Feng Shui -10 tips to bring Good Luck into your Home

Have you ever thought about what is most important in the house? Comfort and beauty? The compatibility of colors and objects? Comfort and ergonomics? All these, of course, are very valuable qualities. But perhaps the most important is Harmony. Between all objects and how their aura affects our mood and health. After all, it is here, in our beloved house, that we rest with our soul and body and recharge our batteries for communication with the rest of the world …….
And how did you make sure that the influence was positive? The first thing that comes to mind is the desire to give love and attention to your home, because the energy that we give it back to us a hundredfold. And the second is the observance of certain rules. That is what Feng Shui says so much – science (or maybe art) about creating psychological comfort in the home.
I suggest you learn about 10 simple ways to quickly improve your home, which Feng Shui considers the most important. The surest approach is to try to master each of them, but you can choose what seems most attractive.
You can be skeptical about the main laws of Feng Shui, from this he will not lose his position. But if you try to use its laws, maybe the world around you will change for the better. Without pretending to be complete, I’ll try to articulate the
truths of Feng Shui, which a practical modern person should know about:
■ All objects have their own energy, and everything that is in the house forms its aura, which affects its inhabitants.
■ A house is a living organism, and the only way to get positive energy from it is to make sure that it has a balance of all components (movement and peace, light and shadow, decor and emptiness).
■ Most of the energy that enters our home (unless it is connected with people and penetrates naturally) does not carry a pronounced positive or negative charge. But it is in the house that it becomes “positive” or “negative,” and it depends on the speed and direction of its movement. Encountering obstacles, this movement becomes abrupt and chaotic, and in the corners and under the furniture the movement stagnates.
■ If you are interested in growth and prosperity, your home can support you in this desire with the help of some objects and actions that are especially important from the point of view of Feng Shui. They create the positive aura of the house. This is where we’ll talk about this “practical magic”.

Tip No. 1. Let good luck into the house.

The front door and the hallway space is a way for energy to enter the house. That is why it is recommended to unload this zone from unnecessary things and add a little items that cause a positive attitude.
Light colors of the walls, good lighting, a beautiful picture, a flower – all this, according to Feng Shui, contributes to the transformation of energy into positive.
In addition, energy should not stagnate in the hallway, so an additional source of movement is needed – the famous “wind music”. And luck attracts red. 

Secret No. 2. Get rid of trash

What is considered “trash” – everyone decides for himself, but keeping the house in order is very important.
This is not about fanaticism. But, in addition to maintaining health, you can also influence the level of positive energy, because trash and cluttered corners are a well-known hotbed of negativity not only for you, but also, which is much more important. for energy at home.
Well, no one has canceled the truth that, getting rid of unnecessary things, you clear the place for everything new and more necessary for you, including events in life.

Tip No. 3. Strive for balance

As already mentioned, feng shui masters are sure that balance in the house is one of the most important qualities that contribute to positive and prosperity. It is generally accepted that any object in one way or another belongs to one of the 5 elements: earth, metal, wood, fire and water. They judge this either by the origin of the item (material), or by color.

The first way to create a balance of the elements is to place in the especially important areas of the house objects belonging to the elements that control this area or are in tune with you personally (after all, every person in Feng Shui is also under the control of one of them). You can learn more about this in the special manuals.
The second way (simpler) is to control the balance using the color scheme of the house, combining different shades so that the main colors of the elements are present in each room at least in the form of small color spots. Earth – shades of brown and yellow, metal – white, wood – green, fire – red, water – blue and black.
The third way (the most elementary) is to create “islands” of elements using natural materials. Earth is ceramics and stones, fire is candles, water is fountains, aquariums and glass, wood is flowers and plants, and metal is understandable.

The fourth way, in addition to attracting positive energy, will perfectly decorate your walls. These are photographs, paintings and posters depicting the elements.

Tip No. 4. Take inspiration from nature

Nature is the clearest example of growth and prosperity. In an atmosphere of city bustle, even small reminders of it contribute to relaxation and restore peace of mind.

Flowers and plants that you like, wicker furniture and accessories, souvenirs brought from a trip to the sea. And, of course, images of beautiful natural places and phenomena (rainbows and sunset).
Some Feng Shui plants are considered particularly “happy.” For example, bamboo, pine and crassula (money tree). For the rest, you can find in the specialized literature.

