Uranus in First House in Horoscope

URANUS(planet of change and originality) in the first house: you have an ingenious mind and, possibly, unusual interests and hobbies. Your life is marked by sudden, unexpected turns. You are sensitive and independent in your views. You can persistently achieve yours by showing strong will. Advantages: originality, creative mind, initiative. Disadvantages: tactlessness, stubbornness, eccentricity.

Uranus in Aquarius in the 1st house.

Sees the world in extreme mode. He lives under the motto: “all or nothing!”. A calm environment leads him to depression, so he seeks himself extreme adventures. He is only interested in supernovae and hitherto unprecedented, normal and ordinary disgusts him. The present despises, is directed towards the future. It seems to him that the ideal is somewhere nearby, it is only necessary to make one decisive leap to it, therefore it is prone to solve problems in a revolutionary way (that is, like this: “just to the damn thing!”). Matures early, already in adolescence takes on the functions of adults. Fast intellectual development. All processes in the body are accelerated, accelerated. Friendly, but impetuous in a relationship. Success in astrology (or at least interest in it). Intuition, gives predictions and they come true.

If Uranus is damaged, then it is not safe to be near such a person; he is always tense, unpredictable, shocking others with his own words and actions (sometimes you don’t even know how to react to such ones), he is perceived as abnormal. Sudden changes in life (profession, place of residence, etc.).

In appearance, there is always some kind of non-standard, strange facial expression, there may be squint, disproportionate facial features (for example, disproportionately large ears), eyes of different colors, abnormal growth (either very large or very small), disproportionate folding of the body (for example, hands too long for it to grow). Eyes and hair are often dark.

Effect of Planets in 1st House in Horoscope

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