7 Easy to Implement Feng Shui tips for your Home

1. Place in the hallway a figurine of a toad, which is a symbol of well-being. The three-armed toad, which holds a coin in its mouth and sits on them, is a very popular symbol of material well-being. Such a figurine must be placed either indoors near the door so that it constantly looks inside the room, and not at the exit – towards the door, or in any corner diagonally from the door so that it looks at the door.

2. Always try to decorate the windows. Hang a beautiful decorative cornice over a window or over a door for decoration. In this case, carved wood, mild steel or a painted existing panel can be used.

3. Use thick and thick mats for safety. Because it is precisely these rugs that contribute to a sense of personal safety, comfort and warmth. Be sure to select materials that have a wavy pattern. Because it is precisely the wavy lines that are able to personify susceptibility and pliability. In order to create an atmosphere of unity in the family, you should use materials, even wallpapers, with the most wavy pattern or with large colors, spirals, etc. in the living room when repairing.

4. It is best to choose an oval table, because the oval combines the properties of a square and a circle. If you want to significantly improve your state of health or your material well-being, then you will achieve all this faster if you have an oval table. Choosing a glass dining table, which contributes to pleasant communication and unity, you can have a great time at it.

5. Serve the food on a black dish. The black color in China is lucky if you think in terms of improving material well-being. Dishes to be served in black dishes can contribute to good luck in all financial matters.

6. Be sure to place four chairs around your desk. Because the number “four” correlates with constancy and stability.

7. Periodically rearrange furniture. When something changes in a house, life can also change. Children begin to change very quickly, so be sure to rearrange furniture in a children’s room.

If you follow all these rules in Feng Shui, then you will surely smile at your luck and your home will be filled with happiness.