Mars in First House in Horoscope

MARS (planet of energy and self-affirmation) in the first house: you are impulsive and independent, do not like to follow other people’s advice. You surrender to a new business with energy and confidence, able to work hard. You have strong sexual desires and are passionate in love. Pluses: physical strength, tendency to self-affirmation, courage. Disadvantages: tactlessness, impudence, authority, predisposition to injuries.

Mars in Scorpio in the 1st house.

An impudent, assertive, athletic, constantly defends himself, asserts himself. Appearance and gait are courageous (even for women), eyes are usually gray, hair is black or red, muscular, reddish skin, eyes are easy to bleed, facial features are rough, nose often with a hump, natural lines on the face resemble scars (for example, a wrinkle on the forehead when glanced at a glance, it may seem to be a scar from a deep cut), therefore, real scars harmoniously fit into facial features (the very case when scars adorn a man). Acts earlier than it says (for example, reaches out and takes on something and only then says: “come on, I’ll take it”).

If Mars is poor (weak in sign, damaged), then the person is too aggressive, lives on the principle of “power is there, no mind is needed”, is angry, rude, rude, behaves arrogantly, unconsciously or intentionally provokes a conflict, is pugnacious.

Effect of Planets in 1st House in Horoscope

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