Feng Shui – Areas of the House that Affect our Life

According to Feng Shui, acting on things and objects around us, we create a space that generates good luck or failure.

What in the environment, according to Feng Shui, affects personal life

There are important principles that directly affect our personal life, successes and troubles in relationships.

1. The center of the house. A symbol of family stability associated with the head of the house. There should not be a void, but without the accumulation of things, information related to the negative. They mark the center with a decorative circle on the floor, an interesting object, hang a vivid picture.

2. Dining table. He is not – there is no personal life. This is the basis of family well-being, an important piece of furniture that affects family relationships. If the dining table is visible from the entrance, there will be many hungry guests, welcome and unwanted. The table opposite the stairs – a lot of trips at the head of the family. Opposite the table is a mirror, the amount of food on the table will double.

3. Bed, place to sleep. Do not place the bed directly in front of the door, between two windows, between the window and the mirror. Do not sleep with your head against the wall on which the front door is located. Orientation beds: east or west.

4. The Matrimony sector is located in the southwest of the home. Ideal if there is a bedroom. Or place symbols of happiness in your personal life, paired items. Do not refrigerate or photograph already dead people.

5. Kitchen, where it is convenient to cook, a reliable dining table, where there is a place for a man – the head of the family, and a spacious bedroom in a good place – these are three important aspects of a happy married life.