Five Word Formula for Powerful Vibrations

The formula of five words, the most powerful in vibration.

I HAPPY – we are talking about emotions, those very sincere and bright! For joy, by and large, nothing but desire is needed. Learn to enjoy, in general EVERYTHING, what happens in life – you will become a Master and you will be doomed to success in all areas. Usually we rejoice only until the first “bump”. Call the bump a springboard – here is the joy!

I LOVE – almost everyone has to retrain (like myself, once) that Love is not a connection, but a state. Words can’t describe him. But, being in it, it would not even enter your head to be jealous of someone. You don’t need SOMEONE to be in a state of Love. But it’s nice to give it to a person close in spirit. Suddenly, we begin to really see that she is all around us, we feel her presence. Breathe Love …

THANKS – after the sensation of Joy and Love, there arises a natural and pure need for Gratitude to All That Is, for all the blessings, joys and love that fill us. We thank for everything, including that which we had not thought of before, and did not notice all that we have. In fact – we are all rich! Just don’t see it. As if we refuse …

CREATING – we are created in the image and likeness of the Creator, therefore, the ability for bright creativity and the desire to create new things are inherent in everyone from nature. Whatever other people tell you. Each of us is born of the Creator, you just need to wake it up in ourselves. The Creator is within you – waiting in the wings!

I CREATE – the impulse for creativity is expressed in Creation. Here they are, the true “Hands of the Lord” – those of us with whose hands everything beautiful in this world is being created. Be it a work of art or a business venture. When a joyful and grateful creator, in love, creates – then it can be anything! It’s not about sky-high at all. The opportunity to create is available to you every minute. To restore order and cleanliness at home – you create and create your space. In communication with people, you can create an atmosphere of pleasant communication. In deeds, by itself …

Everything is in our hands, in the head, Heart, Soul, Spirit.
All the problems in our lives – we create ourselves.
Because they “forgot” to tune in: I