Tip No. 5. Use mirrors wisely

As you know, the main quality of mirrors is to double what is reflected in them. Therefore, think carefully about what it will reflect. A pleasant view from the window, a beautiful picture, a flowering plant, a festive table – this is something that obviously should fall into the “sphere of influence” of mirrors. Feng Shui believes that in this case there will be much more “amenities” in your life.

But in the hallway, bedroom and nursery with mirrors should be careful. Mirrors should not reflect the door, especially the one that leads to the bathroom or entrance. And also – sleeping people, although it was widely believed that the mirror in the bedroom adds diversity to intimate life.

And of course, the mirror should not reflect cluttered corners. But here I am returning you to step 2.

Secret number 6. Contribute to the proper movement of energy

For private houses, this secret means that there should not be an emergency exit opposite the front door, a staircase to the second floor or the entrance to the basement, otherwise positive energy will fly away as quickly as it flew in. Plus what is true for an apartment.

There are slightly different rules for an apartment. At a minimum:
■ keep the bathroom door closed or (if you have a completely domestic cat that also uses it) unfold the canvas so that it opens in the direction opposite to the entrance to the house;
■ air the rooms more often, opening wide open not only windows but also doors;
■ if there are rooms in which the owner is temporarily absent, it is advisable to keep the doors in them at least half an hour a day.

Tip No. 7. Create an oasis of true relaxation

The bedroom is a personal territory, not only because it is designed for sex, but more importantly, it is here that we can really disconnect from the world with its worries.

Therefore, be careful that the rest was really useful. A mattress, pillows and a blanket, selected taking into account exactly your ideas about comfort, are a more competent investment of money than the purchase of especially fashionable furniture. After all, this is an investment in your health and longevity. Here we are not talking about the rejection of objects that are simply pleasing to the eye, but the priorities, I think, are clear.

Another point concerns everything that reminds of work. If your bedroom is also your home office, consider a zoning method so that when you wake up or go to bed, objects reminiscent of the worries of the day are not immediately apparent.

And if you sleep on a bed, standing on legs, – often check that there is “accumulated” under it: even small trash and objects accidentally falling there can become a source of negativity.

Tip No. 8. Let loved ones support you, but do not interfere

Feng Shui has a special opinion on this. It makes sense to have photos of family members, ancestors, close relatives and friends where you want to recall them more often and feel pleasant feelings or even pride. Living room, dining room and home office are the most optimal rooms for this.

But in the bedroom you should not create an additional reminder of the “obligations”. Let it be only the territory of the spouses, and the photos here are exactly those where you are depicted together in the happiest moments of your life.

Tip No. 9. Fill the house with blooming beauty

Indoor plants help us to feel our connection with wildlife, and flowers – the beauty of the world in all its diversity. Delicate buds and spectacular inflorescences, heady aroma and elegant lines – all this is especially important to have in every woman’s house. After all, at any age she remains a flower.

It’s nice when flowers are given to us, but, you see, in real life this does not happen so often. Therefore, at least once a month get this joy for yourself and enjoy not only the look and aroma of flowers, but also the very “ritual” of buying, choosing a vase and arranging.

Regardless of whether it is one laconic flower or a lush bouquet, the effect of positive changes in life will not take long. It is important that such a “ritual” only become a habit.

Feng Shui believes that flowers in the kitchen add balance to the inevitably frequent changes in temperature. In the dining room, they contribute to abundance, and in the living room, they maintain health and communication between close people.

Tip No. 10. Add light to your life

In addition to the obvious advantages of lighting – to provide visual comfort, properly positioned lamps can greatly contribute to attracting positive energy. 

In accordance with the laws of Feng Shui, there are a couple of rules:
■ Lighting should be varied enough and change so that part of the room remains a bit in the shade (this does not apply to situations of global cleaning and receiving guests);
■ highlighting corners and “nooks and crannies” in the apartment solves the problem of dispersal of excessive accumulation of energy;
■ Lighting beautiful objects and areas of the room (for example, niches) focuses not only on your attention, but also transforms a positive attitude towards them into the overall positive energy of the house.

That’s all the most important secrets of feng shui that you need to know about. Everything else is from a field of narrow specialization. And it’s not so difficult to follow the principles that I told you about. Maybe worth a try? What if life really will change for the better ?! But do not forget that the most important thing is your positive attitude towards yourself and the world!