Venus in First House in Horoscope

VENUS(planet of love and pleasure) in the first house: you are loving, flirty and, as a rule, beautiful. You are charming in communication and try to avoid being alone. It is important for you to look good, you tend to spend too much money on yourself. Advantages: the ability to sympathize, artistry, excessive love of pleasures and luxury.

Venus in Aries in the First house.

Not very good standing for Venus at home (Aries is a sign of damage to Venus). But still, he makes a good impression, captivates others (“oh, what a sweetheart!”), Seeks understanding and love from others, is always ready to compromise. He is tactful, dresses with taste, puts a lot of energy into his appearance, takes care of himself (with such a position of Venus even men visit beauty salons), mannered.

If Venus is in a poor status (weak in sign, amazed), then a person may develop narcissism, narcissism and self-praise (“look how elegant I am!”), With a great tendency to laziness, passivity, and too much luxury or sensuality in clothes.

Venus in Taurus or Libra in the First house.

The appearance is youthful and, as they say, model, smiling, the skin is soft and velvety (resembles peach skin to the touch), dimples on the cheeks, it is prone to stoop, blond hair.

If Taurus is in the first house, then it looks like a closet – the whole square, powerful, the head is large and square, the neck is thick and short (in short, Porthos), large facial features, it looks lazy and slow, also says. Most often – brown with brown eyes.

Effect of Planets in 1st House in Horoscope

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