Feng Shui Aquariums: benefits, placement, taking care

People keep aquariums in the house, mainly for aesthetic purposes. But before deciding whether to buy an aquarium, carefully consider whether it will violate the distribution of qi in your home.

Traditionally, feng shui water symbolizes money, so the aquarium in the house serves to attract money, and business profits. What kind of aquarium should this be so that it can bring wealth?

The aquarium should correspond to the size of the room where it will stand, be aesthetic, smoothly fit the design and interior of the room, that is, be harmonious.

The shape of the aquarium should be selected either round or rectangular. The stand for the aquarium should not be a bright color – orange, red and the like.

which fish to select for Feng Shui Aquarium to bring good luck

The choice of fish is a very important and crucial moment. The main thing is that the fish should be healthy, and the type is not important. 

But there are fish that bring good luck. These fish are called arroen, they live in the depths of the Pahanga River. They are silver in color, but when a lot of wealth awaits the owner of such fish, the arched ones change their color to gold or red. 

But such fish are not cheap, so they were nicknamed “Wonderful Feng Shui Fish.” 

Number of Fish in Aquarium according to Feng Shui

The number of fish in the feng shui aquarium should be in an odd number. 

Feng Shui experts say that the total number of fish in the aquarium should be nine and advise to make this number like this: eight fish of red or gold color and one fish of black color. 

The gold and red color of the fish means development, growth and prosperity, and the black fish will symbolize the protection of everything that is already there. 

Keeping an aquarium in Feng Shui

Aquarium requires very careful and constant care. The vessel must be clean, the water is always fresh, the decorations are natural and beautiful, and the fish will feel fresh. If the water in the aquarium is saturated with oxygen, this will contribute to the creation of energy and activity. And if the water is not clean, then material well-being will fade.

Where to place the aquarium in feng shui?

After buying an aquarium, the question immediately arises of where to place the aquarium so that the aquarium not only harmonizes with the interior, but also brings financial well-being. 

You can place the aquarium in the lobby, in the living room, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom is prohibited. If you look in the direction, the northern location of the premises is most favorable, east and south-east. 

As for the specific location of the aquarium, it is favorable behind the door and in place from the door. Do not place the aquarium directly under the windows, opposite the main door to the entrance to the house or apartment. An aquarium between any two doors is also a bad option. 

Aquarium next to the toilet, opposite the kitchen and directly under the ceiling beam is also not recommended.

AQUARIUM and the Five Elements

In order to better understand Feng Shui’s point of view on aquariums, you need to learn the basic information related to the “five elements”. Chinese Feng Shui masters strive to improve qi by exploring the “five elements.” 

The interaction of the forces of yin and yang is manifested in the form of five elements of qi: Tree, Soil, Fire, Water and Metal. Like the forces of yin, yang and qi, the “five elements” are not physical substances: they are, rather, substances that describe all the properties of objects in the universe.

The five elements influence each other, generating and destroying each other in a fixed sequence. The generation cycle is as follows: fire gives rise to soil (ash), soil creates metal (minerals), metal produces water (although in reality metal rusts from water;

the traditional sequence of elements has developed on the basis of observations: if water was poured into a metal bowl, on the outside of the vessel drops of moisture appeared), water nourishes the tree (plants need water), and the tree contributes to the life of fire (burning). 

The cycle of destruction of elements occurs in a different order: a tree damages the soil, soil absorbs water, water extinguishes fire, fire destroys metal, and metal cuts wood.

Human qi can also be divided into five types – Wood, Soil, Metal, Water and Fire. Each person contains all five elements in different proportions; ideally, all elements should be distributed equally in a person. A geomancer can determine the content of each element in the general energy of a person.

In general, if the element of Fire prevails in a person, then it is undesirable for him to acquire an aquarium (element of Water), since Water and Fire are in a hostile relationship, following each other in a cycle of destruction (Water destroys Fire). 

However, if the element of Fire in human energy dominates too much over other elements, then you can install a small aquarium in the house: this compensates for the excess of Fire. Similarly, a person with a lack of the Water element in the energy sector can make up for this shortage by acquiring an aquarium, and a person with an excess of the Water element will no longer need the aquarium. 

The general principle is to achieve a balance of all five elements, compensating for shortcomings and surpluses.

Six Rules Regarding the Placement of an Aquarium:

1. Before you purchase an aquarium, you need to consult with a geomancer and determine the proportions of the five elements in your energy.

2. It is best to place the aquarium in the eastern or southeastern part of the house. The following is a list of the correspondence of the prevailing elements in human energy to the cardinal points and colors for the stand of the aquarium:

Tree – north, green.
Soil – southwest, blue color.
Metal is north, white.
Water – north or east, white or green.
Fire – it is not recommended to purchase an aquarium.

3. The best shape for the aquarium is rectangular or round. Geometric shapes are related to the five elements as follows:

Round – Metal (favorable).
Hexagonal – Water (satisfactory).
Square – Kidney (unfavorable).
Rectangular – Tree (satisfactory).
Triangular – Fire (adverse).

4. The number of fish in the aquarium is 1, 4, 6 or 9. The size of the fish does not play a role, and their number is related to the five elements as follows:
Water – 1, 6;
Tree – 3, 8;
Soil – 5, 10;
Fire – 2, 7;
Metal – 4, 9.

5. Decorative elements in the aquarium should imitate the natural habitat of fish – aquatic plants and stones. Do not place strange, unnatural objects in the aquarium.

6.Quick Tips about the Aquarium

a) in order to avoid financial losses, do not place an aquarium in the bedroom;
b) if the aquarium is in the classroom, do not place it in a place where it will especially attract the attention of children; otherwise the children will stop obeying and will not be able to learn;
c) an aquarium in the kitchen negatively affects the course of pregnancy;
d) in general, it is advisable to place the aquarium in the living room. But you should not put it on the so-called “point of love”, facing the outside of the house. Otherwise, family members will be prone to forbidden love relationships.

Feng Shui death of a fish in an aquarium

When a fish dies for no apparent reason (lack of care, food or poor water quality), this means that the dead fish has absorbed the misfortune that stood in your way. In the East, for this reason, one black fish is specially planted in a Feng Shui aquarium.

Refresh the sand, stones, algae, water and other contents of the aquarium as soon as possible, and then put the fish back in the aquarium, adding a new one to them to replace the deceased fish.

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