Tips for Using Feng Shui in Home Decor

it is customary to decorate homes with plants, vases, toys, antiques, stuffed animals, etc. All these things have a certain impact on the behavior and course of human life. To guarantee a beneficial and healthy chi in the house, follow these basic rules:

1. If you want to decorate the house with outdoor plants, opt for plants with rounded green leaves. Avoid thorny plants.

2. Wall plants should not be placed in the conjugal bedroom.

3. Piano is best installed on the “side of the dragon.”

4. Swords should not be held in a conspicuous place in the children’s room and in the study.

5. Stuffed animals are not recommended to be kept in the bedroom.

6. For jugs and large vases, you need to carefully choose a suitable place; do not forget to rearrange them from time to time to other places.

7. Large fan-fan should not be placed in front of the front door.

8. Dolls and soft toys should not be kept in the room if no one is using them (especially toys that are old, broken and torn).

9. If you decide to decorate the house with antiques, it is advisable to find out the origin of each thing. Place stone objects in the southwestern or northeastern part of the house; porcelain – in the north; wooden – in the southeast or east; metal – in the western or northwest.

10. Images and paintings related to water should not be hung in the bedroom, especially above the head of the bed. A picture showing too many birds should not be hung in the dining room.

11. Images of lions should be paired and turned their heads to the door.

12. Images of tigers should be lying and their heads turned in the direction opposite to the door.

13. Images of horses should be in the amount of six or eight pieces and turned their heads inside the house.

14. Images of goats should be in the amount of three pieces standing together.

15. The image of a rooster is best placed in the garden; Never place it in the bedroom.

16. The image of the dragon is recommended to be placed in the living room or in the study.

17. There should be two images of a water buffalo: one large and the other smaller.

18. The image of the dog should be turned head to the door.

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