Jupiter in First House in Horoscope

JUPITER(planet of luck and development) in the first house: you are cheerful and cheerful, enjoy success in society. You are optimistic, inspire confidence in people, generously give them your time and energy. You are lucky, usually you have a good life. Advantages: love of life, wide views, excess energy, kindness. Disadvantages: indulging in one’s own weaknesses, gullibility, inclination towards fullness. You are sometimes unfaithful in love.

Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 1st house.

In classical medieval astrology, Jupiter was called “Great Happiness” and “Pet of Fortune”, which is not accidental. Jupiter brings happiness and good fortune to any home, and if it is directly related to the first house, it’s so wonderful.

With this position of Jupiter, a person simply radiates optimism, enthusiasm, love, humor, faith in a bright future and a willingness to protect. Pleased, trusting, not prone to criticism (and self-criticism too). He sees high meaning in everything, considers himself a mentor of others and really sees much more than others, feels the prospect. Not without reason considers himself superior to others (“white bone” or “blue blood” – as you like). Often relies on luck and he is really lucky.

If Jupiter is not very well worth it (weak in sign, damaged), then what has been said in a positive sense still holds, but some disharmonious features are added to this: the tendency to exert pressure on others, proving their case; requires almost the power of love and admiration; greed for flattery; nonchalant;

In appearance, it is usually a large, solid, necessarily tummy (even if playing sports), eyes are blue or gray-blue, prone to stoop, club up, scuffle while walking.

Effect of Planets in 1st House in Horoscope

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