65 Easy Feng Shui Remedies

If you intend to attract new property and wealth, you need to make room for it, that is, get rid of the old and unnecessary wealth of Feng Shui.

1, Having freed up the physical space in the house, it is necessary to simultaneously create an internal vacuum – to learn to give. The ability to bestow generates a powerful positive field around you and significantly increases personal strength. And this is precisely what attracts material wealth!

2. You can protect yourself from the “secret arrows” hitting the door of your home or office by hanging an octagonal or rounded mirror above the door that would reflect negative energy back to its source. Moreover, the malicious object to be neutralized must be reflected in the entire mirror.

3. You can protect windows from “secret arrows” using blinds, shutters, mirrors, corrugated glass or stained glass windows.

4. In Feng Shui, the front door, which is located on the outside to your favorable direction, depending on the number of gua, will bring wealth and wealth to wealth.

5. Material prosperity will always be facilitated by a door facing the southeast. The most successful is a thick wooden door.

6. The metal door should be covered with wood paneling or decorative panels without glass.

7. The front door should be quite brightly lit, moreover, preferably on both sides – both from the outside and from the inside.

8. The entrance hall, even if it is small, should create a feeling of spaciousness and freedom, be well-lit and kept in perfect cleanliness. Remove all unnecessary items from the entrance hall, leave only the clothes and shoes that are appropriate for the current season, and keep everything else in the closets.

9. To visually increase the size of the hallway, hang a mirror on the side of the entrance.

10. You can “increase” the size of the hall by putting a rug in front of the door that contrasts with the rest of the floor.

11. If it’s dark in the hallway, enliven it with brighter, more saturated colors, intensify the lighting and hang pictures or photographs on the wall in rectangular or oval frames.

12. If the corridor is too long and straight, it is recommended to place a small round table with one of the symbols of wealth, a flower stand, a pendant or a wind bell in it.

13. The room, whether it is office or residential, must have the correct shape – rectangular, square, round, octagonal.

14. If there are niches and alcoves in the room, they must certainly be filled with some furniture – a cabinet, bookshelves, a bed, a dressing table, or put a tree with thick foliage there.

15. Under the ceiling beams you can neither sleep, nor work, nor eat, nor cook food.

16. The protruding corners of furniture and columns must be “covered” with climbing plants – living or artificial, rounded, draped or cut at an angle of 45 °.

17. Bookcases and cupboards should be kept closed. If there are no doors, put climbing plants on the shelves.

18. In no case should the south-eastern corner of the living room be littered with any rubbish or left empty. There you need to shift the center of the room – put a TV or music center.

19. Arrange sofas, armchairs and chairs with backs to the walls and never sit with your back to the window, and especially to the door. If the chair turned out to be a backrest to the window, create a symbolic barrier between them by placing potted plants on the windowsill.

20. If the door and the window are opposite each other, between them you need to hang wind chimes to slightly slow down the flow of energy.

21. Good luck energy always attracts good Feng Shui lighting for wealth.

22. If the kitchen is dirty and messy, the same thing will happen in financial matters. Therefore, do not clutter up the kitchen with furniture and items that are not related to cooking, maintain order and cleanliness there.

23. All kitchen equipment must be clean and in good condition. Any malfunctioning thing emits negative energy, and if something bad works in the kitchen – the source of family well-being, money problems will not take long.

24. Favorable directions for the refrigerator, washing, dishwasher and washing machine are southeast, north and east.

25. A stove and microwave will most likely contribute to your financial success in the south, southwest and northeast.

26. In the south of the kitchen, for a successful career, you can put something red – a jug, a toaster, a coffee maker, a food processor, a kettle, a mixer.

27. In the southeast of the kitchen, it’s good to hang a greenish or bluish kitchen towel or a picture in a wooden frame with the image of water, trees, plants, oranges, tangerines, pineapples.

28. Avoid placing the stove near the refrigerator and the sink or opposite them, otherwise there will be an energy conflict between them, which can lead to a breakdown in financial affairs and family troubles.

29. The position of the stove opposite the door is very unfavorable, especially if you can see the toilet or bedroom from there. If there is no other place for the stove, hang a mirror above it or next to it, and keep the door to the toilet or bedroom closed.

