcing the existing boundaries.

Is color important in Crystal Healing or Lithotherapy?

The color of the stones is one of the things that attracts us the most. It is also linked to the question of how a stone works. In fact, colors are manifestations of the electromagnetic spectrum, radiations of a certain wavelength.

However, color also offers us a great stimulus on a spiritual level.
Based on the color of the stone you get one benefit rather than another, especially since a chakta is also linked to a color.

Black stones:

they absorb all the light and are therefore indicated in all disturbances due to excess energy, caused by stagnation or blockages. Black does not particularly stress any organ, but distinguishes the whole organism. 

The elimination of tensions makes the subject more resistant, persevering and strong. Black minerals instill security and stability. 

On the mental level, black contrasts the tendency to dispersion of energies, on the other hand sharpening attention and concentration. It contributes to re-emerge the memories of the past and, since it indicates a lack of external light, pushes the subject to search for the inner light.

Red stones:

they are highly stimulating. I instill warmth and determination. They stimulate the circulation, strengthen the blood vessels and will straighten the blood. Dark red stimulates cardiac activity, while light (pink) harmonizes it. Red or red brown minerals stimulate the small intestine, thus improving the assimilation of foods, vitamins and minerals. 

This also produces beneficial effects on the blood, the quality of which therefore tends to improve. At the same time, mental activity also becomes more intense, the fantasy more vivid and the feelings emerge more and more distinctly: even elementary emotions such as love and hate are strengthened. 

Red minerals make you more impulsive and extroverted, they strengthen the will and tenacity. Red, thanks to its white component, makes you calm and sensitive. 

Red stimulates the fire that smolders in us. It favors learning processes and the re-elaboration of lived experiences, thus accelerating our intellectual growth. It arouses in us the desire to help others, a prerequisite for a harmonious coexistence with them. Pink minerals promote compassion.

Whitetransparent and silvery stones:

they do not absorb any light frequency. They are, therefore, neutral minerals, which only convey light towards us. In this way, they strengthen what is already present in us. They can be used in case of defects in perceptive abilities (sense of cold, insensitivity, weakness), to strengthen the effect of other minerals. 

On the psychological level, these minerals determine in the subject the emergence of the faculties associated with them: white will stimulate purity and clarity; the silver color will act as a mirror, favoring the drive towards self-knowledge. 

On the mental level, white and silver represent purity and creativity, the latter quality essential to achieve one’s goals. The transparent minerals, white and silvery, ensure prosperity and stimulate the individual to perfect himself.

Purple stones:

they have a purifying and liberating action. They stimulate brain activity and that of the motor and sensory nerves, as well as that of the skin and lungs. They act as regulators of respiratory processes; they favor the assimilation of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide, making the blood less acidic in this world. In the large intestine, violet stimulates water absorption and elimination processes. 

Purple allows you to get out of sadness and to overcome the consequences of trauma more easily. It stimulates memory, creativity and awareness and, ultimately, the desire to communicate with others. A further effect is to help the subject to identify with the problems of others, even when these appear extraneous to his nature. Finally, purple protects against external influences. 

Purple favors freedom of thought; it brings out the profound wisdom of the individual, stimulates him to acquire new knowledge, making him develop a new capacity for criticism and discrimination. The minerals of this chi instill calm and relaxation, helping to become aware of one’s identity.

Yellow stones:

they instill courage and existential optimism. On the physical level, they regulate digestion and stimulate the activity of the stomach, spleen and pancreas. Yellow facilitates the food processing process, and ensures the body the necessary energy supply. 

The vegetative nervous system, which governs the internal organs, is thereby supported in its functions, together with the university system. Yellow infuses happiness, light-heartedness and energy. 

It makes the subject aware of his own needs and desires and helps him to defend himself in difficult moments. The usefulness of the minerals of this color is also manifested against depression and in the recovery of optimism and self-confidence. 

On a psychological level, yellow favors a better understanding of everyday reality. This strengthens the individual’s sense of security, who learns to take over the reins of their own existence and to assume their responsibilities. Ultimately, yellow minerals allow you to discover the profound meaning of your life, leading to a condition of true inner purity.

Orange stones:

they have a fundamentally revitalizing effect: they regulate blood circulation, strengthen the vessels and determine a balanced distribution of energy within the body. 

The sensitivity of the sexual organs is improved. Dark orange promotes contact with your body, regulates metabolism and tissue growth, which strengthens the whole organism. 

