Feng Shui – 5 Tips to Attract Love and Harmonize Marriage.

Here are 5 Feng Shui Tips that will attract love in your life and stabilize your marriage.

1. To attract a partner into your life:

You can purchase red underwear and place it in the southwestern sector of the house. It is very important that the house has this corner. If it is absent, try to do everything in order to maximally compensate for this with a mirror, a picture, etc. – that is, visually add this sector. And also activate it in a southwestern direction in all rooms of the house. It will be very good if there are red walls in the south-western sector of your home, at least at least one of them. Or add great red accents as accessories. If you resist the idea of ​​bringing a lot of red into this corner, you can make it not noticeable to the eye by painting some objects with red color inside. By the way, when your chosen one appears in your life, you may have to compensate for the abundance of red with more neutral colors. Since many fans can bring problems to your relationship with your lover.

The southwest can be strengthened by other means of the elements of fire, as well as land. For example, objects made of clay, porcelain, stone, crystals, square shapes, colors of yellow, orange, sand, brick, brown (earth), as well as fire elements – in addition to red – triangular shapes, images of fire, the sun, bright lights . Place objects in pairs in this corner, images of symbols of love – pictures, portraits of couples, hearts, figurines, candlesticks with two candles, a couple of Chinese ducks and all that symbolizes love and happiness in marriage for you personally.

It is also important that the house has a sector of the northwest, as it is responsible for the father of the family, the owner, the head of the house, that is, the man. It is especially unfavorable if in this sector there is a toilet, pantry, or a kitchen, namely a stove. Activate the northwest with the elements of the earth, and the earth that feeds the earth with the element of metal. These are all metallic colors and objects, a horseshoe, coins, round shapes, bells. In addition to metal, use white. Colors and objects of the earth are described a little higher.

In your home should be present and those areas that are responsible for romantic luck for you personally. This is calculated using a special table according to the date of your birth, according to the so-called personal number of Gua.

Make sure that in all these places there are no pricking, cutting objects, as well as strongly Yin objects, for example, fading plants and everything that carries stagnant, or aggressive energy.

According to the theory of Wandering Stars, it is important to track sectors that cannot be activated in a given year, so as not to harm. For example, in 2009, the south brings romantic luck if you stay there for quite some time. If possible, bring your desk or bed to this sector. But in 2010, the sector of the southwest is not recommended to be intensified intensified, especially to light candles there. Since the evil star will be there, and the energy of Fire, this harm can increase.

2. To return the relationship to passion and former love:

Take the red cloth and place it under the beloved’s mattress. The result will not be slow to wait. You can trim your entire bedroom in red. If red is too bright for you, use its shades. For example, peach, or pink.

3. To make the relationship more trusting and friendly:

Even if everything is fine in your marriage, it is recommended to add yellow color in the marriage zone of the house and bedroom. It symbolizes communication and will bring to your relationship more common interests and topics for exciting conversations.

4. To avoid cheating:

To do this, make sure that the bed is not reflected in the mirror, or on the TV, computer, or other reflective surface. Do not place any flowers in the bedroom with any image of water.

5. To preserve love and harmony in marriage:

For this, everything that is described above is suitable. As well as many other recommendations. For example, you can activate the personal sectors responsible for romantic good luck with bouquets of fresh flowers every three days. This is the so-called “Flower of Fortune.” For those born in the years of the Horse, Tiger and Dog, this is the east, in the years of the Pig, Goat and Rabbit – the north, Rats, Monkeys and Dragon – the west, and Rooster, Bull and Snakes – the south. This is a very effective way to improve your personal life.

Be sure to make good feng shui in your bedroom with your spouse. In the southwest corner of the bedroom it’s useful to place a massive element of earth that will symbolically ground it and make your relationship stable and durable. Also put here some of the romantic symbols that are recommended to activate the southwest of the house. The bedroom should also not have photos of children. Or images of a man or woman surrounded by several members of the opposite sex. This is just as harmful as the image of a lonely person, or a lonely figurine. The bedside table between the beds, like the mattress, divided into two halves, symbolically contributes to the separation and disunity between the spouses. Look around – what else in your bedroom can attract undesirable situations? Think about what else you can bring there, to enhance your romantic luck? Do it without delay.

From time to time, clean the space of your home, eliminate stagnant energies, attract movement and qi. A good way to enhance your fortune is to use aromas.

There are many ways. Choose the ones that you like best, get creative in the process. You yourself can come up with your own way of enhancing romantic luck for yourself. Listen to your gut. And remember, it is important to have the appropriate attitude and intention. This can significantly increase your chances of success, although Feng Shui works without it. But thought is material.