Sun in First House in Horoscope

SUN (planet of vital energy and personality) in the first house: you have a strong will and a sense of individuality, you like to get a lot of attention. You are an independent person with the makings of a leader. Advantages: strong constitution, generosity, self-confidence, dignity. Disadvantages: authoritarianism, selfishness, dictatorial habits.

Sun in Leo in 1st House

“Solar character” – a very high self-esteem, considers himself a “navel of the Earth.” From him emanate warmth, optimism, enthusiasm. It will always help another, but he himself is not inclined to make requests and petitions (proud too). Has high demands (I won’t go to Zaporozhets, come on Mercedes) and is constantly striving for self-affirmation. In general, it makes a vivid impression, it stands out among others, it is difficult not to notice it. Women with such a sun are drawn to the stage or the catwalk. Conflicts with the father are possible because of the desire to do everything in their own way.

Appearance is courageous, muscles are enlarged, hair is more often light (as if faded in the sun), skin is light with a slightly golden tint. Never slouch, always proud posture, looks solid, eyes are often brown.

Effect of Planets in 1st House in Horoscope

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