4 zodiac signs that are incapable of cheating

If you need loyalty and devotion – take a closer look at these four signs of the zodiac, they will save your heart from the pain of betrayal:


Taurus is betrayed by nature. He’s very practical, so the idea of ​​cheating doesn’t make sense to him, because it never ends well!

Taurus is the most reliable of all zodiac signs and you can ALWAYS count on him. Plus, he’s probably the worst liar on the planet, so there’s no chance you won’t find out about the affair.


Virgo has a BIG heart, and cheating is contrary to her nature. She is kind and incredibly practical.

Cheating takes a lot of effort, so why waste time on someone else? Moreover, Virgo has no need for secrets.

Virgo will never want to change, because she knows the bitterness of infidelity and does not want to hurt her partner like this.

Virgo is an analyst, she will always talk to you about what she feels and experiences, because she is too critical of herself.


Libras love to keep the peace and hate injustice towards others, so cheating goes against EVERYTHING they believe in. They are gentle and kind and love to put other people’s needs before their own, so why would they try to hurt those with whom they are connected?

Cheating is the last thing that worries Libra, because they only want justice, for everyone.


Pisces are hopeless romantics. They are honest, selfless and will do anything to make their partner happy.

Cheating is abhorrent to their nature, as they are interested in maintaining an emotionally stable relationship. Why would they risk their relationship that they worked so hard to have sex with a stranger? No thanks.

They know cheating isn’t worth it.

Compassion is of the utmost importance to Pisces, and they are always thinking about how his actions will affect others. Therefore, it is obvious that cheating is not part of their plans.