On a psychological level, orange improves the quality of life, making the subject cheerful, jovial, and spontaneous. Orange minerals counteract apathy and promote creativity. Dark orange stimulates inner recollection and calm, restoring a healthy sense of realism. 

Orange instills joy of life, strengthens the confidence of being on the right path, makes you feel in harmony with the higher order of things.

Green stones:

they have a harmonizing action on both a physical and mental level. They stimulate the activity of the liver and gallbladder, placing the presses for detoxification and regeneration of the organism. 

The liver plays a central role in this regard, as the coordinating organ of numerous physiological functions, such as the synthesis of proteins, the production of blood and enzymes, the storage of nutrients and the purification of the body. 

All these activities are essential to keep the body in good health. Green has a liberating effect on feelings, particularly towards anger and rage, the expression of which quickly determines the establishment of a condition of inner peace. Green minerals stimulate the subject’s reactivity, awakening interest and enthusiasm in him. 

They, moreover, they stimulate the imagination and enrich the dream life. Green strengthens the spirit of initiative and will: it sharpens the senses and makes the subject more receptive, directing their attention to the material world, the mineral verses are also useful for countering pessimism, as green is fundamental color of hope.

Blue stones: 

they have an essentially soothing effect on the subject. They regulate the activity of the kidneys of the bladder and, with it, the overall hormonal balance, the acid-base one and that of the mineral components in the course. Blue stimulates the elimination and movement of organic flows. 

On the psychological level, blue favors relaxation, loyalty and honesty; it strengthens instinctive reactions and makes you more active. Blue minerals are useful for overcoming moments of fear, helping to regain one’s courage; they also strengthen the spirit of collaboration. 

Blue makes the individual more sensitive, helping to become aware of the limitations and external conditioning, which prevent him from being autonomous. The blue minerals strengthen the inner balance of the Leo subject to seek the truth.

Bright and multicolored stones:

they represent the playful side of nature. They stimulate the activity of the whole organism, and accelerate the healing process. 

On the psychological level, these minerals have an encouraging effect, ensuring joie de vivre, pleasure and happiness; moreover, they bring back pleasant memories, and push the individual to relax and indulge in moments of leisure. for this reason, these stones should be taken with you on vacation. These minerals stimulate the pleasure of playing. 

This means that they allow the individual to devote all his energies to the achievement of a certain goal, preserving his joy of life and without feeling overwhelmed by the weight of responsibility. He feels himself master of his own destiny, and this allows him to develop all his potential.

Is the structure of the crystals important in Crystal Healing or Lithotherapy ?

There are only seven crystalline structures and they are the only ones that allow you to fill the entire surface and space evenly without leaving empty spots. Let’s see the various structures and their characteristics and how to use them in crystal therapy.

  • Cubic system: the most famous stones are fluorite and the diamond . The internal structure is based on the square shape. It represents people with an extremely regular nature, which leads them to act with reflection and ponderazza, so they always pay close attention to the consequences of each action.
  • Hexagonal system: the internal structure is six-sided. This category includes the morganite, the emerald, the ‘ aquamarine . It represents people who are persistent and resolute in pursuing their goals, regardless of whether they concern their everyday life or long-term projects.
  • Trigonal system: the internal structure has three faces. The category includes amethyst , rock crystal , tourmaline . They represent pragmatic and realistic people.
  • Tetragonal system: these are all crystals that have a rectangular internal structure. This includes, for example, zircon and apophyllite. They represent people who are able to adapt to any situation with maximum security with logic and impulse
  • Rhombic system : the internal structure is rhombic. Among the most famous stones we find topaz and peridot. They are people who tend to live life as a long, placid stream of events.
  • Monoclinic system: the internal structure is that of a parallelogram. Such as for example malachite, moonstone , jade and kunzite. They are people who do not like to plan. planning and living life in a continuous series of ups and downs.
  • Triclino system: the basic internal structure is trapezoidal. Like amazonite , labradorite, turquoise and sunstone, they are illogical, spontaneous and unpredictable people who always accept the new challenges of life
  • Amorphous system: there is this eighth category. It is the exception to the rule because there are minerals that do not possess a crystalline structure. This includes for example amber and opal . They are people who live in a very versatile way, living life day by day as if it were always a novelty.

After all this physics, chemistry and biology we come to the important point of the article, that is, when to rely on crystal therapy and when it is not useful.