Feng Shui Charms for Your Good Luck

We all use some kind of amulets, Feng Shui symbols in our lives, but not everyone knows how to correctly apply their meanings.

The Tiger

Tiger is a symbol of dignity, severity and courage. This is one of the protective amulets that will protect you from people with bad intentions, especially they are suitable for people born in the year of the Tiger or Dragon. For them, this is just the perfect amulet, but also it protects from injustice and from the evil eye.

The Turtle Dragon on coins

The Turtle Dragon on coins is a symbol of great luck, this symbol embodies the courage of the Dragon and the protective properties of the Turtle, and if a businessman wears such an amulet, he will notice that over time he will be able to dare to bolder projects, without any particular danger to himself.
A pedestal of coins indicates the successful accumulation of wealth.
Rhino protects against theft and robbery.
Kirin protects its owner and his savings from bad energy, it is better to use Kirins in pairs.

The pagoda of the five elements

The pagoda of the five elements is a powerful defense against the five stars of failure, you need to pour dry earth into the amulet and it will protect you from all kinds of troubles.
Pi Yau is a very powerful creature that brings luck, they say that this beast is able to withstand the inflicted by the great prince of Jupiter. Anyone who is experiencing a long period of bad luck after moving to a new house or apartment or just after some other changes should place an amulet with the image of Pi Yau.

Amulets of fortune
There are amulets that activate one or another good luck.
A horse laden with jewelry is a symbol of comfort, high standing and public recognition, and this horse can also be depicted on a coin stand.
A sunflower is one of the symbols of wealth, the color of its petals is associated with the color of gold, and the seeds with a large number of treasures and accumulations.
Aravana is a dragon fish, one of the most popular symbols of wealth.
The rod of Zhui symbolizes a high position in society and symbolizes the scepter of fulfillment of desires, this is a good amulet for a leader who wants to confidently manage the team of his subordinates.
Golden garlic translated from Chinese means a continuous flow of money for counting. Golden garlic is a very powerful amulet attracting wealth.
A three-legged toad on coins is the most favorable symbol for multiplying money, it is good if such a toad weighs on your wallet or on a mobile phone – it will attract money to you.
If you want to improve your living conditions, carry the Golden Key with you, which will symbolize a new apartment.
A cat with a raised foot, this cat of luck, it brings good luck in all endeavors, the Chinese are very fond of this image and they place it everywhere at the entrance, or they carry with them an image of such a cat.
If you want to bring love into your life, use paired animals, for example, two dolphins, to find your loved one.
In China, some hieroglyphs endow with magical qualities.
The strongest amulet that attracts happiness is the hieroglyph “fu” translated from Chinese, it means “happiness”, “well-being” The
hieroglyph “Shu” in translation means health, it improves health and is especially recommended for older people.
The hieroglyph double happiness is considered a wedding hieroglyph, and brings good luck in love and strong trusting relationships in marriage and family.

If you apply these recommendations in your life, luck will never leave you.