Top 5 Crystals and Stones to improve memory and concentration

As we age, we often find that our memory is no longer what it used to be. We forget quickly and have a hard time remembering things, even if they are important.

Be aware that memory problems can occur at any age. They can affect our daily life, affect our learning and weaken our ability to concentrate. Whatever your age, it is therefore important to take care of your memory and keep it at its best.

The lithotherapy is not the first thing you thought to improve your memory. However, there are stones and crystals that act on memory and concentration, helping you to remember better and focus on a particular topic or project.

We propose you to discover 5 of them in this guide.

Clear quartz

The clear quartz , also called rock crystal, is a light stone. This stone boosts energy and improves the ability to receive programming and memory. If you have a problem with concentration or memory loss, this brilliant crystal is for you. Powerful, it will make you benefit from its energy and genius to have greater mental clarity and spiritual clarity. Clear quartz helps keep information and focus better.

For a child or teenager, this memory stone is ideal for exams. A small crystal tip to put in your pocket or to wear around your neck as a pendant will be enough to stimulate memory and concentration. For an adult, prefer a crystal ball to place in the office. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, this intelligence stone will help you stay clear in all circumstances.

Note that clear quartz can be used with other stones. Amplify their energies.

Eye of the Tiger

The eye of the tiger is above all a protective stone. It is used to protect against the evil eye and black magic. However, it can also act as a real focus stone . The eye of the tiger helps to refocus energy and thoughts to structure them. It also has the power to calm the nerves and promote concentration. If you have set yourself a particular goal, this stone will also help you to persevere and not get distracted.

Thanks to all its qualities, tiger eye is an excellent stone for study and research . Don’t forget to take it with you when you immerse yourself in your studies or do research within your work or studies.


The turquoise is the fire, the water and the sun. In lithotherapy, it is mainly used for its healing properties. However, it is in fact a stone for memory enhancement . Just like rock crystal, turquoise promotes mental clarity and helps to have clear thoughts. It also has soothing properties and helps dispel anger, stress and anxiety. Don’t hesitate to use it as part of your studies to stay focused and study in better conditions.

To make the most of its virtues, you can use your turquoise stone as a pendant to wear around your neck wherever you go.


Fluorite is the quintessential stone of intelligence . It is a spirit crystal. It is known for its mental structuring powers and its ability to improve memory. This mineral helps you to organize the information collected and to use it in an orderly and logical way. 

In addition, fluorite gives you intellectual clarity and improves your ability to concentrate. In short, it has all the qualities necessary to accompany you in your studies, exams and research. In addition, this stone helps to calm fears and reduce stress. 

Wear it wherever you go and you will see its effects on memory and concentration.

Yellow scapolite

The yellow scapolite is affiliated to the third eye chakra. This stone is excellent for developing concentration and intelligence. Helps to understand complex problems and find solutions. This mind stone also helps to have a logical and synthetic mind. For this reason it is said to be ideal for study and multitasking. Yellow scapolite helps to overcome any situation, no matter how complex. Promotes concentration and helps achieve your goals.

Here is a small list of stones to take with you if you want to solve the problems related to memory loss and concentration problems. It’s far from exhaustive, but it already gives you a pretty clear idea of ​​what lithotherapy can do to improve your memory skills.

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