Feng Shui – BaGua Octagon

Ba gua is one of the most common and simplest feng shui aids. Translated from Chinese, “ba-gua” means “octagon.”
In accordance with the teachings of Feng Shui, everything that happens in a person’s life can be divided into nine life situations. All of these nine aspects, combined together in a specific order, form the compass ba gua. Each sector in it has its own direction (on the cardinal points), its color and its own element.

You can superimpose this magic octagon on the plan of your room. Thus, you will determine where these or other zones are located, what they mean and how to activate them to achieve a particular goal.
In order to determine how zones are located in your room, you will need a room plan, a regular compass and a ba-gua grid.

So, draw a detailed plan of your room. Then take a compass and determine how parts of the world are located in the room, and mark this on the plan. Now divide the room plan into nine equal parts (zones) and name each of them according to the ba-gua grid.

Knowing the importance of the sectors of the magic octagon, you can decide for yourself which zone should be activated in the first place in order to realize your most cherished desires.

Wealth (southeast)-

the sector responsible for wealth, prosperity and everything connected with it, including power. Activate this zone and you will have everything you want. After all, abundance and prosperity can be of all kinds and can be expressed not only in money.

Glory (south) 

Glory (south) is the sector responsible for success. It will help you attract the sympathy of others, achieve success, give confidence and determination.

Love (southwest)

Love (southwest) is the sector responsible for the relationship between people. By activating this zone, you can find new friends, attract the attention of the one you love.

Creativity (West)

Creativity (West)- The sector responsible for the implementation of all your ideas and projects. If you are fond of any sport or art and want to achieve good results in this area, activate this zone.

Assistants (northwest)

Assistants (northwest) – A sector related to people who can teach or support you.
By activating this zone, you can always count on the help of friends and people around you.

Career (north)

Career (north) is the sector responsible for your destiny. His other name is “Life Path”. By activating this zone, you will get rid of troubles, easily overcome any difficulties and achieve your goal.

Knowledge (Northeast)

Knowledge (Northeast)- A sector that helps to achieve success in learning. The activation of this zone contributes to the development of erudition, memory and intellectual abilities.

Family (East) 

Family (East) – the sector responsible for the relationship between parents and children, in addition, it is closely connected with the neighboring wealth sector. By activating this zone, you can avoid disagreements in the family, make your relations with relatives warm and friendly.

Health (center)

Health (center) is the sector responsible for health. Since it is the central zone, in contact with all other sectors of the octagon, it connects and unites them. And in fact, if there is no health, then there will be neither luck nor happiness.

By activating this zone, you will not only improve your health, but also achieve success in such an aspect of life that does not fit into eight directions-sectors.

After analyzing all nine zones of ba-gua, you will probably agree that there are no minor areas in your room. Each sector is responsible for something important in life. That is why you should be attentive to any corner of the room in which you live, and, if possible, smooth out all its unfavorable features.

Susceptibility and Ba-gua symbols.

Mastery in the practical application of Feng Shui rules is largely determined by our ability to perceive signals coming from our immediate environment. If we are healthy and happy, this is given relatively easily, but if not, then negative emotions or poor health distort the perception of the world around us.
Repeat the Chinese proverb often: “Firstly, good luck; secondly, fate; thirdly, feng shui; fourthly, virtues; fifthly, education. ” It recalls that to some extent we are in control of our destiny. If we adhere to the principles of Feng Shui, if we act and think constructively and optimistically, if we try to benefit from the knowledge that the world can offer us, then it is in our power to take control of those areas of our life that are manageable and bring them to perfection.

One of the advantages of the Feng Shui system is that it awakens our responsiveness to the environment. Each of the five human senses corresponds to one of the five elements, and our task is to create a harmonious environment that gives pleasure to all the senses and does not allow any of them to sharply prevail over the others, because this would create an imbalance.

To sharpen susceptibility, you need to diversify your experience. Include in your weekly schedule any new activities that could bring a fresh stream to your life.

Magic stencil

Some time ago, when feng shui was just beginning to gain popularity in the West, only a handful of specialists knew how to handle the Chinese compass. It was in those days that another tool of feng shui appeared (and caused a lot of controversy) – a ba-gua drawing. The Tibetan Tantra School of “Chernosh-Pochnikov” began to use it as a magic stencil that can be placed on the front door of the house, on the door of the room, on the front edge of the desktop, and even on the person’s face.
Using this stencil, information is obtained that is useful for describing a person’s personal energy and for making adjustments to it, restoring harmony and balance. Some Chinese feng shui masters now use ba-gua along with a compass. They impose this stencil on the plan of the house, combining the Career sector with the direction to the north, regardless of the location of the front door.
The more traditional Chinese methods of Feng Shui are based on the interpretation of the energies of the five elements and concentric rings that make up the luo-pan scale. In skillful hands, the “magic” of feng shui works with any approach.
For beginners who are just starting to learn Feng Shui, working with a compass may seem too complicated. But we hope that over time they will nevertheless become acquainted with this method and, having experienced a truly magical sense of discovery, will find another way to comprehend the ancient and powerful philosophy of Feng Shui.