30. Water pipes in the kitchen must be hidden from view. Water symbolizes money, which means you will see how they leave home with it.

31. The dining table cannot be placed opposite the toilet or pushed to the wall common with the toilet, otherwise the money will “leak” along with water from the toilet tank. If the table cannot be rearranged, you need to install a screen or a wooden partition so that the toilet door is not visible.

32. The bed needs to be arranged so that the one lying on it sees those who enter the room. The best options are to put the bed against the side wall or place it diagonally on the room.

33. It is advisable that the head of the bed be turned in one of your favorable directions, depending on the number of gua.

34. There should not be any piles under the bed – no night pots, no boxes, no suitcases, or other things.

35. Above the head of the bed should not hang any objects – paintings, lamps, mirrors.

36. Mirrors can not be hung either at the head of the bed or at the foot of the bed, nor so that the one lying on it sees its reflection, or directly opposite the door to the room.

37. If you sleep and work in the same room, sleep and rest zones should be distinguished by hanging a curtain between them, putting a shelf with climbing plants or bookshelves.

38. Shelves, cabinets and bedside tables in the bathroom should not be empty. They need to be constantly used and maintained clean and tidy.

39. As a symbol of wealth for the bathroom, shells and mirrors are best suited.

40. The most successful form of the bath is semicircular, as it follows the shape of a coin.

41. The toilet is a powerful source of negative energy, so it should be as invisible as possible.

42. The toilet door, like the toilet lid, should always be kept closed.

43. If the bathroom is combined and when you first enter the toilet, the toilet rises, hang the door so that it is behind it, or fence it off with a screen.

44. If you find that the toilet is not well located, hang a full size mirror on its door.

45. In no case should you place aquariums or home fountains near the toilet.

46. To attract the energy of money, hang two bamboo flutes at a 45 ° angle on the red lace with red tassels in the southeastern part of the room.

47. Plants, especially those with rounded and fleshy leaves that resemble coins in shape, will most of all contribute to money luck in the southeastern part of the room.

48. The fountain, one of the most powerful symbols of abundance, is preferably placed in the southeastern or northern parts of the room.

49. It is advisable to set up an aquarium in the southeast, north or east.

50. The number of fish in the aquarium should be odd. It’s good if one of them is golden.

51. The aquarium should be located either in the direction from the door or in the corner of the room.

52. It is not advisable to place an aquarium behind a door or between two doors.

53. Money will be attracted by paintings depicting seascapes, fountains, waterfalls, aquariums, mills, trees, flowers, ripe ears of grass, green meadows, fruits.

54. In the south-west, north-east and in the central part of the rooms, transparent crystals of rock crystal or amethyst will attract wealth. Money attracts money, so they should always be in the house. Collect more stuff and scatter it throughout the apartment, especially in the west and northwest.

55. In the southeastern or northern part of the room, it’s good to put a wooden clock, a wooden windmill, a crystal dish, a glass bowl with flower petals floating in it, and sea shells.

56. In the west, northwest, southwest and northeast, wealth will be drawn to gold and gilded items – chains, figurines, coins.

57. Mirrors should preferably be placed so that they reflect the symbols of wealth or something beautiful.

58. A mirror can be hung in front of the dinner table: it will reflect the food that is on it and double its amount. Since food symbolizes wealth, the amount of money coming to you will also increase.

59. If the mirror is cracked or broken, it should be taken out immediately and a new one should be bought in its place as soon as possible.

60. The mirror, wherever it hangs, should not have sharp corners. It must be inserted into the frame or flush with the adjacent surface.

61. It is best to take the office space from the owner who sells it because things are going so well that he has to “expand” or move the office to a more prestigious place.

62. If in the office you find yourself with your back to the door, put a closet or a screen between yourself and the door, and if it is to the window, then plants on the windowsill.

63. If you are sitting in an office facing a wall, hang a picture with a pleasant landscape on it.

64. The desktops of colleagues should not be directed directly at each other, this excites subconscious hostility.

65. All workplaces need to be arranged so that those who sit see those who enter the room.In order to create favorable conditions for promotion through the ranks, it is good to hang a metal horseshoe upside down or metal wind bells in the northern part of the office (office).