Feng Shui – How to use Bells and Wind-Chimes to attract positive energy

How to use Bells and Wind-Chimes to attract positive energy

There is a custom to hang bundles of bells on doors, windows and walls. The ringing of a bell calms and softens a bad mood. It can warn about the appearance of a guest in the room. Such bells are often used in Feng Shui to regulate the flow of qi. They are able to disperse harmful qi, redistributing it and balancing disharmonious flows.

With the help of bells, one can also bring beneficial chi to the house. By hanging them on the ledge, you thereby symbolically “lift” the qi in the house. By placing them in the living room, you balance the qi and the five elements in this room. But for the bells to work effectively, certain rules must be taken into account when placing them. Here are a few recommendations:

1. First of all, determine whether you need bells or not.
2. Ask the geomancer where the so-called ngo-gon and de-o places are located in your home. These are sources of qi evil power and dead qi; flows coming from them must be corrected by hanging bells in these places.
3. It is desirable that the bells be consecrated.
4. To hang the bells, select the appropriate date.
5. For Feng Shui, bronze bells are usually used. As a rule, they are covered with engraving in the form of an inscription or drawing.
6. Carefully choose the color of the bells. It should be in harmony with the element prevailing in your energy. Multi-colored bells look nice, but they are not particularly effective, and sometimes they can even hurt.