Feng Shui – 10 simple Dos and Don’ts to increase Positive Energy in Your Life

Feng Shui – literally “wind and water” – is the Taoist practice of symbolic exploration (organization) of space, reality is the doctrine of how the mysterious forces of the earth act, which ensure human health, prosperity and good fortune. Feng Shui is a science and art that helps guide, balance and harmonize these forces, known as qi, for the benefit of man.

Following the 10 simple rules to follow to increase positive energy in your Life

1. Do not sit on the corner.

“Seven years without reciprocity,” you say? If only that! According to Feng Shui, a protruding angle aimed at a person, whether it is the corner of a table, a closet or any other, sends “poisoned arrows” to the poor man, which will leave him not only without reciprocity, but also without money, health and good luck.

2. Do not say goodbye through the threshold.

“You have a quarrel,” they say. That’s right: the threshold is an energy barrier separating two worlds. On one side – “mine”, on the other – “alien”. An invisible border prevents contact, and things, and the energy transferred “from world to world”, are lost for both worlds. So it turns out that the connection between the “participants in the contact” is being destroyed.

3. Do not cook in a bad mood.

This is how beginner housewives of mom and grandmother are taught. The older generation is absolutely right: food absorbs the surrounding energy, and we, absorbing this very food, receive, along with calories and vitamins, the corresponding energy charge. Borsch and meatballs, “charged” with a quarrel, with emotions generated by the television “horror”, are quite capable of poisoning the family.

4. Do not stand behind

we say, shivering chilly, even if someone quite close and close appeared behind our back. And the matter is not in the ancient instinct, which makes fear of the creeping enemy, but in that the unprotected rear itself carries the threat. The lack of support and back support Feng Shui considers the weakest energy position. Moreover, it is equally important for a person and for home. You should always have a wall or at least a screen behind your back, and the rear of your house must be protected by a high hill or, at least, by a neighboring house.

5. Do not corner yourself.

Another extremely unfavorable, according to Feng Shui, position. A corner is considered a place that can draw energy from a person – a kind of home vampire. It is not for nothing that they have long since put an uproar on a child with their noses in a corner – in order to lose the excess of hooligan energy (the main thing is not to overdo your favorite child there …).

6. Do not look in a cracked mirror.

According to Feng Shui, not only cracked mirrors are harmful, but also mirrors with a pattern, mirror tiles, and other surfaces that break, crush reflection. All this crushes, destroys energy, which will affect, first of all, health.

7. A pocket mirror will protect from the enemy.

We still believe that when meeting with a detractor, the pocket mirror placed in the pocket helps – of course, with the reflecting side out. It will reflect all his evil thoughts and intentions. And also – all the negative energy directed against you, Feng Shui comments. And advises to protect the house from the adverse effects of hanging a mirror above a door or window.

8. Do not show yourself, we warn a person who talks about someone’s ailments.

According to Feng Shui, the mechanism in this case is as follows: pointing with a finger, we send an energy charge. At the same time, calling the disease, we give this charge a corresponding “color”: we fill it with accurate information about the diagnosis.

9. No need to return halfway. – “there will be no way.”

Well, says Feng Shui! Remember what we talked about the threshold? All these jumps “from world to world” are quite energy-intensive – this is certainly known to avid travelers who often cross the borders of states. If you really had to go back – restore your strength: sit down (take strength at home), look in the mirror (reflecting, energy doubles).

10. If you run under the rainbow, you will be happy. 

Of course, those who remember physics understand: in principle, this is impossible. But even to see a rainbow – a symbol of Heaven’s Gate – is considered a good sign. And Feng Shui recommends “taming” the rainbow and settle it in your own home. That is why the arched openings are so favorable – passing under them, each time we “enter the rainbow” and receive the protection of Heaven.