Symbolism of ba-gua

In symbolism of ba-gua, the energy of each of the cardinal points is associated with one of the stages of the path of life. It is also a symbolic journey through the home, starting at the front door (the mouth of the qi stream). By focusing on the area of ​​life that we want to change for the better, we can direct the corresponding energies of the universe into it, forcing them to work for us. Psychologically, such concentration helps us to create the prerequisites for the desired changes.
The figure on the left shows a ba-gua stencil that even a beginner who is just starting to study feng shui can use it. Through his medium, you will come into contact with invisible forces that will help you transform your life for the better. Most people who turn to Feng Shui for help manage to achieve positive change. However, keep in mind that these changes do not so much bring to life our desires, but rather harmonize the energy of everyday situations, partnerships, etc. They serve your genuine interests, which you may not yet be aware of, and therefore the result of using Feng Shui often turns out to be very unexpected.

Healthy lifestyle and healthy mind.

The stagnation of energy in the house is often a reflection of the shortcomings of our lifestyle and state of mind. In addition, a healthy daily routine increases susceptibility to Feng Shui influences.

Ideally, time should be allotted daily for meditation, or at least to relieve nervous strain. Usually, in order to relax and rest, a short walk is enough. You can work in the garden or just sit quietly for a few minutes. Holidays and new experiences also strengthen our spiritual strengths.

Chinese qigong and tai chi chuan exercise systems are very useful in this regard: they remove blocks from energy channels and free the mind.

So that the harmful energies of toxins do not disturb the balance in our body, it is advisable to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, excluding products that have undergone chemical processing.

In diseases, the energy balance in the body is effectively restored by acupuncture and acupressure methods, as well as traditional Chinese medicine, based on the healing properties of herbs.

Energy Management and Feng Shui Feng Shui

masters believe that each of the cardinal points is associated with a certain type of energy. Since this connection is based on natural cycles, it is quite natural, for example, that the energy of the east is represented by the rising sun, spring and youth. Based on this symbolism, we can easily see that the “morning” energy of the East is suitable for a young, newly founded company, the energy of the South – for such a dynamic business as marketing, the energy of the West – to consolidate and work with finances, and the more static energy of the north – for quiet activities (storage of goods, counseling, etc.).
The energy of your business is largely determined by the direction of the world facing the front door of an office building.

Yin and yang

The principles of Feng Shui will determine which activities are better combined with each of the cardinal points. On the ba-gua diagram, the connection of the five elements with the cardinal points is marked, and it is also indicated which of the elements have the quality of yang and which are yin.


In its yang form, the element of the Tree is often referred to as “exciting.” The tree represents growth and movement. In the yang form, it is more dynamic and is associated with brainstorming, new ideas and unexpected decisions. In the yin-form, the element of the Tree is usually called “penetrating” and is more associated with intuition, the implementation of plans and the implementation of ideas in developed projects. YIN (-) SOUTH-EAST: projects. JAN (+) EAST: development, new ideas.


In the yin form, the element of Metal is called “joyful.” It is associated with pleasures and with such a concept as “reflection” – both literally and figuratively, that is, with mirrors and shiny objects, as well as with reflections as an internal reflection of external reality. In the yang form, the element of Metal is often called “creative.” It is associated with strength and stillness. Its symbols are large machine tools and other factory equipment. YIN (-) WEST: small metal objects (knives, metal jewelry, coins), money, thoughts. JAN (+) NORTH-WEST: Equipment for heavy industry.


The element of Soil in its yin-form is often called the “Mountain”, which implies the qualities of peace and stillness. It is related to preparing for activities and providing support. Soil in the yang form is called “susceptible.” It is associated with the results of labor, with the production of goods. YIN (-) NORTH-EAST: nurseries for plants, printing services. YAN (+) SOUTH-WEST: quarries, pottery, food industry.


The element of Fire has only a yang form. It is called a “chain.” It is associated with all types of activities that serve to promote and translate ideas into reality.
JAN (+) SOUTH: publishing, public relations, laboratories.


The element of Water has only a yin form. It is called the “bottomless.” It is connected with such areas in which energy flows constantly, but slowly. YIN (-) NORTH: storages and warehouses, secret negotiations, conveyor production.

General rules for activating the Bagua zone

Following the general rules of Feng Shui, namely, activating the Bagua zone, we should not forget about the general interior and design of the apartment. Feng Shui science prefers harmony and balance in all areas of life.
In your home, the optimal Yin-Yang balance must be maintained. The presence of the five elements is mandatory: these are Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth. When arranging furnishings, one should not forget about the cycles of generation and destruction. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, synthetic materials date back to the beginning of Yang.
It is very important not to go too far with plastic and polymeric materials. For example, a large number of Yang objects can be allowed in the office, since this office belongs to a man and there is a male active element.
But in the bedroom and living room it will be more comfortable for residents if objects with Yin properties prevail. Of furniture here fit sofas with velor upholstery and carpets with long nap.
For flooring, parquet is best suited, as it is a natural material. The shape of the parquet can be in the form of a herringbone, square and octagon.
The ceiling is painted or pasted in bright colors or with a small pattern. Interior issues in your apartment should be given great attention.
Especially in places where you spend a lot of time. There should not accumulate an excess of negative energy. In everything you need to achieve positive harmony and balance, then your house will answer you the same.