Find inner strength and access your potential

So overwhelmed by the problems of life, sometimes it happens to lose the compass and to no longer be able to access our inner strength. We feel depressed, without spirit and enthusiasm.

Here are some tips to transform what prevents us from accessing our power and rediscover the inner strength to face difficult times.

We are not going to talk to you about resilience or positive affirmations, but rather invite you to check what the source of your power is.

Manage the inner world

Observe what happens at this precise moment in your life, make a small internal balance of your emotional world and an “examination of conscience “.

As you continue with self-observation, you realize how complex it is to deal with yourself. I mean with that part of us that we have not yet brought to light.

It may be that you cannot even completely see everything moving inside you because it is almost completely unconscious .

So it happens that all the inner wounds that we carry within us suddenly explode in a series of emotions that we cannot control.

We’ve all gotten angry about nonsense, haven’t they? Here, in those moments asked: who is it that directs our mind? 

It is certainly not our soul , but our “emotional body” by which we are overwhelmed and can no longer be present, here and now .

So we have to do an inner work to be able to transform these attitudes and learn to manage emotions, but above all to return and remain anchored to our center .

When we are no longer identified with the mind and see the world from the point of view of the soul, things start to change.

We understand that there is nothing wrong and that everything happens for a reason . If there are parts of us that need to be healed, it is part of the evolutionary path we have come to take in this life.

We have the power to face all the challenges that life puts before us, everything is about finding the source.

Recognize where your power comes from

To find our inner strength, we need to recognize where it comes from. Is it something about the mind?

Of course this plays an important role, but the mind is only a tool. We can do a lot through our thoughts and mental attitudes, it is a very important topic, I do not question it.

I have already talked extensively about positive thinking and the power of the mind , but according to my deepest feeling, our power comes from the Spirit .

I don’t use the word God because in the collective image he is represented as something separate from us. Instead I am talking about something that is in us, but if we do not recognize our divine nature , we will always feel fragmented and separated.

So when you feel the world is collapsing on you, stop, breathe, close your eyes and tune into your heartbeat.

Observe your thoughts, how they run through your mind, observe them without attacking you and let them go. Restore peace within you and let your soul rise silently: she is calm and knows everything.

Don’t worry, you’ve only temporarily lost the connection with her… that is, who you really are.

So the work to do is to find this connection, because when we align with the soul we can access all our inner power.

In this path we should deal with our ego , but we will discover that this too has a precise function, perhaps precisely that of making us become more aware.

Techniques and tips

To access our potential and our inner strength not only we must be centered, but we must also have a good energy level .

If we are energetically discharged we would have more difficulty managing the inner world and we would find ourselves panting from daily stress .

So finding inner balance is essential: take care of yourself and keep your vital energy high .

If you find yourself in a moment of difficulty and you are unable to deal with it alone, you can get help from specialists and rely on some energy remedies and techniques.

Do not be afraid to ask for help: when you are in difficulty seek valid support, whether it is a psychologist, a therapist, a coach or a shaman.

Look around you because you are surrounded by love … even if you don’t see it!

As for natural remedies, I definitely recommend Bach Flowers : they are effective remedies that work in a very subtle and profound way that can help us support our emotional world .

An energy technique that I often use and that I feel I can recommend is Reiki : a practice that allows you to bring your energy back into harmony and rebalance your body and mind .

Another practice that helps a lot is meditation , which is essential to find our center and restore inner harmony . I recommend a daily meditation even for a few minutes, it is a good habit. If you don’t know how to meditate , you can read our simple meditation guide .

Finally, another “tool” that I find useful is prayer . Praying “connects” us to the world of the Spirit and favors contact with our soul. Do it your way, the shape is not so important, you can also chant a mantra or come up with the right prayer for you.

What else to add… find the true purpose of your life and you will feel all the enthusiasm of your joyful soul explode in you.

PS: Remember that you create your life and you have to take responsibility for what happens to you . You have immense power , but never forget who you are and where you come from … and if you don’t know, you just have to find out.